How can your mother become your friend

# 6: Why, as a mom, you shouldn't be your child's best friend

I know it feels really cool when you can say “I'm my daughter's best friend (16!). Yeah right? That kind of keeps you young and alive and so close to the child.

But: OUR TEENY DAUGHTERS NEED MOTHER! Even if you feel great in the role of the best friend, it is not beneficial for your child!

Our job is to be a mother. Of course, during puberty this relationship changes and grows at eye level. But you still remain a mother. You are welcome to know everything your daughter is telling you, but there will always be a part that you don't know. And that's a good thing and very important! Teenagers need frames, boundaries, support and adults to support them. They have enough friends, but parents only max. 2.

As an adult, you have your private life. Your child has to find his first. And that doesn't work if you know everything like a best friend. You have to decide whether you want to be popular or to be perceived as a mother. Unfortunately, both are not always possible.

What is a teenage daughter's best friend for? Giggling together, talking about boys, gossiping about school and doing stupid things. As a mother, you will always have a different perspective on what's going on, we have a friend of the same age.

So remember to be the best mother for your child and not the best friend. You can take on this role later. But not yet ...

More thoughts on that in this podcast episode.

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