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1 D a # demon wreath Konstanz presents: Thorwal Standard No. 13 6.8 0 DM / 3.50 EUA foreign price: Kleingüldenland 3.50 pounds, Großferngüldenland 6 $, Po # tehernen # chwertzien (only Devi # en), We # tlicher Zwergbergstaat 9.00 S Fri, Ö # tlicher Zwergberg # taat 65 Ö S, Fro # chland 33 FF, Gurkland 9.50 Gulden, Öreländer 40 Kronen, Cae # arien 9500 L, 13 unnamed extra pages: The adventure "The child of the sun" Article: Like cat and dog Focus: Thorwal burns Thorwal- scenario Aman t hallas 2nd part

2 The Thorwal Standard CD-ROM From the content: Thorwal Standard - the Fanzine (almost) All texts from the out of print issues 1-9 picture collection from and about the TS (Jens Haller, Stefan Trautmann around) Aventurian stories In addition to some stories from Christel Sheja you will mainly find previously unpublished stories by Michelle and me: From the Lives of Two Noble People 'Encyclopaedia Arcania Fol. I .: THE MAGIC LIBRARY The ultimate collection of Peter Diehn and Anton Weste (previously unpublished) Four exclusive audio tracks from Black Barden (Matz von Zedlitz) These four songs are exclusively on this CD and not on his own CD: Alrik the Smith (live version), Das Grabberger Lullaby, Shemir (about the adventure in TS 10) and a ballad about the King of the Swords Raidri You will also find the description of Eskenderun by Michael Hasenöhrl and more on this CD. The CD-ROM is available for DM 14.80 including postage from us directly or in the fantasy compartment trade.

3 Dear Readers, The TS finished the unholy number almost on time. We are celebrating this little "anniversary" with anonymous extra pages. Not least because of the official adventure "Nameless Twilight" by Tom Finn, the opponent of the twelve is on the rise again. We were disappointed with the "food back" after TS 12. We don't explicitly call for letters to the editor and promptly you don't write anything more :-( People, a little more reaction is only beneficial to a regular publication. I received three letters because of it My remarks on the impact of the Internet on RPG. Thanks again to the writers, I have already replied to them. As you have already noticed in the previous issues, we are currently devoting ourselves more to Thorwal. We are interested in what you think of the current ones Developments? What would you like to read? More Thorwal regional descriptions, descriptions of places or more Thorwal stories or Thorwal newspaper reports? And again it will not work with the Friedland addition. Meanwhile, there are 2.5 adventures on this heap, but with Thorwal, the continuation of Udo and the focus on the nameless for a given occasion once again left no room for it - at the RatCon we will be present with a booth where you can meet us personally and give us your opinion on the TS. The TS 14 will appear at the DSA-Convent at Bilstein Castle at the end of November. Again we will focus on the current developments of Thorwal. What will the hjalding decide, what will the result of the convent of the swafnir devotees? In addition, the third part of the Amanthallas campaign will appear. A highlight is the publication of 3rd place in the Hannover Spielt 2000 adventure competition. Kolja Marold's adventure takes place in Svellttal and is a true masterpiece. For us he has revised it again. Incidentally, the winning adventure appears as a supplement to the Aventurian Messenger. Your R agnar Content: Imprint p. 5 Thorwal letter game p. 6 Thorwal Standard Aman t hallas p. 7 Thorwalsche regions by Torben Leutenantsmeyer p. 23 Master information and maps on the current development in Thorwal p. 25 The return scenario by Paddy Fritz S part : The triple tower by Udo Kaiser p. 39 Der (Wahre) Bote p. 51 Mercenaries today p. 53 Rommilyser r Landrufer ufer p. 56 THE CHILD OF THE SO N NE Adventure by Michelle Schwefel p. 59 Like cats and dogs from Michelle Schwefel p. 81 Aventurian songs p. 82 News from Limbus: (At this point we will regularly report news from the TS site, articles that for various reasons are not included in the booklet) This Thorwal part is more extensive than ever, the original reports from the Thorwal letter role play were even more detailed than printed here. If you want to read more, the original texts are available on our homepage. The Thor whale standard, which is good!

4 Letters to the Editor "I do not think that role-play sales are falling because of the Internet. Fantastic fantasy games are only in less demand in times, whose belief is called BECOMING REICH. The only thing that bothers me about Friedland is the name that carries the thoughts straight away from Aventuria ( why not, we say, Tsagrund?) (Would have been a nice name too, but Friedland should not only remind of the Friedlander, but also of the famous reception camp in Lower Saxony and the literal meaning was also very welcome to us) Rabid Thorwals in letters to the editor (they can write at all ;-). As a self-confessed Liebfelder, I nevertheless make the diagnosis: The real world of Horas has got stuck halfway to a meaningful state. Therapy: either back to an elegant, parliamentary kingdom with a dominant crown convention (why not in Kuslik?), or forward to a mystical-theocratic empire with two sceptres, Hora priesthood etc.? The True Messenger brought tears of laughter to my eyes this time - in other words, TS 12 is GOOD. Mercenary today: hearty, strong, keep it up. And songs are of course one of the strengths of the TS. Conclusion: a well-made, usable, competent edition of the TS! "Michael Hasenöhrl" Hello Thorwal Standard, as a reaction to the announcement to reduce the circulation, I would like to secure the next four editions (from number 13). I also prefer to have something printed in my hands. And I was pretty enthusiastic about number 12 (my first TS), even if it is only described as average in the review by Vinsalt. But that's how it works if you make high quality the standard. "(Finally someone who reads our" News "section on our homepage. Yes, it is difficult to inspire Mr. Matheuszik ;-)) Gudrun Wagner" There the TS lands in my mailbox and somehow I feel asked (?) to write a few lines. Thorwal's becoming a state - somehow contradicts my idea of ​​an empire of wild Northmen. Nevertheless, the Thorwal standard was successful, as was the adventure. Mercenaries today and the Rommilyser Landrufer - more of them. But one thing bothered me: the hand tube. Think I'm a fantasy purist, but I think guns are an anachronism in Aventuria. Well meant, but overall they destroy the image of a medieval archaic world, as I actually imagine DSA to be. Otherwise keep it up. "(We have not yet introduced the hand tube in our Aventuria, but in our Riesland campaign and it turned out quite well.) Uwe Gehrke Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 4" I would be very happy if you would give me me could send the manuscript for the incomplete third part of the Thalun story. Her adventures are all superb. On Her Majesty's behalf is one of the best DSA adventures (includes all official publications) I have ever mastered !! Keep it up !!! "(Yes, it is very regrettable that Eckart canceled his campaign in the middle, but unfortunately there is no way to change it. Thanks for the praise, I like reading that ;-)) Lars Zeschke

