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CD no. Sho-049

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Artist photos: Julia BrunsThe most beautiful Hebrew songs for Shabbat and other Jewish holidays

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CD No. Sho-049
Songbook No. Sho-0049

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Waltraud's new album is dedicated to an unusual topic, for which the artist selected the most beautiful melodies from the Jewish Shabbat liturgy. The poetic song texts are sung by her in Hebrew, they come mainly from the Bible and the Siddur, the traditional prayer book of Israel. On the one hand the music is full of contagious joie de vivre and rhythmic power, on the other hand the calm, gentle songs that seem like prayer awaken a longing for God and the Holy Land. Waltraud says: "I was enthusiastic about the work on this CD. Each work is different in its character, wise men of the Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Hasid and Western European musical tradition come together. New worlds open up every time in terms of sound and harmony was exciting and challenging. In addition to piano, flute, tenor, cello and percussion, I also brought a clarinet into the ensemble for the first time, an instrument typical of Jewish music and a beguiling, additional timbre. I was able to win one of the leading French clarinetists for this: Florent Héau from Paris. I have the feeling that this is our most beautiful and at the same time our most important album. "
In addition to numerous Shabbat songs, the repertoire includes three songs on the Jewish festivals, for Passover and to Rosh ha Shannah, the Jewish New Year. In addition to popular traditionals, there are also little-known, oriental-looking tunes and two new song compositions from my own pen. The pianist and arranger Ray Rennebaum transformed the 15 songs into demanding concert pieces. Anyone who thinks they already know one or the other work will be amazed at how new and different it sounds here.
The CD appears in a noble version as Digipack with many artist photos, a 28-page, colored CD booklet including lyrics in Ivrit, Hebrew phonetic transcription, German and English, background information on each song and numerous impressions from Israel.
Waltraud Rennebaum Mezzo-soprano
Ray Rennebaum Piano, arrangement
Florent Héau clarinet
Heike toe Flute
Andreas Post tenor
Anselm Schardt violoncello
Helmut Kandert Percussion

Total playing time: 62:24

© 2014 by shoshanimSong title:

Songbook for the CD "Shabbat"
1 Baruch ata Adonai - Blessing song about light, wine and bread on "Erev Shabbat"
2 Shabbat Shalom - Greetings of peace from the Siddur (after Psalm 17,8)
3 Shalom aleichem - Song of praise for the angels after the lights have been lit.
4 Yismechu ha Shamayim - Rejoice, Heavens (Psalm 96)
5 Lecha Dodi - Liturgical greeting of the Shabbat as a bride
6 Ba Yom ha Shvii - On the seventh day the Eternal rested (according to Exodus 20)
7 Tzur Mishelo - Traditional thanksgiving song on Shabbat, two different ways
8 Halleluyah betziltzelei shama - Praise God with resounding cymbals (Psalm 150)
9 Ve taher Libenu - Purify our hearts, Shabbat song from the eighteen supplication
10 Osseh Shalom - You who create peace on high, from the "Kaddish"
11 Eliyahu ha Navi - The prophet Elijah (1 Kings 17: 1), from the Passover Haggadah
12 Ha Mavdil - Song of praise for the exit from Shabbat (Havdala), two different ways
13 Avinu Malkeinu - Liturgical supplication for penance for the New Year (Rosh ha Shannah)
14 Karev Yom - The day is approaching (according to Zechariah 14), song of praise for the Passover festival
15 Erev shel Shoshanim - Evening of the Lilies, poem inspired by the "Song of Solomon"

