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Why does losing weight take so long?

Sometimes we just look at a piece of cake and whack, we have 1 kilo more on our hips. But why does it take so long to lose weight? We answer you the question of all questions.

Lose weight successfully

In order to lose weight successfully and in the long term, you need one thing above all - patience. Starving yourself a few kilos quickly, which, thanks to the yo-yo effect, you have twice or three times on your hips again after a few weeks, unfortunately does not bring you anything.

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3 reasons why losing weight takes so long

1. Moderate calorie deficit

If you want to lose weight in the long term, then this is one moderate calorie deficit inevitable. For your body, too high a deficit means that you are currently in an emergency and therefore switches to Economy mode. Then all the calories in the diet are stubbornly stored. So even though you eat little do you not lose weight at some point. Amaximum calorie deficit of 500 kcal per day you should therefore not exceed.

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2. The yo-yo effect

The reason for the yo-yo effect is that your body after phases of a too high calorie deficitwho want to regain lost weight quickly. Especially when we are dieting forbid many things, at some point we develop real ones Cravings on sweet or greasy things and often cannot stop us when eating. The crash diet is followed quickly by a phase of overcaloric diet and thus the Weight gain. Here, too, our tip is again: Better to stick to it moderate deficit from 200-500 kcal daily.

3. It's a process

At the beginning of any diet, the pounds drop quickly and at some point the weight stagnates. The reason for this: A diet usually works with one low-carbohydrate diet hand in hand. Carbohydrates bind water in your body. 1g of carbohydrates binds up to 4g of water. If you cut your carbs, your body will also lose some water. After a while, however, this effect will disappear and yours Weight can stagnate. Let yourself go don't demotivate. If you keep doing it, you will also lose body fat.

How can you lose weigt in a small amount of time?

Losing weight quickly and losing weight over the long term is a different pair of shoes. If you lose weight quickly, you can usually get the kilos back on just as quickly. With a healthy and balanced diet are you on the right path to yours Feel-good figure. A regular exercise is also important in losing weight, because exercise also burns calories. You can burn up to 200 kcal in 20 minutes of jogging. Your built-up muscles also ensure that everything looks taut.

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Find motivation to lose weight

So that you don't fall back into old patterns immediately after the first few weeks and your successes are blown away, it is important to understand fixed goal to put. Think carefully about What you want to achieve and in what period. Document your Progress regularly. 9 more valuable tips how to stay motivated, you will find out in our Expert interview with Zimo Tam.


Gaining weight is quick, but losing weight always takes a long time. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that carbohydrates bind water, which makes us heavier. You can find out more facts about losing weight in our infographic:

Our conclusion

A moderate calorie deficit and regular exercise ensure the long term Weight loss success. Too high a calorie deficit initially leads to rapid weight loss, but it risks that Jojo effect. The weight you lost then lands back on your hips faster than expected.

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