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6 Thorwal-Briefspiel A sea of ​​flames wherever you look. People cry out loud in agony, are burned to death while they are alive. Others are desperate to drag their loved ones out of burning houses. And in the light of the inferno on the western cliffs stand two figures, one short-haired, the other long-haired. Her words are hard to understand, so loud are the screams of horror from the Bodir and the winter harbor. Paddy, it's done. We made it! And how clever, Ragnar! We set Thorwal on fire and blamed the Horasians for it. Oh Divine Fire, oh Divine Power! And with the last words the long-haired man pulled out a lute and, with rhythmic head movements, elicited terrible discordant notes from the instrument, while half of the town of Thorwal was turned to ashes ... when it was said about a year and a half ago that a new letter game was supposed to tear the Thorwal region out of its dry sleep. Before that, the Thorwals had taken Kendrar from the Nostrians and founded a Jarltum around Enqui; and now half Thorwal burns down, the Nostrians get Kendrar back and the Horasians spread out in the north and annex Thorwal islands. How did this come about and who is the culprit who took Emperor Nero as his model? During my first Thorwal workshop together with Ragnar at the Fantasy Spielfest Rothenburg / OdT in July 1999, when they asked about a possible future, a participant spoke up and said, if you wanted, that Thorwal could be something like a state Should be, then the Thorwals would need a decisive event for them (possibly with the Horasians) similar to Pearl Harbor, so that they have a reason to move closer together. At the same time one would need a reason for the behavior of the Horasians. With these ideas and after consultation with the editors, we had a basic framework in place, but the motivation of the Horasians was still missing. At this point in time we received the request from some players to start a shopping trip to the south and possibly also to loot. After further agreements at the Spiel 99 in Essen, the robbery of Rahjakelch and Horasprinz as well as the raid on Drôl, designed by gamers, both prepared the ground for the attack of the Horasians on Thorwalschem area (which, by the way, was originally supposed to take place without conflagration) . Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 6 Shipyard Information from the Thorwal letter game When the news of the fire attack was announced to the Thorwal letter player in mid-February 2000 (coincidentally, shortly before that, the Breen attack on Earth and Starfleet HQ could be seen on SAT1 watch), the Thorwal's calm was finally over. I received feedback and suggestions from almost all of the other players as to how the Thorwals intended to react to the events; At peak times I received 20 s a day, which meant that my provider had temporarily deleted my access data (thanks, T-Offline). Thus the battle for Kendrar, the two days of Thorwal, the conquest of Gandar and, last but not least, the battle before Lassir were partly or completely devised and written by players; and this also became part of the official Aventuria with the appearance of the Aventurian Messenger 84. At this point, thanks also go to Jörg Raddatz, Thomas Römer and Karl-Heinz Witzko for the good cooperation as well as Volkmar Rösner, Christian Pachta, Jan P. Wagner and Torben Leutenantsmeyer for the help with the internal coordination. Most of the thanks go, of course, to all the players who contributed enthusiastically to this piece of Aventuria and who made the Thorwal part of this TS with their articles and stories the most extensive so far. THANKS!!! The next event is the Herbsthjalding 30 Hal, the course of which will also be played out in the letter game and can be read in the next TS; there will also be Thorwal's actions against the Horasians, but what form they are and whether the Tronde unleashed the dogs of war, as many are now demanding, will of course not yet be revealed for reasons of tension. However, it can be revealed that the 50th player has now dropped his Ottajara in the letter game Ottajasko and the dragon ship is now fully occupied, i.e. at the moment we are unfortunately not accepting any new players for organizational reasons. But I can assure all souls who have been disappointed that we will inform you here when the opportunity to participate is given again. The address for the Thorwal letter game: Im Vogelsang 18, Bedburg Forum: Patrick Paddy Fritz

7 Thorwal Standard fatherly, K rieger isch, tradition-conscious, gripping, treu, brave Hal PRA 30 Hal, 17th year Prices: 1 pc, 1 shilling, 2 groschen, 0.1 dwarf thaler, 1 dinar, 0 , 1 amazon crown, 1 shrunken head Rac ache for Thorwal !!! So long # on the whole extent of the catastrophe # visible that the cowardly Hora # ier have brought upon us. Help # ready # can be found everywhere: Somebody takes care of the orphans here, the homeless there, others push ahead with the clean-up work. Tronde has withdrawn from consultation in order to initiate countermeasures. In the meantime, first eyewitness reports have been received. Thorwal burns! Eyewitness report of Ronja Scar Chest When the Horasians anchored in the mouth of the Bodirm on the 12th of Praios to make their cheeky demands, most of us were unanimous: For Swafnir's sake Tronde shouldn't give in to the demands. Many foreign traders and visitors left the city of the free. A couple of locals also join them, mainly gypsies and children, but also a few toothless and timid memes. The mood among us Sturmkinder was #very good, we were ready to fight and wanted to beat the Liebfelder all the way back to their homeland. We regretted that all the ships on the Ottajasko were on their way. Among other things, our Hetmann Cern Ragnars # on was with the Walwut at Lervik to establish new trade relations with the breakwaters and to help them rebuild and the storm wind was on Hjalland, where #ie get a new snot from Thies # on & Grupp # ought. So # a lot of battle-hardened people weren't at home. The weapons were distributed from the armory and we could hardly be stopped. We # should # gather at some # strategically # good # points in the city, #o z. B. at the Swafnir temple, to give the Horasi # chen wimp a warm welcome. T ronde had everything good (continued on page 9) Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 7

8 News standard W a # really happened report from the hetman Tjore Elengarson Swafnir for greetings, Tronde. You have already heard a lot about our little shopping trip. Actually, that's not an exciting thing at all. But before you get to hear a few more false stories, I will tell you about the trip to the south. Then you can # see that we haven't done anything unusual. You have already heard of our first meeting in front of Kendrar with two No # Triani cogs. Olgerda started Zoff immediately.But I don't need to # say much about that, # after all, we have sent you a loot cog with wood for your fleet. In the event of a small incident with pirates on the Cyclops I n # eln, we then hijacked their Thalukke and then moved on to Neetha. The Frenjar can tell you more about Neetha. Finally we got to Drôl, where our shopping trip reached a certain climax. But #chongald also talked about our short stay in Drôl. Olgerda and the Schlangentod-Otta wanted to plunder from there to Mengbilla and a silk caravan or #o. What a stupid I dee. T he Swafnir's Flo ## e, the re # t of us had finally had enough of Olgerda's going it alone, and so we decided to go back to sailing. On the return journey from Drôl via Methumis along the coast, our small Thorwal fleet finally drove into the port of Belhankas one morning. The trip has been quiet and uneventful since the little quarrel and the dipping trade (correspondence against loot) with the Drôler losers. Al # o # I # were already looking forward to a trip ashore with a little variety and entertainment. It was also important to replenish the dwindling stocks of beer and schnapps. Finally, we hetmen decided to turn our backs on the inhospitable city the next morning after the Horas chasers had spoiled a peaceful game on the streets for us. By then we had bought everything we needed and had made some good deals. Thereupon only the last preparations were made. Thies R agnarson Condition: Hit enough and get the last members of the family out of town who had their arms full of souvenirs. Then in the morning we set out again for Thorwal. The re # t of the journey was pretty uneventful. Foreign ships gave us a wide berth, and the inhabitants of small coastal towns had the ancient urge to wander inland as soon as # they recognized our small fleet as Thorwal # ch. In addition, we taught the atmascott how to drink, and the members of the drunkard Otta have become real friends of the human being. We got along pretty well with #me, except for Olgerda's stupid troop, who #me had separated from our community. Al # o you # ieh # t, the # e journey was relatively harmless. In any case, we cannot be accused of having provoked a lot of trouble with the powder coats. Only with the Olgerda we still have a chicken to pick. And from # so much talk I have now got a # wafnirgood thirst. Raise your drinking horns! The well-being! H jalding postponed Because of the recent events, Tronde has postponed the next autumn Hjalding to the last week in the moon Boron. Everyone may help to ensure that the # e message is carried to all parts of Thorwal. Tronde # said literally: "The cowardly attack on Thorwal has shown us #painfully our weakness. Now we have to draw the necessary conclusions to #be prepared for the future. There must be no repetition of the events Give Hjaldingard! We will show the Canterers their limits! But we must not split our forces, I was before the Hjalding before individual actions! " Swafnir sends a vision A meeting of all S wafnir devotees convened in Thorwal The high priest Bridgera Karvolmfara, who has since returned, declared that Swafnir gave her a vision a few days after the fire. She did not want to disclose details yet, as all Swafnirpri # ters would have to be informed first and had to advise about the confluences. That is why #ie has called all consecrated people to a big meeting in Thorwal for the last week at Travia-Mond. In addition to questions of faith, it should also be about very practical questions such as the construction of the destroyed hall of Swafnir. "Do not despair, my children. I am with you and you are with me!" i # t the message of Swafnir, #o B ridgera. Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 8

