How can you live with AIDS

HIV positive - what now?

Thanks to HIV medication, one can live long and well with HIV today. Here you will find all the information about the first steps in life with HIV, advice and self-help. In addition to the medical aspects, it is also important to reduce social stigmatization and discrimination.

Thanks to the therapy, people with HIV have a good chance of a normal life expectancy with a good quality of life. In a nutshell: Today you can live well and for a long time with HIV. Even those diagnosed late have the best chance that the immune system will recover.

In any case, HIV cannot be transmitted in everyday life. Another good news: Under therapy, HIV can no longer be transmitted even during sex.

The advances in research over the past ten years have relieved people with HIV considerably, both physically and mentally. Very effective drugs enable most HIV-positive people to lead an almost normal life and prevent them from developing AIDS.

With a positive HIV test result, you may still have some questions. We will give you information about living with HIV and tell you where you can find support and advice.

First steps in living with HIV

Whether you suspected it or if it hits you out of the blue: An HIV-positive test result presents most people with new challenges and raises many questions. What now? What are the next steps? Do I have to take medication right away? How did this happen? Who am I talking to?

Information helps

On our website you will find all important and current information about living with HIV.

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Find a doctor

Good medical care is important for your health and wellbeing. Since the HIV medication according to the current state of development is taken for a lifetime and regular check-ups are part of it, doctors can become important companions in life with HIV. You should therefore look for a specialized practice as soon as possible where you can be examined by an HIV specialist in order to select a suitable therapy.

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It is important to start therapy as early as possible

People diagnosed with HIV usually don't have to worry about performance or life expectancy. The HIV infection is very treatable. Many of the drugs used have few side effects and only need to be taken once a day. This means that the therapy can usually be incorporated into everyday life without any problems.

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AIDS organizations are there for you

Competent consultation and you can find support in regional AIDS organizations. Nationwide Contact points can be found on our website at Here you can also download information material free of charge or order it at home.

If you've experienced discrimination, you don't have to accept it. The regional AIDS organizations and our contact point for HIV-related discrimination will help you to defend yourself.

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Support groups & community

Getting to know other people with HIV and exchanging ideas can help you to find your way around the new situation. You can find on-site offers for positive people or for connection with the regional AIDS organizations Support groups. In addition, we offer various, nationwide Events and positive meetings for people with HIV.

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The nationwide buddy project also mediates Buddieswho are HIV-positive themselves and volunteer to give advice on the first steps.

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