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Amazon Career Choice - a funding program with many different options

Logistics is more than just transport, handling and storage. Logistics is an exciting field of work, with good prospects for a successful career and opportunities for advancement, especially for women. Yvonne Rossberg is one of the 36 percent female employees - that's how high the proportion of women in Amazon's German logistics centers is. According to the Federal Statistical Office, it is only 28 percent in the entire logistics industry. And just being there is not enough for women like Yvonne. The 37-year-old group leader, who works in the incoming goods department in Leipzig, wants to achieve even more professionally. That is why she takes part in the “Career Choice” funding program, in which Amazon bears 95 percent of the training and further education costs. And she is not alone: ​​Almost half of the participants in the program are female - women seize the opportunities for further qualification even more often than their male colleagues at Amazon. On the occasion of today's International Women's Day, Yvonne told us about her experiences with the funding program.

“I can only recommend the Career Choice Program to everyone. It offers so many different possibilities. ”- Yvonne Rossberg didn't have to think twice when she found out about the Amazon funding program. She immediately applied to participate. Now the group leader from the incoming goods department in the Leipzig logistics center has a language diploma that certifies her business fluency in English. In April, Yvonne will start her second training course as part of the Career Choice program.

The balance sheet of the funding program for training and further education that has been running since November 2014: Almost half of the participants are female. Yvonne is one of them. The trained saleswoman has been working in the incoming goods department of the Leipzig logistics center since 2009. She is now a group leader. But there is still a lot more to learn, believes the self-confident woman and signed up for a language course through Career Choice in autumn 2014.

Yvonne was able to improve her English by two levels through the language training. “I now have a much larger vocabulary and can speak almost fluently. That also helps me with written e-mails at Amazon. ”The language course should not only relate to work, but above all help Yvonne advance personally. That is why the 37-year-old consciously did not choose business English. The language lessons that she and a colleague attended last year were individually tailored to her by an external language institute with which Amazon has been working for a long time.

With ambition and perseverance

“Going to school again” also means work. Will is important, perseverance and ambition, says Yvonne. “Of course, on the training days, leisure time has to be clearly inferior. But you learn something new and do something for yourself. ”The power woman is now seizing this opportunity again. In April she will begin her advanced training to become a certified business administrator, also supported by the Career Choice program.

For a year and a half, lessons await Yvonne twice a week and one Saturday a month in addition to her working hours. At the end of her training at the Center for Vocational Education and Training in Leipzig, she will take an exam at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The learning content includes project management and leadership - knowledge that the 37-year-old can use well in her day-to-day work as a group leader and that helps her progress. Because Yvonne has a fixed goal: “I don't want to sit in my post until I'm retired. I want to develop myself further. Amazon offers me good opportunities here. "

The most important information about Amazon Career Choice:

  • The program is available to all Level 1 to 3 employees who have been employed by Amazon for two years without interruption.
  • Career Choice supports the acquisition of professional certificates or up to three years of training (IHK or comparable) in recognized subjects for popular jobs. For example: accounting, computer science and IT, healthcare, logistics or language courses.
  • 95 percent of the tuition fees and other costs are covered for each current 12 months, including all taxes and social security contributions.

You can find more information about Career Choice here.

Facts about women in logistics

  • The proportion of women at Amazon is above the industry average
    Logistics is still one of the professions with a low proportion of women of only 28 percent (Federal Statistical Office 2014) among employees. Amazon is already successful in changing that. Women make up around 36 percent of the employees in the nine German Amazon logistics centers.
  • Cultural diversity in the Amazon logistics centers
    Women and men from around 150 different nations are currently employed at Amazon. Diversity and the parity of women and men in management are a strategic issue for Amazon.
  • Equal opportunities for everyone
    Amazon guarantees equality and does not differentiate according to gender. There are many good candidates for the next generation of leaders at Amazon and they are seizing the opportunities.
Frank Weyermann
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