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The 22 best home office jobs 05.06.2020

Typical everyday office life as you know it from your own experience or from films and series is no longer a reality everywhere. Because more and more companies offer their employees the opportunity to work regardless of location. Jobs that allow you to work from home are often called Home office jobs or Remote jobs designated.

Since these jobs are enjoying increasing popularity due to some advantages for both employees and employers, we present 22 different home office jobs to you in the following article. Of course, these are by no means all jobs in which you can work from anywhere. But this will give you a good overview and some inspiration on different areas in which this modern form of work is possible.

We would also like to briefly mention a few in this post advantages received and various Home office models to introduce.

Home office jobs can be very diverse. But most of them have one thing in common: A laptop is part of the standard equipment. Photo: fizkes / Shutterstock


Why are home office jobs so popular? Some advantages

Regardless of whether you work in data collection, as a programmer, web designer or in a call center - the biggest advantage of a home office job is that you don't have to commute to work and in most cases you can organize your working hours flexibly.

In addition, so-called remote work also offers the advantage that you can decide for yourself where to do what: Do you like doing creative work in an inspiring café in the morning? Or do you prefer to live in nature in the country, where you don't have all the hustle and bustle of a city around you and can work concentrated and in peace?

In addition, so-called coworking spaces and colivings have emerged in many regions of the world in recent years. There are many like-minded people together, some of whom work in other countries in a permanent or self-employed position.



In this type of shared office you will find the infrastructure you need to work with a desk, good internet, printer, room for phone calls and a working atmosphere. This means that distraction-free work is also possible in other countries. After work and on the weekend you will have enough time to explore another country and meet people from all over the world.

Some employers therefore only allow a stay abroad in the home office if you book a place in a coworking place. But anyone who has tried for a long time to work productively in a hotel, hostel, Airbnb & Co. surrounded by holidaymakers also knows why. Exceptions prove the rule.

Regardless of whether you want to work independently, part-time or as an employee - the opportunities for home office jobs have increased in recent years due to advancing digitization.


Benefits of home office jobs at a glance:

✅ flexible time management

✅ There are no journeys to work

✅ Free choice of location to work

✅ Combination of work and travel possible

✅ high motivation

Your pet - like a dog in this case - is also happy to spend more time with you. Photo: MT-R / Shutterstock


Different home office models

Home office is not always home office. Because the degree of allowed location independence varies from employer to employer. Because there is one thing we must of course not ignore: the home office concept works largely on the basis of trust.

In addition, not all jobs can be carried out permanently or not at all “remotely” and of course working in a team on site also has many advantages. For this reason, there are also different models that are used differently depending on the employer.

City Remote - regardless of location within a city

On the one hand there is the so-called City Remote: These are classic home office days within a certain city. That means: You can, for example, do some work from home in phases without having to come to the office.

However, the employer determines a certain area in which you can carry out your tasks. As a rule, however, with a few home office days per week, it is not practical to travel long distances. But maybe you don't want to.

Half remote periods with home office possible

The Half Remote model is a combination of the classic home office just mentioned and the option of temporarily working abroad or from another city.

In this model the flexibility and freedom is even greater. The model is also ideal for testing a possible home office within a company.

Before you, as an employee, ask your supervisor whether you can work completely in the home office and travel the world in the process, the following is a good idea: Just ask whether you can do your job for two weeks or a month from a coworking space - how next presented above - can exercise. If that works very well, you may be able to arrange this more often a year in the future.

Full remote - 100% work where and when you want

In the last model, the Full Remote, as the name suggests, you can benefit from the greatest freedom. The work is completely independent of location and can take place from anywhere in the world.

But with freedom comes great responsibility. Regardless of whether you are employed or self-employed: The distraction is great and you have to bring a certain level of self-discipline with you to complete your tasks and reliably meet deadlines.

