What makes Rihanna such a popular singer

Sex life - music during the shepherd's hour: Rihanna makes the most popular sex songs

Music during the shepherd's hour: Rihanna makes the most popular sex songs

An analysis of 300,000 songs in Spotify playlists shows which songs get men and women in the right mood.

"I could have sex with you all day" or "I'll let it rain". Does that turn you on? Perhaps not at first glance, but translate the phrases into English. "I'll make it rain on you" - sounds very different, doesn't it? If you believe an analysis of the British lingerie brand “Pour moi”, it is precisely such lyrics that should make you want more.

In order to filter out which songs Spotify users prefer to make love to, the company has analyzed over 300,000 songs in playlists with meaningful titles such as “sex playlist” or “baby-making”.

The lingerie company then used the results to create lists of the most popular “sexy” songs and performers. Among other things: "Songs for seduction", "Songs for sex" and "Top songs for masturbation". If you look at all of them, two names stand out again and again. The Weeknd and Rihanna.

The two performers are by far the most heard when it comes to sex. Although The Weeknd is not really a surprise, since he sings the title track from the hit movie "50 Shades of Gray".

Lascivious and erotic voices are popular

And which song is most heard during sex? Spoiler: it's not the “Magic Mike” song “Pony”. And that, although it is generally regarded as the sex song par excellence because of the stripper scene with the perfect beat. It is “only” in ninth place. In fact, the R-’n’-B song “All the time” by Jeremih is played the most. "I want it all the time" and "Make it to me as if you hate me" are the tamer lines of it. So it's understandable that this turns some people on.

But why do you even hear music during sex? «It is a carpet of noise that makes our thoughts quieter. The vibration penetrates our body and makes it easier for us to let go », says Nicole Strübin. The tantric sex therapist is convinced that music can create moods. It is not surprising that R’n’B is particularly fond of sex: "This music has a good rhythm for sexuality." Sex therapist Caren Quinte sees it the same way: “The voices are lascivious and erotic. That promotes lust and the sex then also adapts to the music. "

Both agree that music can be something complementary to sex that encourages pleasure. Is that the case with everyone? As the saying goes: trying is better than studying.

The most popular sex songs:

  • Jeremih - All the time
  • The Weeknd - Often
  • The Weeknd - Earned it
  • Jeremih - Birthday Sex
  • Trey Songz - Neighbors know my name
  • Bryson Tiller - Don't
  • The Weeknd - Wicked games
  • Trey Songz - Slow motion
  • Ginuwine - pony
  • The Weeknd - The hills
  • The Weeknd - Call out my name

The most popular singers for the Schäferstündchen:

  • The Weeknd
  • Trey Songz
  • Usher
  • Drake
  • Jeremih
  • Rihanna
  • Beyoncé
  • Miguel
  • Two feet