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Land register

The land register sheet and its components

The property is given a special place in the land register via the land register sheet. The plots are named after the real estate cadastre. Exception: State-owned land is only given a land register sheet upon request. The land registers are now kept electronically. Documents submitted are archived.

A land register sheet consists of the inscription, the inventory and three sections.

The inscription shows the district court entrusted with keeping the land register, the respective land register district and the number of the volume and sheet. The cover sheet enables a property to be identified quickly.

This follows the cover sheetInventory. Here the property is marked with a parcel, corridor and parcel number. Data from the real estate cadastre. When a property is divided up, a new measurement takes place, which changes the data for the property cadastre and, as a result, entries in the land register.

An inventory can contain up to eight columns. Column 1 contains the serial number of the property. Column 2 contains preceding consecutive numbers from which the property was created through merger, attribution or division. This makes it possible to understand how the historical development of a property was. The surveying district is shown in column 3. Additional information on the property such as the corridor and parcel can be identified via the corresponding sub-columns. Column 4 contains information on the size of the property.