You can find out in which professions one of the above models is possible here. The 22 best home office jobs:


Home office jobs at a glance

1. Work as a call center agent

Are you good at making phone calls and have a nice voice? Then working in a call center might be the right home office job for you.

With your own phone, you can easily handle incoming calls from home. Of course, it is also important to have a good internet connection so that you can log the results of the phone call and forward them to the employer.

2. Work in customer service

Many companies outsource their customer service and rely on remote workers. After a training course on the products and services of the respective company, you are the contact person for questions, criticism and praise from the customer.

If you work in this area, however, you will often have core hours when you definitely need to be available. For example, if you have to answer inquiries directly via the chat function of a company website. Therefore, there is a local but no temporal independence with this job.

3. Work as a teacher or tutor

Due to the digitization already mentioned, many learning opportunities are already taking place online. There is therefore a growing demand for teachers who do the job as a remote job. The learning content is brought to the students via video conference or presentations.

Alternatively, it is also possible that you work in the conception and implementation of digital learning offers such as online courses.

4. Work in the field of data acquisition

Almost every company ultimately works with numbers, data and facts. However, these must first be recorded and this is exactly where you come into play: The recording of data is a good home office job that can be carried out regardless of location.

Be it transcribing interviews or coding passages of text, if you are good at handling data, this job is for you.

In this area there are also many freelance jobs that you can do on an order basis.

5. Work as a translator

Do you speak one or more languages? Then you can also work from home as a translator. After all, translating texts does not require an office, but can be carried out as a full remote job.

The prerequisite is, of course, that you have an almost perfect command of at least one other language. Since the competition is very high, especially in English, it helps to specialize in a certain area. For example, translating medical topics.

In addition to working in a translation agency, there are also many order-based freelance jobs here.

6. Work as an SEO expert

Do you know about search engines and how to optimize a website for Google or Bing? Then you can work as an SEO expert (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) independently, for an agency or a company.

Because a website that is easy to find on the Internet can, depending on its reach, bring many new customers or generate additional advertising income.

7. Work as a copywriter

Are you good at juggling words? Then you can also make money online as a copywriter. This also works from the comfort of your home. You can do this, for example, as a copywriter, in an online editorial office or as a ghostwriter - choose your favorite place to write and let your creativity run free.

8. Work in graphic design

The profession of graphic designer also comes from the creative field. Since the work is almost exclusively done on the computer using appropriate software, this job is ideal for the home office.

Much of the work in the field of graphic design can be done in the home office or anywhere. This can also trigger an additional boost in creativity. Photo: Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

9. Work in the field of web development

Nowadays, many websites are developed by web designers who shine through their programming skills. Are you familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and the various languages ​​as well as content management systems such as WordPress? Then try it as a web designer.

In this area in particular, there are currently many further training programs that you can also complete online and some of which are funded by the employment office.

10. Work in online marketing

A job in online marketing is versatile - be it designing e-mails for marketing purposes or organizing and managing newsletters. In addition, many offers are currently being advertised via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and other platforms.

Anyone who knows how to effectively optimize advertisements for different areas is worth gold for a company. Because if the wrong search terms are advertised for clicks, then a lot of money can be burned here - in the truest sense of the word.

A typical term for this activity is also SEA expert. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and is usually a separate area from SEO (search engine optimization).

11. Work as an accountant

Working with numbers in particular requires a quiet work environment and very often not much more than a computer. Therefore, accounting can generally also be carried out very well at home.

A prerequisite is, of course, that your company is digitally well positioned or that you have specialized in freelance companies that are independent of location.

This home office job in particular is often more suitable for the City Remote and Half Remote models.

12. Work as a photographer

Once the photos are taken, a photographer also has a lot of desk work to do. Image processing as well as bookkeeping and management of orders can be done as a home office job.

If you are also active in stock photography, you can produce your photos according to your own ideas and topics and offer them for sale on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and others. However, this market is currently very competitive.

