What is useful design

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Which aspects can define "useful design"? In my work I try to get to the bottom of the question of the usefulness in design as an additional property. It should be shown to what extent useful design can actually be defined and which factors can have an influence. Useful design consists of several levels and so the concept of responsibility in terms of people and our environment is also part of it. In order to find possible answers, I work on three areas: A possible definition of "useful design", the design history and requirements for "useful design". I would like to try to show a different perspective of industrial design and its usefulness, to pass on my own findings and thus stimulate thought. With regard to the current economic situation in 2009, the increasingly scarce resources and the problem of environmental pollution, my work will question your own behavior.

Author text
Claudia Kabosch, completed her Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design at the FHNW in Aarau. Her professional career includes positions as industrial and graphic designer at Neuzeit, packaging designer at Lindt & Spr√ľngli, artwork designer at BMC Switzerland and most recently as a designer at the Zurich advertising agency rosarot Ideennetz.