9 Standard R eport Thorwal is burning! Continuation from page 1 organized. The war songs from our Jolskrimi sounded loud that evening. The 13th Praios promised it would be a good day for a fight. With 30 people I made my way to the assembly point. The whole of Thorwal was on the B one that morning. We had not yet reached the ferry route when, without any warning, a shower of flames descended on our beloved city. From their ships the canteri # chen ha #feefe # cho ## be # cho ## our town from a safe distance. In addition to normal stone balls, the rats also eat tons of large, filled clay balls. Where # they hit #, they burst # fire # peeking. Hylailer fire called someone in fear. The proud old force returned the gunshot, but the guns of Old Ugdalf were soon defeated by the attacker's fire. One of the first destinations was the An # ir Arils # ons shipyard. Oily, #black, #dinking clouds of smoke and flames many steps high heralded the horasi's hits. We were pretty much the first to arrive for the fire, but we couldn't do anything about the violence of the fire. Like burning, demonic skeletons, the new dragon ships, as well as the shipyard facilities, were already destroyed. Flames literally hit the sky and set other buildings in flames. And the hail of fire went on and on: The cranes in the commercial harbor were hit #heavy and went up in blazing flames, just like the ships and warehouses. Dozens of Ge # cho ## e descended over the city gate at the ferry station, as well as over the station of the B eilunker horsemen. Continuous horses pounded through the streets, where they soon lost in the throng of desperate people who tried to save their belongings from the burning houses. Greedily #I ate the flames from house to house. There was an unbelievable mess. A lot of people are tempted to defy the murderous heat, pouring bucket after bucket of wa ## into the flames. But instead of ticking the fire, everything got worse, it # seemed as if Efferd's element caught fire. Fiery fountains shot up, igniting what was not yet burning and injuring those who tried to contain the disaster. Like demon hands, the flames grabbed the hair and clothes of the helpers and turned them into living torches. They screamed out loud with unbelievable pain, fear and horror. Walls and walls were torn down to prevent the flames from spreading to other buildings. But when the burning houses in #me # rushed # to # wet #, glowing splinters of wood # and sparks raged in all directions and destroyed all efforts to contain the fire. Suddenly the call rang out: Un # er Otta # kin is burning! The thoughts raged in my head. My sons! Others fared exactly # o. Hardly looking to the right or left, I ran; out of the corner of my eye I saw that the dyer's quarter was ablaze. At a glance, the devastation in our Otta # kin could not be seen at all. Ironically, it was blazing in the densely built-up southern part! Tongues of flame licked up the beams of our tavern. I shouted a few short commands, but they were lost in the pra ## el in the flames and kept going. Loud wailing could be heard everywhere. I glowed with anger at the orgy of destruction! Further south, where most of the Jolskrimi were blazing brightly in flames, I found my eldest son, who was busy dragging wagons with ten runs of the gods. With great effort, our children and old people try to master the flames. Immediately I joined them and helped as much as I could, but the roof of the Jolskrim crumbled away in the middle, glowing tiles slid into the interior and only a few moments # later # the roof crashed afterwards with a crash. The tormented screams of men penetrated through the noise. Some bravely tried to #ch a hole in the back wall of the nave in order to #chlo ## en # create an escape gate, but in vain. Before #you could penetrate, #I tilted the wall and # collapsed, burying the people under #me. Other Jolskrimi also blazed brightly. In one of them you could make out the shadows of locked men ### in the fire, the fire ran down the walls like a viscous liquid and blocked their way outwards. Their desperate cries rang in our ears and hearts. We were helpless! To prevent the sea of ​​flames from spreading further, we continued to work feverishly, barely noticing the countless burns in the enormous heat. Although all the roofs of the storm children were made of the legendary incombustible holm oak, they were seized by the cursed fire oil and no longer allowed to be perforated by the water! He # t, when we smothered the flames with sand, we managed to get on top of the situation. I had not yet heard of my two younger sons. No one I asked in this mess knew anything. Everywhere the particularly disgusting smell of burnt human willow hung in the air. To # ammen with the oily # drinking smoke he caused # strong nausea, # so that # I had to throw up a lot of people. A lot of horrific and heroic stories happened to me on that day in our city. So the mother of our hetman, the elderly Solva A # leifsdotter, ran into a Jolskrim that was already completely on fire several times and each time carried a child out. The fourth time she was buried by the falling house. We found her charred body next to the #hereditary remains of three toddlers. To my horror, I recognized my youngest among them. The storm wind came back from Hjalland late in the afternoon. They had the mighty ones there. The injured were lucky, he only got a few splinters Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 9

