What are the uses of analog computers


The following pages are the result of my efforts to save analog computers and information about them as well as about analog computing itself from scrap or forgetting. This began many years ago, when reading the book "Analog Computing" by Prof. Giloi and Prof. Lauber aroused my enthusiasm for analog computing.

Over the years, (electronic) analog computers have become more than a hobby - a real passion developed from it, which actually grows with every day that I read and think about analog computers and the applications of analog computing.

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to translate all the pages that were originally written in English, so that at the moment the exhibits in the collection and the programming examples are only available in English. However, this state of affairs will change over time, so that later all content will be available without restriction in both languages.

I've written two books on analog computing. The first, in German, was published in 2010, the second, in English, three years later by Oldenbourg Verlag. The English book is essentially based on the German edition, but goes beyond this in terms of the description of the mathematical background of the arithmetic elements and the programming examples. A review of the German edition can be found here.

The Analog Computer Museum offers the following areas:

introduction: Here you can find information in the form of presentation slides, introductory articles, etc. on analog computing itself. Library: The museum's online library contains a large number of documents on machines, but also on certain aspects of analog computing in general.
collection: Over the years, my enthusiasm for analog computers has led to a rather large collection of partly unique machines, most of which are (again) in working order and are also accessible to interested visitors by prior arrangement. Examples: Some examples of practically implemented analog computing circuits with associated documentation etc. can be found here.
Impressions: On this page you will find a large number of photographs of electronic analog computers, most of which (unfortunately) are not part of the collection of the Analog Computer Museum. DIY: These pages present some self-build extensions for electronic analog computers that I have built over the last few years in order to be able to investigate special questions.
people: Here you can find some pages with pictures, memories and stories of people who worked with analog computers. support: If you would like to support the museum, you will find all the information you need here.
What's new?: News about the museum can be found here. Imprint and data protection


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