Which company supplies high quality spare parts

Good spare parts: cheap alternatives to expensive original parts!

Squeaky brakes, spongy steering, the washer pump on strike - the older the car gets, the more often there are technical ailments. And now you are faced with the difficult decision: do they really have to be expensive original parts or do cheaper replacement parts also have to be used? And what's the difference between the two anyway? Here you can find out:

Original spare parts

In the case of original spare parts, it depends on who is the manufacturer of the auto part installed in the original equipment. If the vehicle manufacturer also supplies the corresponding spare parts, it is an original part. Original parts are the most expensive, but also the safest way to repair your car.

Parts that were not manufactured by the original manufacturer, but can be proven to correspond to the original in every respect, are so-called "Ident parts". They are identical to the original part in terms of design and functionality, but can be sold under a different name. That is why ident parts are cheaper than original parts.

Replacement parts

Exchange parts are used parts that are comprehensively reconditioned. Broken components of, for example, an engine or an alternator are replaced with new parts and thus made to work again. Exchange parts are therefore a mixture of cheaper used parts and expensive original parts. Ultimately, they are a cheaper alternative to original parts.

When is it an expensive original part, when is it a cheaper replacement part?

If you have a younger vehicle, you are definitely on the safe side with original parts. They are a bit more expensive, but usually last the longest.

However, if you already know that you only want to drive your vehicle for two or three years, cheaper replacement parts are a great alternative. For many older vehicle models, sometimes only exchange parts are available as replacements.

Expensive isn't always best. Therefore our tip to you: if you are unsure about buying spare parts, get advice from a parts specialist. It will guide you safely through the jungle of spare parts!

What do you pay attention to when buying spare parts? Do you have any tips for others? Then leave us a comment! Until then: a well-exchanged trip!