"SHOSHAN" • Acrylic painting by Erika SteinbeckShabbat songbook & scores
In addition to the CD, Shoshanim-Musikverlag has an appealingly designed one Note issuance published, interesting for everyone who wants to delve into the melody, text and background of the songs. Some of the well-known tunes have been expanded melodically; Occasionally two different melodies from Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions were combined. The German translation and the text in the original Hebrew spelling (Ivrit) are printed for the song text in Hebrew phonetic transcription. Chord symbols for piano and two completely notated piano movements (medium difficulty) as well as competent and detailed introductions to songs make the music edition a treasure trove for lovers of Jewish sacred music.
Something special is the illustration of the colorful picture cycle "The Sabbath in Creation" by the artist Erika Steinbeck. For a year she painted to the sounds of the Shabbat CD and created 15 paintings in acrylic technique, which speak directly to the viewer in terms of motif and color. Numerous terms from the Jewish tradition are explained in the appendix to the fully colored song edition in A4 format.
If you want to play the pieces in the original setting or in arrangements, you can do the same Performance material acquire. Each song is available individually as a score edition with parts excerpts. In addition to the original arrangements on the CD, arrangements for trio or duo (piano song) are available. More details on request.
The meaning of the ShabbatThe day begins on Friday evening with sunset and ends the following evening as soon as three stars appear in the sky. The Hebrew word "Shabbat" is made up of the letters shin-beit-tav together and means "stop" or "rest". This day is the heart of the Jewish faith, it has its origin in God and is given to all creatures from the beginning of time - this is testified by the Holy Scriptures in the account of creation. God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them in six days, but on the seventh day he rested from his work and blessed and sanctified the day. In contrast to the other days, which were simply numbered, this day was given its own name - this is also what distinguishes the Shabbat. The American writer and rabbi Aryeh Moshe Kaplan (1934-1983) says: "The secret of Shabbat is unity. On this day God established harmony between himself and the universe. Whoever respects the day receives and becomes part of God's eternity put into a state of harmony with God and all creation. That is why "Shalom" - the Hebrew word for peace - is so precious to man. The typical greeting on Shabbat is "Shabbat Shalom", because the main idea is the desire for something reliable Peace."
The lyrics of the prayers sung in Hebrew are rich in poetic symbols and Jewish rites, they tell of the bride and groom, candlelight, delicious bread and sweet wine, the bewitching scent of blooming lilies, the longing for God, the restoration of all things, and above all about Eternal Peace (Shalom) for Jerusalem. Every Friday evening is opened with traditional blessings, each with the words "Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu, Melech ha Olam ..." start. If you listen to Waltraud Rennebaum, the tenor Andreas Post and the clarinetist Florent Héau playing the opening song composed by the singer, you get goosebumps ...
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In keeping with the theme, the CD exudes calm. But lively chants are not missing either. They make the Sabbath sound like a happy day. The partly calm, partly passionate singing adapts to this. It becomes clear how much the singer identifies with this music. (Elisabeth Hausen, Pro Medienmagazin, Dec. 2014)

"Shabbat" is a good introduction or a discovery of Jewish-Central European (Ashkenazi) tradition ... An informative and extremely well-made booklet is included with the CD. (Prof. Claus Friede, Kultur-Port.de, February 2015)

In this CD resounds the soul of the Hebrew people who long for the divine shalom. A recommendable CD that takes you into the mood of the Shabbat par excellence! (Reinhold Tenk, Jewish newspaper Kol Hesed, Dec. 2014)

Florent Héau with his clarinet is often responsible for the highlights. The almost poppy "Yismechu ha Shamayim" could be a real hit number ... In "Osseh Shalom" the beautiful clear vocals can play their trump cards ... A very interesting album that comes in an exemplary presentation. The Digi-Pack contains a very detailed, atmospherically illustrated booklet. (Norbert von Fransecky, Music itself, Aug. 2015)

... the Ensemble Shoshan thrilled the Leichlingen audience ... Soft, devout texts and melodies alternated with dancing festive songs full of energy ... Over the centuries, some traditional Jewish Sabbath chants took on the musical colors of the "host countries", e.g. Sephardic. These details also found their place in the repertoire. (Ursula Hellmann, Westdeutsche Zeitung, November 20, 2014)

Cover image in print quality as a jpg file for download. The image is 6cm x 6cm with a resolution of 300 ppi.
Detailed track notes for broadcasters and archives as a PDF file for reading and printing with Adobe Reader.
Samples and texts for each song

