What is a CIF number

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Companies and other legal entities wishing to conduct legal transactions in Spain first need an NIF number (Número de Identificación Fiscal). The term "CIF" was used until 2007 (Codigo de Identificación Fiscal) and unfortunately still used today. The correct name of the Spanish identification number for companies is NIF.

Save yourself visits to consulates, trips to Spain or long queues at the authorities! You will receive your Spanish NIF and your Spanish VAT number, e.g. for invoices in Spain, bank account openings, company formation or investments, property purchases, lease agreements, capital market transactions or any other contract conclusion now online for a fixed fee of 690.00 euros for EU members and 790.00 Euros for non-EU members. In very urgent cases, you can choose "NIF-Express". The official application fees are also included in the flat rate.

  • Compilation and examination of all necessary documents
  • Preparation of powers of attorney to represent you in the application
  • Preparation of the application ready for signature
  • If you do not have a fiscal delivery address in Spain, we will provide our office address free of charge in advance
  • The official application of the NIF
  • Pay government NIF fees
  • The registration and activation of the NIF with the tax authorities (Modelo 36)
  • The collection and delivery of your NIF to you by email and post
  • If necessary: ​​apply for your Spanish VAT number and a digital certificate

As a tax consultant's office registered with the guilds, our law firm is licensed by the Spanish tax authorities as an authorized cooperation partner. We go to the Spanish tax offices on a daily basis for our international clients. Your NIF order will be processed upon receipt right away processed. The processing time for a NIF application is 10-14 working daysafter we have received all the necessary documents.


Please provide the full details of your company and the managing director entered in the commercial register.


After submitting the NIF order form, you can then pay the fee by PayPal or credit card. If you do not have a PayPal account, please select "Pay, continue without PayPal account" on the bottom right of the following payment page. Alternatively, you can pay your NIF by bank transfer after you have been invoiced. The safety of your personal data is important to us! The data protection regulations that you can find here apply.

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