10 Standard R eport Clouds of smoke passed over Thorwal and, supported by three Hjallander ships, the K rakatauer, A ardbreeker and Hjalland # tolt # set off immediately. With combined forces we succeeded in putting the fires out for good. We were only able to recover corpses from the rubble. Some victims were ticking, others burned beyond recognition. So we found a completely charred couple that #me still held tightly #mothered in death. It was not possible for us to separate the two and neither could # say with certainty who was man and who was woman. From Jandasholm to the Kapitän-Kerlok Canal, Thorwal is nothing but a smoky rubble land. The bombardment by the horasi's bastards probably lasted only an hour, but the consequences are unimaginable! But one thing is certain, your outrageous crimes, Horas pigs, will not go unanswered! Our dead accuse you. And we will #one their avengers! But incredible anger overcame me when, to make matters worse, I had to find out that the wicked Hormas idolaters had not shrunk from destroying the temple of Swafnir, the heart of our city, the soul of our lives. Eyewitnesses to that nameless iniquity swore that the flames were blue and green and that the beams would have groaned like the whale when the hated whaler's spear hit him. Woe to you who did this to us and to Swafnir. As that wasn’t # bad enough, the pool was also the main focal point of the Thorwal defenders and # o there were an awful lot of deaths here. Floors also went down above the market hall, which burned down completely in spite of eager attempts at extinguishments, just like the T # a temple and also the gun turret of the warrior academy fell victim to the flames. Some of the warehouses at the port seemed to explode under the attackers' attack, apparently liquor, oils or other flammable substances were being stored there. Large parts of the Orkendorf and the Färberviertel, the Stoerrebrandt office with the Bornland embassy and the two wooden drawbridges over the canal were also destroyed by the fire; likewise the harbor cranes, the arsenal, the magi # step of the city, the ferry station, # as well as the free speech and the trading port. The Phex temple was only slightly damaged and undoubtedly by a miracle the house of the benevolent Travia, an I n # el in the sea of ​​destruction, was left behind. Un # er Otta # kin, on the other hand, offers a picture of misery. Over a dozen Jolskrimi # are completely burned down, others # so far destroyed that it is questionable whether it is # worthwhile to # rebuild them. Many buildings were destroyed by flames, including the entire southern Pali # adenwall. From the captain of the storm wind, Torgun Ragnarson, I learned that all ships in Thorwal harbor were victims of the attack. Al # o i # t also burned our great knot. The smaller one was far back in the winter harbor and was luckily only slightly damaged. Unlike some of Tronde's new wind kites that were there to be rigged. What is most painful, however, is the loss of human life. So many who survived have suffered terrible wounds. For the # e we can only hope for Swafnir and Travia's blessings. Eyewitness account of the Alada-Alwine How #I played # everything? Well ..., al # o I work in the morning mist and of course I was there on that damn morning of the 13th Praios. I would have liked to leave the city, too, but Ghairazz B Laufell, who owns the morning fog, said that if the Liebfelder # should really attack, the thorwhal ax swingers would show it to them. He was expecting a big victory binge and wanted us to do everything for it. Suddenly there was noise from outside. He # t was a whistle, followed by a hum, not # o loud, but then again and again. I slipped into my clothes quickly and ran to the front door. Downstairs, in front of the harbor, the Liebfeld ships and # cho ## en were always bullets on the city; #black smoke clouds # rose up. Further ahead, on the B odir, a warehouse was burning and columns of fire soon flared up all over the city. The orc awake ran over with some # of a people. They probably wanted to punch holes, but where the cho # s hit, the walls shattered and the group was hit by falling beams, splinters of wood and stone. Two #s no longer existed. Julinka and Nada, who # I had hidden under the table in the taproom, shouted, I # should come back in, I # I # inside # safer, but I stayed rooted in the door. The one burning warehouse had now become half a dozen. Perhaps they were also boats #chuppen that were on fire. Anyway, #I spread the fire #fast. It reminded me of a voracious, wild animal, or of a hayhorse swarm in my home country, which attacks a ready-to-harvest cornfield. There were only simple wooden huts and houses in the orc village that burned like tinder! I got #very hot, the smoke made my eyes water and I could hardly breathe, # so that I # had to watch # all the time. The smoke darkened the sky. Suddenly #I Nada pushed past me and shouted, I #to run away. But wherever I # looked: there was fire and smoke everywhere. It was horrible! Fearfully I pressed myself closer to the door frame when suddenly a hairy arm grabbed me around the middle and dragged me away from the house. Not a moment too late, because burning wooden bricks down on the outside, just where I was just now. I hadn't noticed that the morning mist had already caught fire. Blaufell # threw me away and probably wanted to save poor Julinka too, when it cracked loudly in the beams and the roof collapsed. He could just jump aside, a real rain of sparks and smoldering wood shattered down on us. I stared at the sea of ​​flames that had been my home, expected Julinka to stagger out of the flames, but nothing happened. Guess my thoughts. Who could I turn to? I just wanted to get away from the cursed ships and the terrible fire! Blaufell #chrie "M arktplatz", the re # t was not to be understood in the pra ## eln of the flames. He pushed me forward and I started running, between burning sheds and houses, I jumped over blazing beams and glowing logs. I always had to stop because I couldn't breathe. My hair and skirt started to #chwelen. The whole skin on my body hurt unbelievably, my arms were deep red, probably because of the heat, my feet and bones got blushed. I kept getting cramps and because my eyes kept watering, I had difficulty seeing anything at all. It felt like an eternity before I finally reached the marketplace, but here too many buildings were shrouded in high flames.The Swafnirtempel and the market hall were blazing, just like the bridge over the canal and many market stalls. I always see horrible half-charred corpses. Only the Travia temple # seemed unappreciated. Al # o I ran there, as did a few other people, to # seek protection. Once inside, I learned that some Brandge # cho ## e fell near the holy place, but none hit the temple # elb # t. For my salvation I offered the heartfelt thanksgiving prayer of my life. Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 10

11 R ort of H jallander Skaldin W alpurga T orben # dottir S tandard- R eport Die Sturmkinder- Otta has been # since the beginning of Praios here in Ljasdahl, where Thinmar & Grupp was to install a new guard. It must have been #the tenth hour when the alarm horn sounded from Ljasdahl and as we look #o there, we see a #narrow, fine column of smoke in the blue in the sky in the direction of S ijdan Heaven on # climb. But it was far away, still behind the woods. We thought that something was happening in the village of grief and we all ran from the harbor to the market square, where Thurgan was trying to bring some calm to the excited crowd. We could breathe a sigh of relief when he announced that the fire did not break out on the island but on the southern coast of the Gulf. But then it hit us like a blow, because if the fire can be seen #o a distance, then # there is more than just a heap in flames! The lookout from the harbor tower soon reported that the smoke was getting thicker and fatter and you could see the flag # already from the city, # high # the smoke rose. For the storm children there was of course no stopping them and # they ran onto their ship and wanted to throw the half-built-in protection over the board just to be # quick clear # chiff. Our people were finally able to help them to lash the bulky frame properly, while the whole of Ljasdahl was busy with preparations. The Haitauer was just gone, but the Krakatauer was manned and the Aardbreeker and # even the good old Hjalland # tolt # dragged #ie into the water. Others brought tools and buckets of whatever #o needs to be punched and the old Branda Sturmtrutz hurried over, supported by # a two boys who carried # a healer # ach. And #o we broke up after barely three quarters of an hour after the first clouds of smoke were raised, and immediately hung every scrap of cloth in the wind. Doll wasn't the breeze. The Krakatauer and the Aardbreeker #are #fast ships, but we had to hang on to the ropes to keep the storm wind in the Kielwa ## er. The good-natured Hjalland # tolt soon fell far behind. When we were around Hjalland, we clearly had the # e thick, #black smoke #pillar in front of our eyes, which #me, pulled inland by the wind, was still stretching high into the sky and like the slanting finger of a huge one Demons scoff at the city. The wind is never good for a trip to Thorwal here in the Gulf, but even the stupid clod catcher was able to figure out how it had to work with such a pillar of smoke in the city and we grabbed it then soon all rather impatiently in the belt to accelerate the journey. Nevertheless, we reached Thorwal at the end of the third hour in the afternoon. The column of smoke had already become weaker. But none of us believed that the reason to #hunt #ei that you had the fire under control rather he had probably run out of food! When we drove into the mouth of the sea, we were amazed to see how few ships were here. But immediately, to our sheer horror, we had to announce that there must have been more ships here than we thought most of them were lying in the harbor as charred wrecks! We couldn't get into the harbor at all because two wrecks blocked the entrance. Al # o we drove on to the commercial port. Here, too, we had to carefully find a way between some wrecks to the quay. The storm children #I didn't stay here long, #rather, they immediately rowed further upstream to the Freireede opposite, which only consisted of # smoldering ruins. Oh, what a horrific sight #I presented to us! The entire urban area from the Kapitän-Kerlok Canal to the Jandasholm was just a single, smoking, rubble wilderness through which soot-blackened figures wandered, screaming in pain, the burned skin hanging down in rags the size of a palm. Others rummaged in the glowing area and kept calling out the names of their relatives. Here and there small fires kept flaring. We met Thorwals, dwarfs, yes #even orcs, who desperately, but with no hope in their tired eyes, exhausted until they drop, the few wooden houses that have remained unchallenged before the attacks of the constantly flaring fires #te to preserve. They were a gruesome sight, covered with a smear of greasy soot, sweat and wa ## er, blazes on their faces, hands and arms; Head hair, beards and furs constricted by the fire. We quickly grabbed our tools and lined up without saying much to save what could still be saved. It was strange #till when the #e city # on # t #o was buzzing full of joie de vivre. Hardly a loud word drowned out the prawns and cracks of the flames. Even the pain and lamentation of the victims sounded thin and hollow in the wind. Above everything was the horrible, disgusting smell that I will probably never forget. The smell of burnt flesh from the corpses, some of which were still burning in front of me, and the heavy, oily mist that makes your head completely confused. Someone next to me mumbled that it was the smell of the Hylailer fire. It took us until late at night to put out the last fires. We could only kill the flames with sand. But at some point, finally, I was able to scoop the fire-fighting teams to death somewhere. Many of them had inhaled too much of the smoke and looked miserable. Since I know a little about healing, I now # tried to help the injured. I also met our old B randa again, who did # one possible # t. I had big tears in my eyes. In the course of almost three decades he had ## mend many of us again after some fights, but he has never seen # such a bad thing either. I tried to help wherever possible, but many of the injured had terrible burn wounds. I kept hearing the words Hylailer Feuer and #o lang # on Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 11