Picture cycle "The Shabbat in Creation" by Erika Steinbeck

1 Baruch ata Adonai
Blessings at the beginning of Shabbat about light, wine and bread
A new, very vocal setting of the ancient blessings from the Siddur.Praise be to you, Eternal, our God, King of the world, who sanctified us
through your commandments and you have commanded us to kindle the Shabbat light.
Praise be to you, Eternal, our God, King of the world,
who created the fruit of the vine. Be praised
Eternal, our God, King of the world, who bring bread out of the earth.2 Shabbat Shalom
Sung peace greeting at the beginning of Shabbat, on "Erev Shabbat"
Peace for you! Deep calm came over me.
We will sing praises of calm, peace and blessings to you.
He proclaims freedom for sons and daughters;
like the apple of his own eye he will guard you.
Your names are pleasant to him, they are never erased.
Sit down, rest on Shabbat.up3 Shalom aleichem
Traditional greeting song for the angels
Peace be upon you, you serving angels, messengers of the Most High,
the king of kings, the saint - praised be him.
Peace be upon you, you serving angels!
Return to peace, you messengers of peace!
Bless me for peace, you helping angels!
Go out to peace, you messengers of peace!4 Yismechu ha Shamayim
Song of praise to welcome Shabbat - based on Psalm 96May the heavens rejoice and the earth rejoice.
Pay homage to the Lord in holy ornament,
the earth shake before his presence!
Fields and meadows and everything that is in them exult.
The earth shakes before his face,
roaring cheer the sea and what is in it.5 Lecha Dodi
Welcome song for the Shabbat as a bride, for the "Kabbalat Shabbat"Shabbat Shalom, have peace, be blessed!
Go, my friend, to meet the bride!
We receive blessings in the face of Shabbat.
6 Ba Yom ha Shvii
Song of the origin of the Shabbat (based on Exodus 20, verse 11)For in six days the Eternal made heaven
the earth and the sea and all that is in them.
And the LORD rested on the seventh day;
Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath and made it holy.7 Tzur mishelo
Two songs of praise and thanks for Shabbat to be chanted after mealsWe want to raise the rock that has fed us. We were full and there was left over
according to his promise. He feeds his world, our Shepherd, our Father.
We ate of his bread and drank of his wine. We want to thank him for that
and sing praises. We said and answered him, No one is holy like our Lord!
Show mercy in your great grace on your people, our rock,
and over Zion, the abode of your holiness, the house of your splendor.up8 Halleluyah betziltzelei shama
Psalm 150 • Happy song of praise and thanksgiving for Shabbat, for "Kabbalat Shabbat"• Praise God in his sanctuary, praise him in the stronghold of his power!
• Praise him for his mighty acts, praise him for his incomparable greatness!
• Praise him with the blow of horn, praise him with psaltery and harp!
• Praise him with tambourine and dance, praise him with strings and flute!
• Praise him with clinking cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals.
• Praise the Lord to all that breathes. Hallelujah!
9 Ve taher libenu
Liturgical Shabbat song from the "Shmone Essre", the prayer for eighteenAnd purify our hearts to serve you in truth.
Grant us, Lord our God, in love and pleasure
the favor of your holy Shabbat,
that all Israel may rest and sanctify your name.10 Osseh Shalom
Solemn petition for peace from on high, from the "Shmone Essre"
Who makes peace on high,
he will make peace over us and all Israel.
And say "Amen" to it.
Make peace over us and all of Israel.11 Eliyahu ha Navi
Liturgical song about the prophet Elijah, for the Passover and ShabbatElijah the Prophet
Elijah the Tishbiter
Elijah of Gilead,
he will come to us soon
and bring with you the Messiah, the son of David.12 Ha Mavdil
Two wise men to the hawdala ceremony at the Shabbat exitHe, who distinguishes between holy and profane, will forgive our sins, he will
our offspring and our money multiply like sand and like the stars in the night.
The day is leaning like the shadow of the date palm. I call to God who completes my day.
The guard said: You are morning and night too.
Text addition of the 2nd way:
The glory and longing of my heart is Elijah the Prophet.13 Avinu Malkeinu
Petition chant on the fasting days between "Rosh Hashana" and "Yom Kippur"Our father, our king,
favor and answer us,
because we have nothing to show
act on us according to your righteousness and grace
and save us.up14 Karev Yom
Aramaic-Hasidic way of the Passover festival, according to the words of the prophet ZechariahLet the day of the Lord approach, when there will be neither day nor night.
Sublime, announce that yours is the day and yours is the night.
The Lord will be King over all the earth.
In that day the Lord will be one,
his name is the only one.15 Erev shel Shoshanim
Love song based on verses from the "Song of Solomon"Evening of the lilies, we go down to the garden,
Myrrh, fragrances and incense are a threshold for your feet.
The night comes, the scents of lilies waft.
Come on, I'll whisper a song for you, secretly and out of love.
Dawn, a pigeon coos, your head is dripping with dew,
Your mouth is like a lily in the morning, I want to pick it for myself.

Themed concerts by the SHOSHAN ensembleThe SHOSHAN ensemble creates concert programs to match its CD repertoire. The previous topics TEHILIM (World of Psalms), JERUSHALAIM (Songs of the Bible & Israeli Traditionals) and MA'ALOT (Pilgrimage Psalms in Hebrew) are expanded by the new topic SHABBAT (The discovery of heavenly peace). In Duo or trio cast SHOSHAN presents his new album live in a concert or as a workshop or conference framework. Upon request, the picture cycle "Ha Shabbat baBriah - the Shabbat in creation" can be projected to accompany the songs using a projector. Interested organizers (from church, synagogue, conference venue) Please contact us for the 2018 to 2019 concert season (Tel. 02293-9377990).
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