Alternatively, as a photographer and editor, you can also work in industries where you travel a lot. To name a few exotic things: adventure photographer for National Geographic, surf photographer in the water or wedding photographer for weddings of German couples abroad.

13. Work in market research

Market research is versatile - as a participant you can answer questions on the computer or take part in an interview by phone. The evaluation of the relevant research can also be done from home. However, especially as a participant, the earning potential is rather low.

14. Work as a buyer

The procurement of goods usually requires extensive research and intensive price calculation, which can usually be done on a computer. Telephone, e-mail or video call offer all the necessary options for agreements and orders.

However, it depends on the industry and the size of the company. After all, the goods have to be checked and in some cases on-site visits are necessary. Therefore, this job is more suitable for a partially location-independent work.

15. Work as a controller

As with an accountant, working with numbers requires calm and little more than a computer. Therefore, the job as a controller for the home office is also ideal. As a rule, you can do almost all the necessary tasks digitally - provided that the respective company has a cheap digital infrastructure.

16. Work as a software developer

Regardless of the specific area involved, the development of software products is usually a technical process that can generally be carried out regardless of location.

This includes, for example, the development of apps for smartphones, digital accounting systems for various industries and, in general, software products that are used by people and companies on their computers.

Perhaps one of the most common and currently best-paid home office jobs: As a software developer, you can often work from home or in a coworking space. Photo: REDPIXEL.PL / Shutterstock

17. Work as a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you act as the boss's right-hand man, so to speak. You coordinate appointments, prepare meetings and ensure that your boss is always up to date.

Exactly which area you take on is completely different. Some “VAs” take over the management of a website as all-rounders and insert articles, edit photos or take care of the entire e-mail communication.

18. Work in social media

Many companies are now using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. As a social media manager, you are responsible for keeping these pages up-to-date and, for example, responding to questions and messages from users.

19. Work as a software tester

Developing software is a long process. Before it finally comes onto the market, it must be extensively tested. Therefore, many companies are looking for testers who try out their product intensively and provide valuable feedback.

In the simplest case, this area is suitable as an extra income, for which you receive a small compensation, as with surveys. But there are also professional jobs in this area, some of which start at the conception stage.

These include, for example, the job titles UX Designer (UX = User Experience) and, to a certain extent, UI Designer (UI = User Interface).

20. Work as a lecturer

In addition to the creation of texts, there is also the opportunity to work as a lecturer. Here you don't necessarily have to be creative yourself, but rather correct and proofread the texts of other authors. A good command of spelling is of course a must in order to design a successful home office job.

Depending on your own skills and experience, in addition to checking the spelling and grammar, you can also accompany a book author through the entire conception and development of the book.

21. Work as a blogger

There is also money to be made from blogging. At least if you choose a meaningful “niche”, have a lot of staying power and can write really well. Anyone who thinks that they can earn a lot of money in just a few months with a small travel blog or everyday stories will likely be disappointed very quickly.

Some very successful blogs that are no longer really perceived as “blogs” are, for example, Der Postillon, Wireless Life, Self-employed on the Internet or Indojunkie.

Also, some larger companies have blogs that you can write for. Since the term “blogger” is often smiled at in this context, terms such as content marketing manager, editor or copywriter are more common.

22. Work in your real job

Sometimes you don't have to look so far into the distance - what about your current job? Perhaps there is also the possibility of turning this into a home office job. Certainly, some activities can also be done from home or generally independent of location. Just talk to your boss.

More ideas for home office jobs

  • Coaching in all possible areas
  • Psychological help
  • Video editing
  • Podcast
  • Sales / Distribution
  • Cold acquisition
  • Author / editor
  • FBA Account Manager (Fullfilled by Amazon)
  • Travel agent / travel agency for niche topic

Do you know of other home office jobs that are missing from our list? Then we look forward to hearing from you in a comment or by email. In addition, we often have some jobs on offer that allow at least a certain degree of home office. You are very welcome to contact us.


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