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Second first name with Alissa:

24% of parents opted for a first name combination - their child has at least one other first name besides Alissa.

In about three quarters of all cases, Alissa is at the beginning of a first name combination.

In the following list you will find all known first name combinations with Alissa, sorted by frequency:

Alissa Sophie (8 x)
Alissa Marie (5 x)
Alissa Maria (4 x)
Alissa-Marie (4 x)
Sophia Alissa (3 x)
Alissa Marleen (3 x)
Alissa Lilly (3 x)
Alissa Sophia (3 x)
Alissa Viktoria (3 x)
Alissa Mia (3 x)
Alissa Nora (2 x)
Alissa Anastasia (2 x)
Alissa Laura (2 x)
Alissa Lynn (2 x)
Alissa Eva (2 x)
Rosalie Alissa (2 x)
Lea Alissa (2 x)
Alissa Chiara (2 x)
Alissa-Sophie (2 x)
Alissa Jessica (2 x)
Alissa Julia (2 x)
Alissa Jane (2 x)
Alissa Victoria (x2)
Alissa Milana (x1)
Alissa Taya (x1)
Alissa Malia (x1)
Alissa Leona Frank (1 x)
Zoey Alissa (x1)
Julia Alissa (x1)
Luna Alissa (x1)
Kira Alissa (x1)
Alissa Lusandra (x1)
Alissa Pal (x1)
Nayla Alissa (x1)
Alissa Katara (x1)
Alissa Bunuel (x1)
Alissa-Maria (x1)
Alissa Novara (x1)
Alissa Athanasia (x1)
Helena Alissa (x1)
Alissa Barbara (x1)
Alissa Sonja (1 x)
Ilona Alissa (1 x)
Kite Alissa (x1)
Sophie Alissa (x1)
Alissa Samiyah (x1)
Sara Alissa (x1)
Xenia Alissa (x1)
Alissa Rahel (x1)
Alissa Nassar (x1)
Cara Alissa (x1)
Alissa Franziska (1 x)
Alissa Sofie (x1)
Alissa Thordis (x1)
Luzia Alissa (1 x)
Felina Alissa (x1)
Alissa Salehi (x1)
Alissa Hu (x1)
Alissa Filiz (x1)
Alissa Amy (x1)
Mia Alissa Blagica (x1)
Alissa-Mia (x1)
Alissa Leyla (x1)
Alissa Melanie (x1)
Alissa Dorothea Gabriele (1 x)
Alissa Luana (x1)
Alissa Tiara (x1)
Alissa-Sofie (x1)
Alissa-Shirin (x1)
Jasmina Alissa (1 x)
Alissa Shams (x1)
Alissa Grace (x1)
Valentina Alissa (x1)
Alissa-Sun (x1)
Lia Alissa (x1)
Mia Alissa (x1)
Lara Alissa (x1)
Alissa Ida (x1)
Alissa Jana (x1)
Stella Alissa (x1)
Alissa Maria Liara (x1)
Alissa Ekaterina (x1)
Selina Alissa (x1)
Mila Alissa (x1)
Alissa Aurora (x1)
Alissa Leonie (x1)
Alissa Isabella (x1)
Alissa Rita Viktoria (1 x)
Alissa Thalia (x1)
Alissa-Sophia (x1)
Alissa Sherin (x1)
Alissa Bartel (x1)
Alissa Melina (x1)
Alissa-Cathleen (x1)
Alissa Kiara (x1)
Alissa Valentina (x1)
Alissa Ayumi (x1)
Alissa Haya (x1)
Alissa Olivia (x1)
Alissa Reimer (x1)
Fabienne Alissa (1 x)
Sarah Alissa (x1)
Alissa Laureen (x1)
Alissa Svea (x1)
Alissa Lea (x1)
Alissa-Nadia (x1)
Alissa Myleen (x1)
Alissa Goncalves (x1)
Alissa Maya (x1)
Alissa Soleil (x1)
Alissa Mariella (x1)
Alissa Annelie (x1)
Alissa Ayline (x1)
Alissa Rose (x1)
Alissa Alina (x1)
Alissa Fernando (x1)
Hannah Alissa (x1)
Alissa Kim (x1)
Alissa Fischer (x1)
Alissa Jasmin (x1)
Alissa Elsa (x1)
Alissa Elaine (x1)
Alissa Paulina (x1)
Mia-Alissa (x1)
Malina Alissa (x1)
Alissa Thea (x1)
Alissa Alexandra (x1)
Emily Alissa (x1)
Ronja Alissa (1 x)
Alissa Leyna (x1)
Amelie Alissa (x1)
Alissa Bertille (x1)
Zoe Alissa (x1)
Liv Alissa (x1)
Alissa Celin (x1)
Alissa Natalia Sofia (1 x)
Alissa Nolte (x1)
Alissa Gabriele-Brigitte (1 x)