Where can I learn Python OpenCV from

Anaconda3 + opencv-python3.2.0.7 + opencv-contrib-python3.2.0.7 installation configuration

Download Anacond

Download link:https://www.anaconda.com/download/

The path I downloaded is not drive c, it is drive d. Once installed, open Anaconda Promopt to install OpenCV and enter drive d first

Then enter the path of Anaconda you installed. My path is D: \ Anaconda3


Enter the script directory, which is the directory for the installation files

Pip then install opencv-python. Note that the opencv version here has some algorithms for extracting functions according to 3.4.2 which are listed as patents and cannot be used. Therefore, algorithms such as sifting, surfing, etc. are used to install an OpenCV Contrib Python version.

pip install opencv-python ==, I'm using version here and version can also be used.

First install opencv-python. Do not open the IDE environment for testing. Test them on the command line first.

cd .. Quit scripts, enter python, enter the python interpreter, enter import cv2 and test. If no error occurs, type cv2 .__ version__ (note that there are two underscores before and after the version) and the version will be printed at this point. Exit the compiler after exit ()

Next, install opencv-contrib-python

First CD scripts in the installation directory

Same pip installation opencv-contrib-python ==

At this point opencv has been fully installed, everything is fine!

The same goes for other toolkits.