Which artist sang the song Hello Again

Hello again, Mr. Howard Carpendale

Shy start

Above all, "Elvis plays a big role in my life" said Howard Carpendale in an interview with SWR4. Even during his school days he played in several bands: "The Strangers" was the name of the first group he performed with. He had met her at a party and was persuaded to sing along to a song. However, since he was too shy to show himself to the audience, a long microphone cable bailed out and he sang from the bedroom next door. He later joined "The Kinsmen" and won several talent competitions making him "Durban's Latest Singing Sensation".

His first record, "She's a woman", was released in 1963 in South Africa. It was an original composition. A little later he brought out the track "Endless sleep" together with "The Kinsmen", which became a hit in South Africa.

A true sports fanatic

Upon graduation from high school, the military called and Howard Carpendale was drafted into the medical service. He soon gave up the business studies that his father had wanted and remembered his second passion, sport. As a boy, he developed into a real sportsman and even held the South African junior record for a short time in the shot put. In addition, boxing, rugby, tennis and especially cricket were his passions. His big dream was to become a famous cricketer. At the age of 18 he emigrated to England to make this happen.

Instead of cricket came "life sentence"

There a newspaper advertisement thwarted his plans: a beat band was looking for a singer for a European tour. Howard Carpendale answered and received the engagement. After a guest performance in Wuppertal, he took heart and contacted the Cologne-based record company Electrola. He introduced himself with a copy of his single "Endless sleep", which had already been played pretty well, and promptly received a record deal. Paul Kuhn took him under his wing and at the end of 1966 the first single ("Lebenslängen") was released.

The "beautiful girl" and the descent

With sequin embroidered shirts and light blonde bleached hair - in line with the trend of the day - he began to conquer the German hit market. After his victory at the German Schlager Competition in 1970 with "The beautiful girl from page 1", his record company euphorically signed a long-term contract with him. But suddenly sales stagnated. He kept himself afloat with Tingeln: "Between Flensburg and Lake Constance there was hardly a larger discotheque in which I did not smack my" beautiful girl "." In 1973 the record company advised him to voluntarily terminate the contract.

Songs from a single source bring success

In 1974 an all-important step followed: nobody but himself believed that he would be successful as a singer, composer and producer in personal union. With a whole series of successes, he convinced all doubters. Together with the musician and lyricist Joachim Horn-Bernges, hit after hit was created: "And I'm waiting for a sign", "Take the next train", "Then go", "It's about more" or "At night, if everything sleeps ", which the artist described as one of his personal favorite songs. The record company didn't want to hear anything about the termination of the contract.

"I felt like I had to renew myself"

The next development came at the end of the 1970s: Howard Carpendale began to give concerts, filled even the largest halls for years and proved to be an entertainer. In 2003 he announced his retirement from the music business, only to return four years later: the self-chosen retirement brought no fulfillment. He missed the stage: "Without fans, a career means nothing". Now he tends more and more to pop: "I had the feeling that I had to renew myself. There is good, new German music and I am happy that we are adapting to international music," he told SWR4 in an interview.

Recordings in the famous Abbey Road studios in London

He is currently looking back on a career that has spanned more than half a century. His latest coup are the re-recordings of some of his great hits with the renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The recordings for the albums "Symphony of my Life" took place in the London Abbey Road studios. He recorded a handful of the songs as duets and received support from, among others, Kerstin Ott or Sir Cliff Richard.

"The show of my life"

Howard Carpendale is also presenting a large stage production under the motto "The Show of My Life". The brilliant starting shot was fired some time ago in Berlin, where several sold-out performances have already taken place. "I would like to show the show all over Germany," said Howard Carpendale in an interview with SWR4. However, the corresponding tour is still a long time coming due to the corona pandemic. According to the current status of planning, it should continue in autumn 2021.

In the meantime, anyone interested can shorten the waiting time with a publication that leaves nothing to be desired. On the occasion of his 75th birthday, his record company has reissued his musical work as a complete package.

The "Gläserne 4" at the SWR4 Festival

Speaking of life's work - in 2004 Howard Carpendale was honored with an "Echo" for it. SWR4 Baden Württemberg recently awarded it the "Gläserne 4" for the same reason. "It's a great honor and I was very happy about it," commented Howard Carpendale on the award. However, it is not yet finished, because he said mischievously to the joy of many: "I am not finished yet".