How do I cure chronic sinusitis naturally

Chronic runny nose
and chronic sinus infections

From diagnosis to surgery to aftercare all-round TOP

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Dr. Klingmann diagnosed and operated on a crooked nasal septum and chronically inflamed sinuses. He was always very competent and helpful, especially in an emergency, also at very short notice (and still very detailed) by e-mail.

I would have treatment / surgery there again at any time.


Very good ENT doctor and very successful operation, what more could you want!

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Dr. Klingmann is an experienced ENT doctor whom I can recommend without reservation. I struggled with chronic sinusitis for years until I finally decided to have an operation. This with Dr. Letting Klingmann do it was the best decision in years. The Dr. takes a lot of time not only to make the usual preliminary discussion, but also to comprehensively discuss my CT images and the corresponding or recommended procedure.

The operation and the short stay in the clinic then went according to plan. And most importantly: The healing took some time, which in the meantime also made me doubt, but after about 3 months the real aha-effect came and the nose was free, the constant cold gone and the sense of smell finally back in full . It couldn't have gone any better.

At Dr. Klingmann is therefore in the very best of hands.


The doctor I trust

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After a long history of suffering with chronic sinusitis, it was clear to me at the latest when I had lost my sense of smell for weeks that I had to do something. I knew Dr Klingmann from the diver's consultation hour and at the end of 2017 we had an email exchange, which was prompt and informative from Dr Klingmann. In mid-January, I had a nasal operation for my polyposis and the polyps were removed, the nasal septum straightened and the frontal and paranasal sinuses windowed. A week after the operation I could smell and taste again and after about six weeks everything was back to normal. I am thrilled to be able to breathe freely again and my ENT specialist on site was also full of praise for the thorough and professional work during the aftercare. The 600 km journey was definitely worth it to me. The contact with Dr Klingmann was excellent during the consultation as well as after the operation. I can recommend this doctor with a clear conscience.


This doctor comes highly recommended

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I had a pansinus operation and a nose job in April 2017. The operation went very well, no pain, no packing and the result of the rhinoplasty was as discussed.

The previous consultations were really great. Dr. Klingmann is a friendly and attentive doctor who took a lot of time to answer all questions.

I can do that for you

I have been treating patients with chronic rhinitis and chronic inflammation for years with a mix of naturopathic, pharmaceutical and anti-allergic therapy and have had excellent results. If this does not lead to sufficient symptom improvement, I carry out minimally invasive surgical therapy with great success. All in all, every patient is better off.


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