In 12 standard reports, it dawned on me that this had not been a normal conflagration. With all the desperate extinguishing work, I haven't had the time to even think about what might have been the trigger. To my astonishment, the foreign town to the left of the canal had hardly any fire damage except for the port facilities, which would probably be mainly due to the way someone explained to me with deep anger in my voice that I was the messenger here #children of other states are located, with which one probably didn't want to spoil it. Only the Stoerrebrandt office, which is also the embassy of Bornland, burned to the ground. The Windzwinger-Ottaskin also got a good share and also the Sturmkinder-Ottaskin, which is pretty close to the shore, is badly damaged. The poor # are really in a bad way, where a few generations ago their Ottaskin was a victim of flames in Prem and now # again. The Garalds # ons, on the other hand, were very lucky, their Ottaskin is too far back for the Ge # cho ## en to reach. But #you have #tucked #painful losses on people, #both by the bombing of the Swafnirtempel, as well as by the subsequent erasure work. The same applies to the Ottaskin of the het people, which is also too far from the harbor and on top of the cliff. But here too there are losses among the residents, and Tronde also suffered burn wounds. The warrior academy in Old Ugdalf was also hit hard. The two guns fired bravely at the overpowering opponent and also scored a few hits until they were silenced by several fire oil bullets. In addition to the gun crews, the two dwarf gunmen were also killed, which particularly upsets the Thorwaler dwarfs. I # slept not much into the night, # always woke up from nightmares. The slight moans of the wounded and the smell of burnt flesh still do not want to fade from my mind. Early the next morning, as soon as the sun was looking over the horizon, I climbed up to Old Ugdalf to get an overview of the full extent of the destruction and I pleaded to come to an agreement others there who had the same thought. By all gods! We # were not ashamed of the tears that were dripping hot down our cheeks when we # saw how happy the # e one # t #o happy city was! In the canal some mutilated corpses of people swam, who already tried to boat wounded people past the burning bridges during the beechu ##. Some of them were literally shredded by the Horasi #ch guns. During the night some of our people had laid planks on the rubble of the drawbridges, # so that one could again cross the canal at least on foot and no longer had to cross each wounded person individually in a boat. So the recovery work was now also carried out by hand. In the meantime, more helpers arrived from the country. They had heard that Thorwal had been occupied and came to free it again. So # they could # at least help to free it from the rubble. Corpses were recovered from the rubble all day long, there were probably more than three hundred. At least the same number, however, is burned to the point. You will probably never find out exact numbers. Also, many of the countless, # heavily burned victims will begin their last journey in the next few days, which will relieve very few of their inhumane torments ... The charred corpses # we paddled on an Otta that was still able to swim, all day long, and probably no one will ever be able to forget the sight in which buttocks we found individual burned people who tell of the untold pain whom # they # died. By the evening we probably had # all the corpses together and #o # ammelten # all the survivors and helpers at the port to # send the Otta on the last voyage. With a deep, fervent prayer we # pushed the ship into the river and as it drifted on, others from the pier threw their torches into it. The # e found food #quickly and #o #tand it # already in bright flames when it drifted past the soot # blackened Ugdalf directly into the deep red sunset. It was #o #till among the residents that the crawling of the seagulls rang like demons screams in our ears. But here and there vows were sworn by a fountain that the air seemed to shake and the water seemed to simmer. Now it is night again, our ships are fully equipped and loaded with weapons and ammunition. We'll set off soon. None of us who do not # constantly # see the # terrible pictures of the past two days # when we # close our eyes. Our word as pledge, we will take terrible vengeance! The Ottajasko of the wave towers invite all brave fighters who consider #I to be # strong enough to compete against each other to take part in the #em tournament! The most important; the entire profit will benefit the fire victims in Thorwal !!! Voluntary donations are also very welcome and will be given to the people in Thorwal without exception. After the tournament we will go with our two Ottas to deliver the money personally. Everyone is invited to the ride! And as a sign of our loyalty to Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 12, we will be there for the 1st Thorwalsch tournament at O ​​rkin and will help with the reconstruction. Thorkill Gairson, Hetmann der Wellen # Türmer If you are interested in participating, please send your heroes or Ottas with a stamped envelope along with 3 DM for the first and 1 DM for the second (all others are free) by September 15 to the following Address: Dominik Hartmann, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 24, Beltershausen You can get a detailed overview of the competitions at. (Or send a prepaid envelope)

