What is the oldest recorded chess problem

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The oldest known chess game in history was most likely between Francesco de Castellvi and Narciso Vinyoles played in 1475. But whether the game was actually played or is just a poem can no longer be judged today!

Francesco was a lord of several towns in the Jativa and Valencia (Spain) area and served as an advisor to the court of King Ferdinand. He died in 1506. Narcis was born between 1442 and 1447 and was a politician and writer. In 1495 King Ferdinand recommended him for the position of «Justica Criminal». He was married to Brianda de Santangel, Niece of the banker who financed Christopher Columbus' trip.

Francisco and Narcis are co-authors of the «scachs d'amor» (or the «Chess of Love»), a Catalan poem that describes the first modern game of chess.

Francicsco De Castellvi - NarciscoVinoles
Valencia (Spain) 1475