Is it true that reincarnation is possible?


According to Hindu belief, there is a "soul" (or self) in humans and animals that wanders from one existence to the next. This soul (atman) is of a divine nature. The soul strives to reunite with the divine (brahman) of which it is only a part. The divine can be thought of as either personal or non-personal. This union means salvation (moksha). Because life is determined by suffering, every rebirth leads to a new, painful existence. There is therefore only redemption when the chain of rebirths is ended by the union of the individual soul with God or with the whole. This shows a fundamental difference to modern esoteric concepts, which are usually about a constant higher development of the self.

The series of rebirths is imagined as a cycle (samsara) in both Hinduism and Buddhism. This cycle leads through different realms of life such as the animal or human world. Hell or the heaven of the simple gods are also possible stations. The next existence is determined by the karma: According to the conception of the Indian religions, it is the consequence of the good or bad deeds that one has committed. If the path leads into the human world, redemption is closer than with a reincarnation in one of the other spheres. Because only people can finally find the way to salvation. It is preferably open to members of the highest caste, the Brahmins.