13 News standard N ew # from the reconstruction From all sides, helpers are still pouring in to promote the reconstruction of our #heavy #hound town. Ha # gar Tildas # on issued a clear order that the construction of the public buildings, such as the Magi # step and the armory, should take a back seat to the construction of the drawbridges over the Kapitän-Kerlok Canal and of the living space, So that everyone has a roof over their heads again by the onset of winter: We all have to back up a little now and we can do that little bit of magical stuff from the het people's Ottaskin, too well! Tronde, who is just recovering from his burns, explained that one of Ottajaskos will do what I can to rebuild and that I will not go on long journeys in the summer. Fortunately, a large part of the documents and files in the magistrate's cellar archives remained unreported, so that the files can be temporarily relocated to the het people's famous card index. A m o tta # kin of the het people meanwhile hang out search and leak lists, which are handed out to the seekers by a writer. F eiger attack Nothing weighs our fate against that of those unfortunate ones who witnessed the disaster of Thorwal or did not survive. Nevertheless, I want to tell you about the ge # chehni ## s that led to the downfall of #tolzen infiltritis. We Tjalfsporters drove, like # already countless times before, from Tjalfsport (approx. 50 miles south of Prem) over to Thorwal to pick up some important things and have a little fun - eat in Tjalfsport it is pretty quiet most of the time. When we #chippered over there and had just pa ## iert runin, I thought that they might be doing some kind of race or something. But when we got closer, we noticed straight away that there weren't any dragons coming at us, they were really fat pots with snot and allies and the Horas flag fluttered cheekily on the flag #t. I then suggested we take a little arc so that we don't have to get that close to the guys, but the Hetmann didn't want to know anything about it and has to steer straight to #ie ## en. "B angbüx", he said to me. We were about five ship lengths away when the first stones came flying. One of the brutes grabbed Asleif's B too, and Hjalske broke my arm when he jumped for cover. But what was worse was that the infiltritis got quite a bit and went down pretty quickly. When we were all in the water and swam, the attackers simply continued to control. We then tried to come to Runin, but when we arrived we were only 15 from the original 22. Katla Eilifdottir F eige Horasians also cover the P remer harbor For your Faithful report from B eorn Laskes # on, Hetmann der Sturm # peer- Otta Prem: It was the morning of the 14th Praios. I ate with my good buddy Thurbold, the hetmann of B ärenmut-Otta from Aryn, with us in the great hall. Thurbold had come by again with some #a boys and girls to pay a visit to Prem. Suddenly there was noise and shouting outside and we were informed that an association Horasians had been formed. We # piled out #immediately and # pawed down into the Dragon Bay. Indeed! Eight Horasi #che ships, four Schivonen or Karracken, # that is exactly what we couldn't see, and four smaller caravels ran bowline into Dragon Bay. Thurbold and I immediately thought that this couldn’t mean anything good, because when was the last time Horasians had been trained in front of Dragon Bay? I called #immediately my boys and girls to #ammen, and we then ran to #ammen with Thurbold and his people down to the harbor. There was already utter confusion there, the other Ottas were also busy manning their boats. And that with the usual morning mess in the harbor. Before we could do anything, however, the cowardly Horasians came close enough and opened fire on the boats lying in the harbor. Dozens of floors, the little plumes of smoke behind me, descended on us. Before we forgot, all our good Ottas were in flames, the harbor was shrouded in black smoke and filled with the screams of the wounded.When the smoke cleared again, the Horasians had already moved out of Dragon Bay. All the boats lying in the harbor had fallen victim to the flames. There was nothing left from our loyal Otta galley cracker. In addition to the boats, some buildings in the immediate vicinity of the harbor had burned down. The stronghold had also suffered. The actual city, however, had not been granted to the damned Horasians Swafnir #ei thanks. By evening we counted 77 dead and around 200 injured, most of them with severe burns. None of them got down from the boats #quickly enough. How many of them will survive the next few days is uncertain. Nostrians occupy Kendrar! Hetmann Eldgrimm had set up the Horasi #che fleet on the way to Thorwal and told them to try them out. Unfortunately #one Ottas didn't stand a chance against the #heavy ships of the cloth fritters. Eldgrimm's ship was also sunk (but he # elb # t survived). The useless No # trian wimps use the opportunity to occupy Kendrar. Immediately the storm children, Hjalländer and others set out to drive the No # trians out. Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 13

14 S tandard Conversation Social S tandard After the terrible incidents we managed to have a conversation with the new head of the warrior school at Thorwal, Klau # en Witzka # on: TS: Klau #en, es Some voices were loud saying that Tronde has challenged the horasical shooting of the city with his fire raft attack. K W: Whisked orc poop, that! The perfume bags would have started #o or #o with it. Just a little earlier. Tronde has done nothing more than # a damned duty and duty as top hetman and cursed to avert harm to the city and the population! From today's point of view, however, the endeavor was doomed to failure from the start, but afterwards you are always wiser! T S: How # o was the # e action doomed to failure from the start? And if this # o i # t, what should be done then? K W: Well, once the wig wearers woke us up, no matter how hard that may sound, with their pants down. Even if many honorable warriors will now #cream indignantly, #o we have so far ignored a progressive development that no longer has much to do with the thoracic virtues of personal strength in combat. The powder qua #ts currently have the unlimited opportunity to decide a fight for # me from a safe distance through sheer firepower. The struggle is reduced to a mere mechanical activity of tensioning, loading and operating a machine. I don't need warriors for that, memes are enough! What kind of a fight is that where you just press a lever, instead of standing face to face with your opponent with a bare blade. My Reverence Shaya, consecrated from the Thorwaler T R Avia Temple, announced that the house of the benevolent goddess of the hearth fire will continue to be open to anyone looking for shelter, even if it gets a little tight for a long time. The temple is currently very popular, which can be traced back to the miraculous preservation of the building by the Horasi # chen Brandge # cho ## e. The impacting balls of flame extinguished immediately without leaving anything more than a few soot stains. Furthermore, the Reverend announced that they would also be happy to accept other items such as food and clothing for the homeless. * * * First rumors are that the destroyed temple is being used by the church as an opportunity to close the temple in Thorwal completely. His Reverend Orian B elther, the director of the temple, has not yet been prepared to comment. The loss of the SW Afnir temple and the death of many antlers Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 14 Failed action against the Horasians TS: Uh, claws ... We were in failure ... KW: I ch White! Nonetheless, you # should ## deal with the previous story from time to time! Al # o, in retrospect, it couldn't work with the rafts for the following reasons: - They were improvised too much and, above all, too long and immobile. We should have taken a couple of #fast, manoeuvrable dinghies. - The chopstick wielders have the advantage over us that their agents have always been trained for combat and have much more experience in this field than our magicians, who have always set peaceful goals to me . Al # o the magical camouflage could # quickly be recognized as # such and then the rafts were too heavy to be able to avoid the ge # cho ##. NOW we know it and something like that doesn't happen to us again! T S: Should we only shoot #heavy #guns # in the future? K W: Oh no, Swafnir rule! But we # should expand our activities by a few possibilities to get our opponents back on the field, where we # always had the superiority: The personal fight with the ax in the hand and the white in the eye of the opponent in the Look! T S: Sorry, but that all sounds a bit to a Hjaldinger ... K W: Hochge # tochen? Hey little one Do you see the scars here? I don't have them because I tried to eat with me ## er and fork! I know what I'm talking about and it is about time I did that too! T S: Steal, thank you for the talk! News from the consecration hits the population deeply. At the moment two Hjallander consecrated people Swafgar Efferdi # on and M agda Jörgesdottir are in town for support. In a nationwide appeal, the consecrated have announced that ## they are asking for assistance in caring for the numerous believers. When he came, Thinmar Orm # on, the Swafnir consecrated Na # kheims, came to the rescue, followed by Leif Kieferbrecher and Swafnan Li # kolf # on from Tho ## and the wandering consecrated Kja # kar Korin # on. * * * From the holy house EF Ferds i # t to hear that the master of the fire, brother Goswyn #ich # was very pleased about the recovery of the fire victims quartered there, their injuries the efferdunlieb # ame element healed surprisingly well. Brother Go # wyn also announced that # a cookshop for the homeless is still open, and that due to the large number of people he still needs volunteers.

