Is the Pocophone F1 good

Pocophone F1 in the test - a lot of smartphone for little money

TEST CONCLUSION: Xiaomi Pocophone F1

The OnePlus phones were once considered the flagship killers with their strong hardware for little money. Xiaomi is now competing with its Pocophone F1 OnePlus: high-end CPU, long-lasting battery, good camera and a sharp, large display are available for around 330 euros. In order to be able to offer a flagship smartphone at this price, you also have to make compromises. NFC, protection from water and the possibility of viewing content from streaming services in HD are missing. If that doesn't bother you, you can confidently strike. The camera only has weaknesses in poor lighting conditions, during the day you take photos with high quality.

➤ Pocophone F1 with 64 GB at TradingShenzhen for 297 euros

➤ Pocophone F1 with 128 GB at TradingShenzhen for 327 euros

➤ Pocophone F1 with 64 GB on Amazon for 324 euros

➤ Pocophone F1 with 128 GB on Amazon for 340 euros

In short: With the Pocophone F1 you get a lot of smartphone for little money! The smartphone is also offered by some online shops known in Germany that have the cell phone from other EU countries. Because the device is not officially sold in Germany. This eliminates the need for a potentially cumbersome China import.


+ A lot of smartphone for little money

+ Very long battery life

+ High performance


- No NFC for wireless payments

- No HD streaming on Netflix and Co. possible

- Not waterproof

(The Pocophone F1 was loaned to us by TradingShenzhen for test purposes)


Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Test grade

very good (1.48)



Equipment and software (24%)


Handling and screen (24%)


Internet and speed (20%)


Mobility (19%)


Multimedia (10%)


Service (3%)