What's your experience with a Lugi board

Does somebody have experience with witch boards (Ouija board)?

Would you open your front door for a few hours and call in anyone who is able to hear your call? And what do you think, what kind of person would answer you? What would you expect from this person? Do you think that the encounter with the person who answers would be mutually satisfactory?

These are rhetorical questions, of course. But it amazes me that people who start with spiritual work keep missing the common sense that they have in normal life.

99.9% of the time someone spends on an ouija board, nothing happens. In the remaining 0.1% you attract what Koetting very respectfully referred to as "wandering spirits" and Kraig (in my opinion more aptly) as "astral nasties". That is, vampiristic forms of life that have little power and feed on your fear. For this reason, the most common prophecy that people with this previous experience have told me about is that of their own death. Because that increases the fear that feeds this entity. And sometimes they stay there too.

You have been recommended to smoke. Although incense is now popular in some Wiccan traditions, it is also a de facto invitation. There is hardly a more universal offer for invocations and evocations than incense - the type of incense depends, of course, on the entity, among other things. This means that you can achieve the opposite effect with smoking. The meaning behind the incense is roughly that of the little banishing pentagram ritual, only less specific - one tries to "invite" other entities with the incense, which the other entities after the magical operation (in your case only your seance, which is hardly recognized as such could denote) to sell. Much more recommendable is the little spellbinding pentagram ritual. In theory, any beginner can do this, but in principle: As long as you have not had at least one month of daily practice and have become physically and psychologically familiar with the associated changes, you should refrain from inviting any kind of spirit.

Apart from that: The Ouija board is child's play, which is usually harmless, but if it works it can be problematic because the performers usually have no idea of ​​the phenomena that then arise. Since nothing happens most of the time, an atheist is more likely to see his atheism confirmed. But I also know someone who was an atheist and who used the Ouija board and almost went nuts about the result.

Then on your question about the pact - forget it. 1.) A pact with any type of entity is VERY specific. 2.) Are you not even able to negotiate a pact? Would you sign a blank contract (about what? Your soul? * LOL * You can't sell anything that you most likely don't even have) without knowing who you're contracting with? What is the "devil" for you? There is no such thing as the "devil", it is more of a title. Satan? So the Satan you think you know from the Bible. Do you have his seal? And even if you do, do you even know WHO he is?

If you are interested in Magick in general, you have to start at the beginning. Meditation, a little spellbinding pentagram ritual, a lot of literature on the subject. But you won't achieve anything with your Ouija board shoving. If you are a seeker, you will not find anything this way. As a seeker, it is not bad at all to be atheist to begin with, because atheism protects you from self-deception. In Magick you mainly only need to believe in yourself and your (potential) abilities.