15 Thorwal Standard Fatherlandish, K rieger isch, T raditionconscious, Gripping, Treu, Brave Hal TRA 30 Hal, 17th year Prices: 1 pc, 1 shilling, 2 groschen, 0.1 dwarf thaler, 1 dinar, 0 , 1 amazon crown, 1 shrunken head fight for Kendrar Report of the Hjallander Skaldin W alpurga Torben # dottir Al # o, it was somehow something of an I mman game that was going on down there. In-out and back-to-back. But I'd rather start from the beginning: We #ind al # o set out from Thorwal on the 15th of Praios, the Sturmkinder with their ship and we Hjalländer with the K rakatauer and the Aardbreeker. We were around 200 people, the storm children, the windblowers, the clod breakers and also a few from Thorwal who, after the cowardly act of the Puderho # en-Pimperer, wanted to bend someone's back stern . The wind #tand good and #o we reached the beach in front of the wave breaker Otta #kin on the morning of the 16th, before sunrise. The storm children knew no hesitation and # put their keel on the sand # beach. We did the same and # piled up towards the Ottaskin. My heart jumped when I heard the cheers. When we reached the wall, we were relieved to see that the Otta #kin had not only remained undamaged, but had also been strengthened. Now a joyful re # marriage begins when the storm children greeted their people, above all Cern Ragnars # on, the Hetmann. Soon after, #I #o many of us pushed into the greatest war as possible !! Continued on page 17 Continued on page 20 Hor ora # ier occupy O lportststeine! After the horasi # chen murder burners Thorwal and Prem had to # am Quantity # cho ## en, #ie appeared on the 2nd Rondra in front of Gandar to continue their bloody work. After a two-day battle, all that was left of Goldshjolmr was smoking debris, and the Horasians began systematically to get the entire island into their drooling lips. What exactly is pa ## ied, the fi # cher Tevil Asleif # on au # Nidavik knows to tell; Tevil was the first to report the horasical fleet of deaths: [...] I saw the sails and asked myself, what do Liebfelder dealers want on the island? It seemed to me somehow strange, and then I just went back to give the manageress S wafnild R agnasdotter approval. Well, she wasn't particularly pleased, hadn't #slept the night because of the thunderstorm and #o, and then # said #ie, I'll beat you up if it's not important. In any case, I # told her about the ships, and then # she was wide awake. She # said that I # shouldn't move if I love my life, and then # she # I went to get dressed. In any case, we ran to the beach. Well, and then we # saw the Horasi # ships that were heading for Goldshjolmr. The Hetwoman said that there would be trouble, and we shouldn't hesitate to arm ourselves and rush to Goldshjolmr to warn the people. Yes, Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 15

16 News Standard Battle of Lassir The news hit us surprisingly during the meeting for the attack on Gandar. A lot of people still had a bumblebee after the extensive celebration of the day before, which of course continued until the early hours of the morning. Some of the pup heads' ships were on the way back from Gandar, # that was the message that reached us hetmen. In one fell swoop, everyone was wide awake, there was talk of a good opportunity, brutal action and retaliation. Gandar could wait a little longer. And # ou # cheh - I can no longer # say whether someone had expressed concern that we decided to strike. The last sleepers were quickly woken up, # some people needed a bucket of cold wa ## ers to wake up, then the ships were made ready to sail. Soon after, that morning on the 13th day of Efferdmond, our small fleet left the bay of La ## ir, heading for the Stutzer. I n #fast drive it went there, everyone wanted to be the first to # hammer # a steel into # a cowardly weight. Soon after, #they could also be made out. Five ships, #proud and big, which, when # they noticed us, were also heading for us. I n wide formation we moved towards the enemy, hooting loudly and swinging axes. But the Stutzer # seemed unimpressed by it and #you were already in combat formation. Soon after, # they used their damnable and cowardly long-range weapons. Countless Ge # cho ## e, some of them burning, descended on our dragons. Cries of pain and the cracking of wood could be heard. Such a dragon had also caught fire, including one of our storm dragon ships. Now some of the Olporter magicians who accompanied us began to work in a thick fog, in de ## en protection for the pup heads #difficult #ein #should aim at us. Efferd and Swafnir were gracious to us, because on the ship in front of us the Jurgas pride the storm # egler-Otta - I was probably # such a magician. So, together with my boys and girls, I managed to bring the Efferds Fau # t close to one of the Horasi # chen ships under the cover of the fog. Jurgas pride had also succeeded in doing this. Two more Ottas were also vaguely visible in the fog. One of them had been hit # seemingly # badly, while the other was also heading for our target. Later I learned that both dragons were also part of the Ottajasko der Sturmeggler. Now I recognized the name of the ship we were approaching. Nothing to be feared was written in large letters on the bow. Finally, in the thick fog that surrounded our ships and which had now also enveloped some of the fearless things, we succeeded in boarding the barracks. But the fart faces had obviously expected this, because we could hardly turn around when the first bolts were chopped off on us. Trondjar broke next to me, # badly hit, and even before I could take care of one, a bolt grabbed me on the shoulder. It was hardly any different for the Sturm #eveln. Cowards, like the Horasi # chen dogs # are, #ie #I did not dare to engage in honest hand-to-hand combat. B y Swafnir, we had no way of getting back at them. Many of our comrades were lying on deck # severely wounded, just # o many were probably dead. After all, we had no choice but to retreat. We benefited from the fact that we had succeeded in rendering one of the guns unusable by starting Hylailer fire. As a result, the Stutzer managers were briefly distracted. We quickly #shouldered our wounded and fallen the silk skirts #shouldn't get any of us into their cowardly fingers then it went back to the dragons. Together with A # leif Ra # kir # on von den Sturm # eglern and a few others, I covered the retreat, and we managed to split one or the other fool's head that # I dared to do after all. Truly, #o no one had presented the end of the sea battle to anyone, at Swafnir! But # true my name is Frenjar Tor # tor # on, the last word has not yet been spoken! We will avenge our brothers and sisters and our vengeance will be terrible, that probably !! R eport of the Hetman of the La ## irer Dragons, Frenjar Tor # tor # on Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 16

