Will Netflix take another break from prison?

Prison Break

Season 1, episodes 1–22

  • 1. The big plan (pilot)

    Season 1, Episode 1 (40 min.)

    Michael Scofield is running out of time. His older brother, Lincoln Burrows, is on death row at Fox River State Prison in Illinois, USA, waiting to be executed by the electric chair. Convinced of his brother's innocence and without belief in the possibilities of justice, Scofield sees his brother's only chance of survival in fleeing. Scofield's plan: as an engineer who was involved in the renovation of the prison facilities and is therefore very familiar with the structure of the prison facility, he himself had himself locked up in the Fox River. Covered with a tattoo that depicts the entire plan of the prison complex, he sets out to implement his spectacular escape plan from inside the prison. But Scofield quickly realizes that everyday prison life is unpredictable. His plan is in jeopardy - and Burrow's execution is imminent. His lawyer Veronica, who was with Lincoln for many years, has no idea of ​​Michael's plan and is desperate about Michael's behavior. And also the very philanthropic prison director Pope threatens to despair of Michael, who does not accept a friendly offer to help Pope with a very private handicraft work. Michael's cellmate Sucre, on the other hand, is happy about the new roommate and familiarizes him with life and the hierarchies in jail. And so Michael rushes first to get in touch with the people in prison that he needs for his escape plan: The mafia boss John Abruzzi, who is supposed to provide the logistics for the escape after the outbreak. About Charles Westmoreland, whom Michael thinks is D.B.Cooper, a legendary predator whose prey has never been found and which Michael needs to start a new life. To Dr. Sara Tancredi, who works as a prison doctor in the room from which one can best climb the prison wall. To an inmate named C-Note, who, as the jail dealer Michael, is supposed to get a drug with which he tries to simulate diabetes in order to have to visit Sara's regularly. And finally to Lincoln, who has already finished his life and is initially skeptical about Michael's plan ... Meanwhile, the two Secret Service agents Hale and Kellerman are trying everything outside of prison to prevent Lincoln from being pardoned, and they are not afraid to do so the murder of a bishop back ... (Text: RTL)

  • 2. Is Lincoln lying? (Allen)

    Season 1, Episode 2 (45 min.)

    Michael almost managed to get a very specific bolt from the Allen Schweitzer company, which plays a major role in his escape plan, but then he has to watch defenselessly as this bolt is removed from him by T-Bag, the leader of the American Nazi regime. Corridor of the prison, is removed again. In order to recapture him, he has to pretend that he would get along with the prison Nazis, which however causes him to lose the trust of the black community, whose member C-Note is supposed to get him the drug he is using as soon as possible wants to fake his diabetes in order to have regular access to the infirmary. To make matters worse, a prison riot breaks out, in the course of which T-Bag's lover dies in Michael's arms. Meanwhile, Veronica meets with Leticia, the friend of one of Lincoln Burrows' important exonerating witnesses, but who was never summoned to court. The conversation arouses in Veronica the suspicion that Lincoln is innocent after all. (Text: RTL)

  • 3. Confidence test (cell test)

    Season 1, Episode 3 (40 min.)

    Abruzzi is deeply impressed that Michael would rather have his two toes cut off than reveal Fibanacci's whereabouts and so decides to take a softer pace with Michael. Meanwhile, T-Bag blames Michael for the death of his pleasure slave and procures a weapon with which he wants to bring Michael a long and painful death. Michael, in turn, tries to find out whether he can really trust his cell mate Sucre one hundred percent and puts him to the test with what appears to be a cell phone, which is actually just a bar of soap. Sucre passes this confidence test, but is indignant about being transferred to another cell. Michael's new cellmate, Haywire, questions his escape plans because he suffers from insomnia. At least Abruzzi T-Bags manages to prevent perverse thirst for revenge in order to finally get into conversation with Michael. (Text: RTL)

  • 4.Veronica gets in (Cute Poison)

    Season 1, Episode 4 (40 min.)

    While Veronica is now convinced of Lincoln's innocence and makes contact with an association that cares for those wrongly sentenced to death, Michael is already lagging behind with his escape plan by days because his new cell mate is not only badly behavioral, but also from insomnia suffers. In desperation, Michael chooses a rather bloody path to get rid of his cell mates and allow Sucre to return. Little does Michael know that Secret Service agents Hale and Kellermann are now suspecting that Michael might be up to something in prison and are therefore planning to move him to another prison. (Text: RTL)

  • 5. English, Fitz or Percy? (English, Fitz or Percy)

    Season 1, Episode 5 (45 min.)

    While Michael continues his escape plan for himself, Lincoln, Abruzzi and Sucre and risks everything, Hale and Kellerman try to blackmail the prison director Pope with the consequences of his long-ago affair in Toledo. Pope is said to agree to Michael's transfer to another prison, although Michael, with the help of Westermoreland, appealed against this transfer. Meanwhile, Veronica and Nick manage to uncover the sinister conspiracy behind the death sentence for Lincoln Burrows. But unfortunately their hope of finally having proof of Lincoln's innocence in their hands is dashed within a few hours. (Text: RTL)

  • 6. Danger to life (1) (Riots, Drills And The Devil, Part 1)

    Season 1, Episode 6 (40 min.)

    Michael takes up Sucres suggestion to provoke the inmates to be locked in their cells for 24 hours. That would give him a whole day to catch up on his schedule. Michael damaged the prison's air conditioning system, whereupon some of the inmates went so crazy that the desired cell arrest actually came about. But since T-Bag and his friends are not locked away in their cells, they manage to instigate a riot in which Michael's brother Lincoln and his guard Bob are just as endangered as Sara and, ultimately, Michael's entire escape plan. Because by chance, T-Bag and Bob discover the secret exit in Michael's cell. (Text: RTL)

  • 7. Danger to life (2) (Riots, Drills And The Devil, Part 2)

    Season 1, Episode 7 (40 min.)

    Sara is trapped in her treatment room. And it seems to be only a matter of time before the inmates use force to get to her. So Michael is forced to leave his drilling work to Sucre in order to set out to save Sara. And while Abruzzi actively supports Sucre with the drilling, T-Bag guards and tortures the guard Bob, who has heard what Michael is planning and therefore definitely wants to kill the T-Bag. Meanwhile, Lincoln, looking for Michael, runs into the inmate of all people who is supposed to kill him on Kellermann's behalf. But Veronica and Nick are also in mortal danger after they managed to find the telephone connection in Washington from which the police received the decisive lead that led to Lincoln Burrow's arrest ... (Text: RTL)