In which house does Shani act best

Grandmother (of Shani)

The old box Edit source]

Shani lives in Chapter 2 in the Temple District with her grandmother. This becomes a problem for Geralt when he wants to visit Shani. As soon as he enters the house, there is a dialogue sequence in which Shani's grandmother Geralt refuses to visit Shani. However, the old lady with the hair on her teeth allows a few exceptions if Geralt gives her the right answers in conversation. However, it depends on the grandmother's mood. For example, if she wants pretty ladies gloves when she meets, which Geralt brings her next time she visits, she may have suddenly changed her mind the next time she visits and she throws Geralt out of the house. Once put in front of the door, it throws Geralt back into the street as soon as he enters the house. Only after some time has passed, Geralt can try again - if she is in a good mood, Geralt is allowed to see Shani this time.
If Geralt succeeds in identifying himself as a prophet of marjoram, Shani's grandmother welcomes him to every visit. It is highly recommended to get the signet ring of the prophet of marjoram.

The party Edit source]

For the quest "An old friend", Geralt has to look for grandmother's lard, grandmother's diary or grandmother's tincture in grandmother's cupboards and chests while he is tipsy. Under certain circumstances he can be caught doing it despite the ring.
In Chapter 3, Shani's grandmother is no longer in the house. Your three private items above are then back in the places where they were found.

Possible death Edit source]

After the love affair with Shani, the grandmother confronts Geralt about how he could abuse her trust in such a way. When Geralt replies: "Die at last, old hag!", The grandmother actually falls dead. The alternative would be to explain to the grandmother that witchers are sterile and that Shani should therefore not fear pregnancy.