17 La ## ir. I n a bitter struggle, the bluebells and the mist dragons succeeded in wrestling the Despiona crew. The hetmen Thorondor S algar # on and Roar Eldgrim # on used new wind and weather magic from Olport for the first time. We piled up the eagle # t and put out their feathers one by one! Hetmann Eldgrim # on commented on the battle at the final feast, during which the beer tasted #chy because of the overall defeat. The men and women of the two Ottas fought bravely, each like an olport whale, which ultimately brought them the deserved victory over the Horasians, who once again served cowardly means like pomegranates and Hylailer fire. Hetmann Salgar # on said: The use of magic was crucial for us. It brought us the advantages we ultimately needed to win. Indeed, during the battle the wizards I skiral and Thjolgunn succeeded time and again in turning the hopeless situations for the better. However, nobody wanted to reveal how the managers intervened. Top secret, it was said everywhere, and # elb # t # on # t talkative boys referred to the oath they had taken. So it remains to be considered whether the arcane power should not be used more often in the future. The two hetmen at least declared that they wanted to continue on the new course. A final questioning of the members of both Ottas also showed that many of the magicians who had been sent on board of the two Ottas by the Olport Academy for purposes of experimentation now see with different eyes and fear decreased before the power of magic De # piona defeated New Hope through magic? News standard #ei. A way out for the battered Thorwal, because the fight against the Horasi # chen intruders will continue. Continued from page 15 "Battle for Kendrar" Jolskrim, to listen to the report of the Lange Eldgrimm. In a husky voice, he told us how on the morning of the 11th a bandage of nine Horasi # ships was formed off the coast of Kendrars. He had manned all three Ottas to see what they were doing here. A single ship pulled out of the bandage and covered the Ottas with stones. You #sank without even having come to boarding distance. At least the majority of the crews managed to get me to safety by jumping overboard. The survivors tried #I to bring the wounded ashore as well. There they had to see, exhausted and practically unarmed, that at the same time the troubled hearts from the country had used the opportunity to take control of the city from behind #set. Al # o they had no other option than to get through with the first refugees from Kendrar to the breakwaters Ottaskin and to wait in advance. However, the plateaus didn’t show any signs of crossing the Angra, but instead turned #inland for the next few days. So there was enough time here to strengthen the Otta # kin. The refugees were #changed further to the #safe north. Scouts reported that the No # trierpack occupied all the farms in the I ngvaller Marches and finally # even occupied the undefended Skardan.Fighting with stripped warriors had broken out in the town, but the guards have been reinforced since then, which made further explorations much easier. It goes without saying that Eldgrimm was now uneasily rolling the empty thin back and forth between his hands. Our Hetman Thurgan told what had happened in Thorwal and tears came to my eyes again. It was really #till afterwards, except for sobs and gnashing of teeth. But many fists clenched around the handles of the weapons and grim looks were everywhere. So much was now clear, the no # tri # chen flat cocks would not enjoy our city for long! Everyone agreed that we would take them back tomorrow morning. People were already pushing to get on the ships when # I Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 17

18 S tandard report at the #taute entrance. A woman of the storm children, who had lost her parents in the flames, #stood there as if #tigged and # stared into the flickering light of a Tranfunzel. Then #trich #ie with a decent movement through the layer of soot above the mirror and ran my fingers through the face, leaving #black soot on the forehead and cheeks. And now, as if waking up from a dream, #ie #I looked around, #ah questioning eyes directed at #I, # only spoke: Vengeance. Vengeance for Thorwal !, and left the house. There were many who did the same and smeared streaks of soot on their hard and disheveled faces. The four Ottas were lying with more than 250 warriors # already quite deep in the wa ## er, but also #o we reached the port # edge of Kendrar ## quickly, the old city walls straight, the reddish light of the morning again # beeped. We # put the ships on the beach and # jumped out, dragging a few young trees with us. First and foremost, the long Eldgrimm ran, #an ax wild, #swinging and rough, a hundredfold shout of the still # slumbering city: Revenge for Thorwal! The guards peering over the city wall in horror, quickly ducked their heads when next to them the first cutting teeth splintered chunks of plaster from the old bricks. The trunks used as battering rams quickly made the gate tremble while our hooks flew over the top of the wall and shortly afterwards the first of our people boarded over the battlements. Also, #I skilled climbers held firm at the tops of some tree trunks, while ten to twelve others now erected the #e on the wall in order to #o the #I # holding at the top towards the wall to lift. A little # later # I opened the gate leaves, which were already clearly battered, whereupon the re # piled up into the city, ready to knock everyone into the ground. But there was no resistance in the walls. Individual, sleepy soldiers did not even try to take up their weapons. We soon reached the north gate, through which other Thorwals looked at us from the outside, who were quickly recognized as residents of Elderbog and Svafdûn. The day before, they had unsuccessfully tried to tower the north gate. On the road to S ijdan to S alza we could still see the dust cloud of the glorious defenders, who were probably just reorganizing into a counter, as they always say #o # chön when #ie Fer # Give money ... Now that it was over #o # quickly and bloodlessly, we all felt somehow relieved, because truly, dead and injured we had gone enough in the last few days! For a long time, the first residents came out of their houses and greeted us timidly. Here and there residents took torn banners from the house walls with a flat plate on them and put them back neatly. When I asked someone what that might be, he replied a little embarrassed: Well, I don't know what dat would be good for again. Wool? See, yes, that dat has brought something after all these years! Actually, I should have pissed him off, but we were all # so happy about the easy win that I could only laugh about it, and he # joined in with relief. There were cheers everywhere, but from the town hall one suddenly heard fighting noises. Our Hakon Gundrid # on was nearby with a few friends and marched curiously on the town hall square. There #I fought two, not Thorwaler, #but No #trier, one dressed in a velvet doublet, the other wore a woolen robe. She just # sent the other into the dust, but did not let up, but eagerly followed up. Hakon finally stepped in between. The one who was still standing stopped and stared at Hakon in astonishment. Finally he picked up #I and replied: You can see that, my friend! I make it clear to the #em idiot what I think of his damned defense #trategy! - Friend? Hey where do we Know each other from? The strange robe-wearer smiled and stepped closer without paying any more attention to the whimpering man lying on the floor. Yeah, don't you know that anymore? We met back then in B annbaladin! B annba ..., yes right! Back then! Come here and let me give you a hug! Hakon was overjoyed to find an old friend here and the others were happy too. A friend of Hakon's and skin No # trier was fine! So he could hardly save me from expressions of friendship that were put down on my shoulders. Finally he got enough air to be able to # say: Friends, this has to be celebrated! Do you ever go to the holm oak, I'll just get my drinking horn #fast!! Winked at everyone again and wandered between rows of houses while the friends opened to the holm oak tavern. There were a lot of others there too, because the holm oak is really the best tavern in town. However, Hakon's friend Kutte kept waiting for #I until Hakon # finally asked, looking around restlessly: Did none of you go to see my friend? - How, Hakon, do you have a boyfriend? Hey, you, what # do you mean? I met him back then in B annbaladin! "Hakon, listen. B annbaladin is no place. That is a magic #pruch ..." This is how the deceit of the # pissy, nasty magician came to light. I had meanwhile made from the field. Eldgrimm took over his official duties again and the displaced residents moved back into their houses. The next morning we Hjalländer and Elderboger set out with over one hundred and fifty warriors in the I ngvaller Marches, in order to drive the real sails all back over the I ngval. Eldgrimm stayed behind with #people and the Svafduners to #meet repairs in town. However, the next week and a half were pretty boring. So we marched through the gently hilly area in beautiful summer weather, sent back a few notches here and there that I often wanted to set up on an abandoned yard, visit Skardan and finally I ngvalla, but #tets the northern armed forces were # already done with their famous regroupings. Except for blue feet and the cheering population, there was really nothing going on. Since our supplies were now running low, we decided to pay another short visit to the little village of Lyckmoor on the other side of the Igvalla and we built a few rafts to cross over. etting. However, there wasn't much going on here either, except that the population didn't cheer us #o. At least we were able to stock up on our supplies here and then set off again, right across the fairy tale. So we finally reached Kendrar again on the 28th of Praios, where until then I hadn't had any opposing troops again. But now it started to get really boring! Thorwal Standard No. 13, page 18