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Doberman Pinscher

The elegant doberman pinscher is best known for his excellent guard dog skills and courageous demeanor. For this reason, he is by no means a beginner dog and should be trained consistently from the start. Find out everything about the history, character, keeping and care of the Doberman in the profile.

History of the Doberman Pinscher

The history of the Doberman begins in the small town of Apolda in Thuringia. Friedrich Louis Dobermann needed a dog for personal protection at work. It is not known what profession he pursued. It was said, however, that he had an unpopular job, such as tax collector or night watchman. What is certain is that he is on the side active as an urban dog catcher and kept particularly sharp and vigilant four-legged friends even for breeding with his bitch Schnuppe. The breed's direct ancestors include Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pinschers and Greyhounds. After the breeder's death, a friend took over his dogs and bred the Doberman to one Working and farm dog.

In 1899 some breeders founded the Doberman Pinscher Club Apolda. The breed has been recognized as an official police dog since the beginning of the 20th century and has been referred to as a gendarme dog due to its noble demeanor. In both world wars, the military in particular used the breed as a reporting, minesweeping and medical dog. During the Second World War, Dobermans were preferred as service dogs in concentration camps. From 1955 the Breed officially recognized by the FCI and in FCI Group 2, Section 1.1, the Pinscher. To this day, some breeders abroad often dock the Doberman's ears and tail to make him look more dangerous. To stop this practice, the FCI changed the official breed standard accordingly in 2015. From now on, docking dogs will be punished with exclusion from breeding. In addition to its duties as a service dog, the Dobi is used more and more as a family dog.

Essence and character

Dobermans are among them smartest dog breeds in the world and have a great eagerness to learn and a good perception. Even if the Dobi is no longer bred as aggressively and sharply today, it is always ready to courageously defend its family. He has a low to medium stimulus threshold and is always suspicious of strangers. Because of this, he has to contend with a bad reputation in part. The Doberman is one of his human packs peaceful cuddly toy and gets along well with children with the right upbringing. The loyal and affectionate dog prefers to be there everywhere and does not like to be alone. He needs a caregiver who takes care of him from the start and shows him where to go, then he can become a great partner for life.

The Doberman is also available in brown

How do I keep a Doberman Pinscher?

Considerations before you buy

If you want to get a little Doberman puppy, you should Workload for rearing and upbringing don't underestimate. The intelligent breed is only suitable for people with a strong personality and a lot of canine experience. It is a great experience to see the little rascal grow up and develop a deep bond with him. But you should be aware that the dog is for 10 to 13 years Will be part of your life. During this period you should be able to deal with the dog every day and be outdoors a lot. You should be able to take it with you when you go out as often as possible.

If you are sure that a Dobi is the right dog for you, you have to start looking for one reputable breeder do. A breeder who is a member of a registered association and has a lot of experience in Doberman breeding is best suited. For a pure-bred and healthy puppy you should calculate up to 1250 €. Even in animal shelters there is always a dear Doberman in need who is looking for a new loving home. Puppies with docked tails and erect ears are prohibited in Germany for animal welfare reasons. You will only find dogs here long tail and cute lop ears. So if you find docked puppies at a private breeder, you should report this to the animal welfare authorities immediately.

Development and upbringing of the puppy

A Doberman is very willing to learn from an early age and wants to be challenged by its owner. He quickly learns new commands and enjoys training together. With a consistent but loving upbringing Even as a puppy, your Doberman will quickly become a valuable member of the family. Especially during puberty between 7 and 8 months, the Dobi puppies like to test their limits and need strong leadership. Also the pronounced protective instinct starts at this point and can be slowed down and adjusted a little with regular practice and a lot of patience.


Doberman puppies require consistent training

In order to achieve good socialization, your puppy should have a lot of contact with other dogs and ideally attend a dog school with you. When going for a walk in the forest, you should pay attention to the natural hunting instinct under control to get. Many Dobermans are passionate sight hunters, some of whom go hunting with the intention of killing game. At the age of one, the Doberman is largely grown and should have enjoyed a good upbringing. Correcting mistakes made in puppyhood can be tricky.

Doberman Pinscher activities

Since the Dobi to the smartest dogs in the world counts, he needs a meaningful occupation. Its agility and strength make it particularly suitable for police or military service. He also serves with pleasure as a therapy, rescue and guide dog. If you want to get a Doberman in private, it should be just as busy as a service dog. A bored Dobi looks for something to do for himself, which is often not quite in the best interests of the owner. Nevertheless, you should find a good balance between activity and rest so that your dog is perfectly utilized.

The Doberman is a real sportsman

Daily long walks or taking with you on your bike form the basis of your occupation. To use him mentally, you can from Agility over obedience practicing practically every dog ​​sport through to tracking. The passionate watchdog feels most at home in a house with a large garden that he can protect around the clock. All in all, the athletic and active dog can be enthusiastic about pretty much any sporting activity and also for intelligence games.

Health and care

Generally the Doberman Pinscher a easier to care for Dog that, thanks to its short coat, does not need any special grooming. However, due to the lack of an undercoat, he is very sensitive to the cold and should wear a coat in winter. When it is snowing or raining, the frozen dog prefers to stay by the warm fireplace. There are quite a few within the Doberman breed hereditary diseases, which can occur with some representatives of the breed. The best-known disease is the so-called "wobbler syndrome" - a pathological change in the cervical spine. The disease occurs predominantly between the ages of 6 and 7 and can take many forms. The movement of the animal becomes uncertain, the dog begins to sway and the back becomes immobile. In general, males are affected twice as often as females.

Interesting and worth knowing

Already knew?

  • The Dobermann is the only German dog breed to wear the Name of their founder: Friedrich Louis Dobermann.
  • In Brandenburg the Doberman as a list dog guided.
  • A Doberman named Kurt saved 1944 in the Battle of Guam a squad of US Marines in front of a grenade and was the first dog to be buried in the National War Dog Cemetery.
  • Prominent dobi holders are or were Silvester Stallone, John F. Kennedy and Mariah Carey.

Doberman Pinscher in film and television

The Doberman Pinscher is often portrayed as dangerous and aggressive in the film industry. In the movie The Doberman Gang from 1972 the whole subject is taken up rather jokingly. The film is about a talented dog trainer who has trained his six Dobermans so well that they support him in his bank robberies. In the movie Garfield from 2002 the Doberman Luca plays the opponent of the overweight red cat. Also in the US series Road Rovers one of the heroes is a German Doberman named Blitz. Together with the dogs of other heads of state, he takes on humanoid form and fights crime.

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