Are the disciples of Christ Trinitarian

Are Christ's Disciples Trinitarian?

As I remember from my time (decades ago) as an ordained and licensed disciple of Christ as a servant, anyone who publicly declared that Jesus was their Savior and Lord was freely admitted to fellowship with disciples without dogmatic conditions.

What if they believed in the Trinity?

"Welcome! Come, worship with us and feast at the Lord's table!"

What if she Not would believe in the Trinity?

"Welcome! Come, worship with us and feast at the Lord's table!"

Why? Because it was a "test of faith" to ask someone to confirm their personal belief in the Trinity. Such tests are not necessary for salvation.

In short, not every disciple of Christ is a Trinitarian, nor is every Trinitarian a "disciple" of Christ.


Correct answer. (+1) I like your idea of ​​"no dogmatic conditions". The Trinity is in fact "a test of faith".


sounds like the disciples of Christ are a group of different doctrines.

Pat Ferguson

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or CC (DoC) is an Orthodox Christian, but has been "different" from many Orthodox denominations since the revival of Cane Ridge. They simply believe that every person of any Christian denomination should be able to have fellowship with the CC (DoC) and feel comfortable / at home when they walk out the door. There is never a test of faith. You may ask if the person publicly proclaimed Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, but even that is not a requirement for participation in worship, study, and fellowship. If you are interested, you can contact Dr. Ask Google for more information.