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Zombie, Run! & Co put to the test - These apps will teach you to be afraid

Arne Arnold

The smartphone app Zombie, Run! puts the undead on your neck. The zombies can reach speeds of up to 12 km / h. If you do not take your legs in hand, you will lose your life.

EnlargeZombies, Run: Scary fun for players and runners
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You can use the Zombie, Run! also play as a pedestrian. Because the speed at which you are being chased by the undead can be regulated in three stages. If you have decided on the leisurely 3 km / h zombies, you can escape them with a brisk stroll. But the game app is only really fun when it is running.

The free Android app Zombie, Run! brings fun for runners

EnlargeZombie, Run! is a free Android app

This is how Zombie Run works: The app shows you your location on a Google Maps map (GPS module must be active). Before starting the game, indicate where you want to run on the Google map. On the way there you will be chased and attacked by zombies. The zombies initially appear as small green figures on the Google Maps map. As soon as a zombie comes dangerously close to you, it will turn red. Then at the latest you have to pick up speed. If you do not do this, you will lose the game and the smartphone will shudder with a long-lasting vibrating alarm. The black display reads: "AAAH, brains!"

Game Tactics for Zombie, Run!

The game can also be played in the city. But it's less fun, because the zombies can easily wander through buildings and private gardens. Since you can't do that yourself - at least not without being followed by angry gardeners, you have a major disadvantage compared to the zombies. The gaming fun doesn't really want to arise here.

In addition, our tester threatened to run into lampposts, passers-by or into cars while constantly looking at his cell phone. Our recommendation is therefore: play Zombie, Run! in the wild. Parks, fields or forests (be careful with trees). Then not only can the zombies move as the crow flies, but you too can flee in all directions. At least as long as the parking attendant is not looking and you have no qualms about fleeing through the flowerbed ...

How our tester fared during his escape from the zombies in Nymphenburger Park in Munich, he documented death-defyingly with the camera. Here is the full version of his terrifying test video:

EnlargeYou'll have me in a moment: the three red zombies are already very close.

Zombie, Run! This is what your goal should look like

You should always choose the destination so that it is accessible from all sides. Because in most of the outbreak scenarios we played, a group of zombies always got together at the checkered flag. We were only able to reach the virtual checkered flag by cleverly pretending, quickly walking around the zombie heap and a super-fast final spurt.

Breakout scenarios in Zombie, Run!

In the app you can not only choose between three zombie speeds (3, 8 and 12 km / h) but also determine the outbreak scenario, such as "controlled outbreak", "early local spread", "advanced spread" or "spontaneous pandemic" . For starters, we did pretty well with the “controlled breakout”.

Speed ​​is the key: If it took us a long time to get to our destination, the zombies multiplied extremely strongly. Getting to the checkered flag was very difficult. But what was funny about it: Every now and then the display of our own position suddenly jumped about 20 meters. That often brought our tester right at the feet of a zombie and then it was said: You better run now. But sometimes it catapulted him out of great distress. We have not yet been able to determine whether this inaccuracy was due to our test phone, the venue or the app itself.

EnlargeIt's not exactly convenient to keep an eye on your phone while you run.

Not suitable for everyone: Of course, it's a bit inconvenient to hold your phone and keep it in view while you're running. For some runners this will probably not be an option. There are special sports wristbands for cell phones, but it seems questionable whether the purchase is only worthwhile for this game.

By zombie, run! applies As with many other games, the more seriously you take the game, the funnier it becomes. So only those who take a spurt when the zombie approaches, will be able to look forward to the successful escape.

One more tip at the end: Warm up well before the game. Otherwise the escape from the zombies will quickly lead to a muscle strain.

Test conclusion: We found the gaming fun at Zombie, Run! rather low on a city walk, but large in the wild. However, the zombies in the app are not particularly sophisticated. Isn't that their nature either. Very often our tester becomes Zombie, Run! so probably not play. Really works well Zombie, Run! but for runners who are not in the mood for their tempo runs. And to be honest: who's in the mood for this damn speed training? With Zombie, Run! on the other hand, fast runs are really fun.

EnlargeThe iPhone app Zombies, Run! comes across more like a radio play.

Zombies, Run! for the iPhone - more of a radio play than a hunt

The Zombies, Run! App is available for the iPhone. Here, too, you will be chased by zombies and have to run away. Although the very similar name Zombies, Run! Reminiscent of the Android app, the games are completely different. With the iPhone app, almost the entire game runs through the sound output. This is practical, so you can stow the smartphone and follow the game through the headphones. Danger: Zombies, Run! is only available in English so far. Good language skills are a prerequisite for having fun here. Otherwise you can save the 5.99 euros for the app.

The Story of Zombies, Run !: You are supposed to bring supplies in a helicopter to a highly competitive area. The helicopter falls. You are the only survivor. Over a radio you will hear instructions from people who live in a protected settlement. At least at the beginning of the game, they will guide you through the hostile area, which is teeming with zombies. Later you will receive a zombie warning device that automatically warns you of approaching undead.

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This is how zombies works, Run! for the iPhone