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by Dr. Edmund Berndt on July 6th, 2016 at 5:21 pm

Styrian homeopathic quappology

The limitless freedom of not knowing!

Freed from the constraints of scientific foundations and in contradiction to the rest of the natural scientists, the doctrine of the alternative "God-be-with-us" Hahnemann "Similia similibus curantur" was also fundamentally evaluated from a basic scientific point of view in Styria. And as is customary in alternative science, everything is repeated over and over again. No matter how destructive and negative the result of an attempt to prove it was, it has no consequential effect and so the stories repeat themselves. New experiments in the old guise are made, and if no one opposes it, chemistry and physics are new.

The homeopathic researchers in Styria more than lived up to these expectations. The green adepts also conclusively proved the all-explanatory theory of their master. And here as elsewhere, it is very easy here. Every layperson understands the simple methods and logical results of alternative experts. As an inevitable “spin-off” result, all other natural sciences are falsified. The "end" for the "four forces theory" or for the receptor theory is imminent.

According to his original logic, Hahnemann heals “like” with “like”, so it must be the case that a “disease-causing” growth stimulation is cured by a growth hormone if it is also administered in homeopathically potentiated form. The harmful effect of the first hormone administration is canceled out by the further addition of a homeopathic potency to the former.

For this special experiment at the beginning of the third millennium, green Styrian young frogs, tadpoles, should prove to be particularly suitable. Laboratory mice apparently have a better animal welfare status or are too expensive. Animal experiments are notifiable and our own ethics committees monitor the physical and mental well-being of our test mice. Now came the millennium chance for little "not-yet-quackers". They were allowed to realize the miracle of homeopathy in the inter-university college Graz / Seegau!

First paradigm shift - homeopathic science big bang

For this purpose, the growth of the small amphibians was stimulated with a 1 to 100,000,000 diluted hormone solution of the growth or thyroid hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine solution of this concentration trickled into the amphibian tank. Mathematically, the degree of dilution of the solution corresponds to a homeopathic potency D8. The growth stimulation allegedly induced by this pathology was then cured by the "effect" of genuinely homeopathically diluted, i.e. potentiated, thyroxine of the potency D30 (dilution = 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000), however.

The sensation was perfect. The tadpoles had normal puberty if at the same time a homeopathic hormone dilution (!) With a potency of 30 D was administered. The pathological acceleration of growth or its normalization is determined and measured by counting the erupting extremities.

Of course, one can philosophize about whether, when a hormonal stimulation solution of the 10-8 dilution is administered, a single thyroxine molecule does not find its associated growth receptor somewhere in a tadpole, and the front pretzels emerge faster than nature would have liked. And now, by adding nothing like a dilution of D-30 to just about anything else, homeopathy was proven! Heissa, what a noble task it was for homeopathic statisticians and Haxerz counters. Finally, after 200 years of ridicule and malice, with a homeopathy-friendly experimental set-up, one could look at and count one miracle after the other.

If the constellations work as astrologers believe, then the molecule must also work in the cubic light year! Or? A truly mega epochal result. The entire building of the natural sciences was suddenly shaken and blown up! Mind you, all natural sciences were taken to absurdity, and not just a single insignificant triviality.

Unfortunately, like thousands of other similar scientific elaborations, this sensational work was again ignored by the editorial staff of the international specialist journals. And so the international science community and, above all, the Nobel Prize Committee do not know to this day that the repeatedly invoked, long-awaited paradigm shift has happened in green Styria, where there are apparently particularly sensitive green frogs.

The jubilation of the homeopaths in their familiar circles for the Styrian knowledge is still present on the Internet today. With this irrefutable scientific evidence, the homeopathy debate of 2005 would have been victorious if only the results had been published a little more prominently. I would recommend the sponsoring company Dr. Peithner GmbH & Co. recommend sending this work directly to Stockholm, at least today, because it not only earns fame and honor, but also cash for our top researchers. Whining about the financial disadvantages of alternative research is part of the standard repertoire of holistic indignation. The tedious bureaucratic application for EU funding is no longer necessary. The fame could not be greater: Austrian homeopathy company enables Nobel Prize nomination. It is no longer justifiable that these epochal results from Styria are being ignored. But the Peithner company foregoes the marketing opportunity of the era.

But the good homeopaths and our Styrian Hahnemanns, the homeopathophile tadpole researchers and health experts at the Inter-University College for Health and Development Graz / Seggau Castle (www.inter-uni.net) are about healing and not about scientific vanity. Accustomed to the world conspiracies of the hostile natural scientists for centuries, they did not allow themselves to be discouraged, increased their creative powers and immediately went into the second round. In their sheltered workshop, the CAM scientists delivered yet another and even more sensational desired result.

The second paradigm shift - remote transmission of intangible bioinformation

The curative effect of D30 thyroxine potency on the accelerated metamorphosis induced by D8 thyroxine could also be achieved in a contactless, wireless, quasi-telepathic manner. The tadpoles doped with thyroxine were not treated “directly” with drops in their laboratory basin, but the curative potency, firmly enclosed in glass vials, was hung in the small amphibians to swim past.

