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Experience reports on the internship

Our interns describe their experiences here.

Internship at the Rochlitz police station

The student internship was a very nice and, above all, helpful experience for me.
Through this internship, which showed me what the actual tasks of a police officer are and what his daily routine looks like.

I went into the internship with the expectation that everyone would sit at their tables, drink coffee, eat donuts and go out when a call comes, but it's not like that at all, either they are on the phone, writing or consulting with colleagues , anything other than what is shown in films.

What made me very happy was that not everything was just theory, but I was also shown how, for example, traces are saved or how to edit an advertisement.

The student internship made a very positive impression on me, which is why I will definitely apply to the police after I have graduated from high school.

I recommend everyone who is open-minded, can communicate well with people and does not want to follow a monotonous daily routine or work routine to do an internship with the police.

Melanie Richter, 16 years old, high school student from Chemnitz

Implementation of a student internship with the police

A total of 19 students took part in the internship at the police station from January 23rd to February 3rd, 2017 - all with great expectations, ideas and questions. We had a full 2 ​​weeks to look behind the scenes and a lot of information could be absorbed. Our internship supervisor, Oliver Kläring, came up with a very extensive, but interesting and informative schedule for the 14 days together with the other officers from the respective police stations. These included taking part in public patrols, attending court hearings, introducing the dog squad and much more.
We also had the opportunity to do a sports test to determine the physical stress of each individual. The police owns many areas, most of which we got a glimpse of. In addition to all the practical aspects, theoretical knowledge was also provided in the form of lectures. Reports were made about the police stations in Saxony, the various tasks of a police chief and the general activities of a police officer. In summary, it can be said that there was a lot to learn, question, research and try out. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with the police and we regret that the time went by so quickly. So if you are not yet sure where to do your internship, you should definitely check out the police.


Yasemin, 17, siblings Scholl Gymnasium Taucha
Rick, 16, siblings Scholl Gymnasium Taucha


Internship at the Mittweida police station

Of course, I hoped that my expectations from the police force would be fulfilled and I was not disappointed in any way. The colleagues were very friendly, helpful and open to me. In addition, they were always ready to give me information about anything I wanted to know.

I really liked the variety of tasks and the variety of activities. It wasn't uninteresting for a minute. The officers let me watch their work at any time and also explained a lot to me.

I was particularly impressed that I was able to take part in so many work steps and experience actual professional life. So I have seen small assignments in the patrol service, such as B. included the prosecution of administrative offenses, traffic monitoring measures and much more. I didn't find it exhausting at all.

Due to the overall design, the time always passed far too quickly. I found it positive that I was able to experience in the two weeks internship what it means to pursue such a profession and how much responsibility is associated with this profession. You noticed that a police officer has to be sporty, calm, resilient and able to work in a team. I could well imagine starting an apprenticeship there.

The internship was very interesting. I was also very well received by my colleagues. They were very nice and always ready to answer all of my questions. I took a lot of impressions with me.

What I was really happy about, that I was even able to see the dog squadron

I had come into contact with the patrol police, criminal police, citizens' police, traffic police and riot police. We had a lot of variety every day. We visited z. B. the situation center in the PD Chemnitz. We were in the police and military museum in Chemnitz and the recruitment test was carried out with us to find out the examination process and much more.

In the short time we got an insight into the structure of the Police in Saxony and the PD Chemnitz and learned which professions are anchored in them.

Kim, 14 years old, high school student from Lichtenau

Internship at the Marienberg police station

Between January 25, 2016 and February 4, 2016, I did a student internship with the Saxon police in the Marienberg police station. Here I got an insight into the activities of a police officer. I was allowed to take on or accompany the following tasks:

• Accompanying the work of the citizen policeman

• Instruction and application of road traffic law

• practical participation in the accident recording

• practical participation in prevention tasks

• Insight into the criminal investigation process

• practical assistance in securing evidence (forensic science)

• Insight into the work of the identification service

I was also able to explain traffic rules with my “colleagues” in kindergartens and schools. Attending a “DAZ class” (German as a second language) was a particular challenge. In this class we tried to explain general German laws to integrated refugee children. Many questions were asked, but communication turned out to be very difficult as the young people's knowledge of German was not yet good enough.

I was the third person on the patrol, recorded accidents and then wrote accident reports. I was able to listen to witnesses being questioned. I documented break-ins (crime scene report) and created photo folders for accidents and break-ins.

Working for the police was a lot of fun. I got to know super nice colleagues with whom I had a very impressive and intense time. The long way to Marienberg didn't deter me, on the contrary: I liked to get up very early every day to start “my job”.

What I liked most was being on patrol duty. The work was very varied and interesting. I experienced different things every day. I am very enthusiastic about the versatility of a police officer. This internship reinforced my desire to become a policeman after school. I will definitely apply for an apprenticeship position and hope that my dream will come true.

Tommy, 15 years old, high school student from Chemnitz

Internship at the Mittweida police station

Two weeks have now passed, my conclusion is more than just positive. It was quite simply an unforgettable time in which you learned so much and found out what you would never, ever see from TV series.

Certainly one or the other situation from such series resembles the real everyday life of a police officer. In the end, however, I have to say that such an internship can best convey the real activities. Be it on the patrol, at the traffic control or simply at work in the office of the citizen police.

I can only advise anyone interested in upcoming internships to submit their application documents as soon as possible, as internship positions are few and far between. Because in my opinion, this experience is simply essential for potential future police officers, an absolute must actually!

At the risk of repeating myself, these ten days were just plain strong, informative, and even overwhelming.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleague Ullmann from forensic technology, as well as Mr. Lauterbach, who was on the road with us and the mantrailers. I would also like to thank Ms. Apel and Mr. Weiß for ensuring that everything went smoothly with my application and also for the first and last two days of the internship.

I would particularly like to highlight the citizen policeman, Mr. Geissler, who occasionally ensured the necessary relaxation in the office and on the patrol.

Special thanks, of course, also go to our internship manager, Mr. Döhler, who went to great lengths to make our internship truly unforgettable, always made a good impression on us and who always knew how to answer questions in a factual and understandable manner.

Jan, 15 years old, high school student from Lichtenau



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