It happened the way it had to. Miracles only happen where they are expected. The first successful proof of a remote hormone effect and straight through the ampoule glass, and also homeopathically, succeeded right away! The tadpoles were bioinformed and healed while swimming by. The bioinformation dream is reality!

But even this millennium double success was ignored by the Nobel Prize community, because once again worldwide complete silence by the science mafia prevented the long overdue breakthrough of these alternative findings. Sure, otherwise the Nobel Prizes would have to be collected again. But there are tons of dollars to be made with it. The "James Randi Educational Foundation" (http://www.randi.org/research/index.html) donated $ 1 million for repeated evidence. I would not miss this.

But why bother with the science community? They just don't want to believe in Hahnemann. But the next paradigm shift will convince all journalists of Sunday newspapers and wellness magazines. Why do something that only scientists understand?

The third paradigm shift - cell phone radiation is evil!

The researchers from the P.C. Endler can no longer be stopped. The experiments were repeated under mobile communications. And the result was clearly on trend. It was confirmed what is part of the standard repertoire of holistic specialist knowledge: The homeopathic-telepathic transmission of bioinformation is disturbed by evil cell phone radiation! Now this has finally been proven experimentally, and the mobile phone network operators can pack up. Why did Dr. Gert Oberfeld has not read this' work. He could have given himself up to investigate house keepers.

The bioinformation is pulsed to pieces by digital radio. Proof: There is no curative long-range effect! The malignancy of cell phone radiation can only be proven experimentally through Hahnemannian illuminations.

But, as we all know, science advances and the next sensation was not long in coming.

The fourth paradigm shift - homeopathic bioinformation electronically stored on CD and stored in the water

That would undoubtedly be the overclou. Pure organic information on CD. Only at some point does every round dance come to an end, and this round dance shouldn't actually have taken place at all.

1988 was a bad year for homeopathy. The famous French researcher Jaques Beneviste (1935-2004), a recognized immunologist, had to accept that his attempts to discover the effectiveness of infinitely diluted homeopathic solutions were disenchanted as delusion and self-delusion. His bad luck was the publication of his test data in a really internationally renowned specialist journal, albeit with reservations. The murmuring in science was unmistakable and the doubts loud and justified. An extensive review was carried out. The leading figure in the scientific world, Sir John Maddox, personally undertook the review. He was accompanied by the magician James Randi, a specialist in paranormal phenomena. Everything was re-enacted, repeated, and above all blinded in order to rule out deception and self-deception. This means that a great deal of safety precautions was taken to ensure that nobody really could have the faintest idea which measured values ​​were read from which series of tests. The job of the magician Randi was to rule out any conceivable non-verbal communication. Only after these rigid safety measures, which prevented the wishes of Beneviste and his employees from having any influence on the measurement results, did it become clear that there was no need to change. Wishful thinking was stuck and no longer a new reality, it became clear: Scientific recognition was denied, the results had to be withdrawn. But that means nothing for followers of homeopathy. Faith lives on and since that time, the myth of water memory has existed, and it continues to this day.

This flop prevented the research group around P.C. Endler does not conduct research again with these hocus-pocus ideas. It's kind of in the nature of alternative and complementary research to stick to familiar humbug when it fits into the concept.

The fifth paradigm shift - reality in everyday life

Cellular communications are certainly not the end of homeopathic teleactivity. There are numerous "scientifically" tested protective stickers against cell phone radiation to be bought on the Internet. Only under this unmasking German, i.e. better Austrian name, is it not for sale. The modern language of charlatanry has to serve here. In English it all sounds much more noble and reliable! A Mind-Save-Chip or a Harmonydevice promise more profit than an official designation such as a radiation protection sticker. And of course there are Hahnemanns who check this and find it positive. Glued to cell phones and mounted on cash register scanners and the world of alternative energies remains intact. The homeopathic distant healing of amphibians should now also work under mobile telephony.

This new Eso-Electronics is already ubiquitous and helps without electricity, permanently and safely. Just put it around your neck and everything is fine. Homeopaths have a weakness for the utilization of all kinds of circuit boards. Esoteric protective amulets can be created from them against the Mariazeller Breverls, which were popular at the time and are certainly still popular today. Today it is no longer enough to consume little pictures or to hang up little notes with magic numbers and symbols. The amulet must be electronic. And some even jump high with it.

However, there are no nonsensical limits for CAM researchers. Electronics make it possible. A little amplification and a little background noise and healing frequencies and information become visible. The rest is a breeze. A CD is loaded and the curative bio-information can be imported into the amphibian basin. Homeopathy works that simple. Only the cell phone is not allowed to ring. There is nothing like holistic research approaches.

In the limited world of science, research isn't that fun. Inspiration is an important factor. This inspiration, necessary for real research, comes from education and knowledge. The paradigm shift as a running gag is and remains the result of boundless ignorance.