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Facebook as a marketing tool

It is now common knowledge that companies should be represented on Facebook with their own Facebook profile. This form of presentation belongs in the large universe of social media marketing. But what options does direct advertising on Facebook offer, especially for start-ups? How does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

With more than 1 billion registered users, Facebook is the largest social network in which people share information about their interests and preferences with the world and thus with companies. Advertising on Facebook therefore offers a good opportunity, especially for start-ups and small companies, to advertise their offers in a precisely tailored way. If used correctly, advertising on Facebook is also highly efficient and inexpensive. At this point there is a theoretical overview of the multifaceted possibilities of advertising on Facebook. In practice, however, it makes sense to tackle the Facebook advertising project with specialized consultants.

Company profile as an introduction

Generally speaking, a Facebook page, i.e. the company's company profile, is also an advertisement for its own cause. However, this is less about customer acquisition and more about direct contact or general interaction with existing customers and partners. The fans receive published articles from the company via the general timeline, as well as messages from friends.

In this way, founders can draw attention to new products or services, report on news from the industry or acquire employees. When creating a Facebook profile, entrepreneurs should ensure that it is set up as a fan page and not a private profile. This is the only way they can access the important Facebook statistics, set up social plugins - such as the "Like" button - on their own website and generate more than 5,000 fans.

Paid advertising on Facebook plays an essential role, especially when it comes to generating new fans. The so-called posts on the fan page should, however, be coordinated with the advertising on Facebook. Since regularity and topicality are important components in looking after the fan base, companies with a fan page should entrust at least one permanent employee or an external agency with these extensive tasks.

Ways to advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads - Advertisement is an explicit form of advertising on Facebook. The advertiser can choose between self-service ads and engagement ads.

With self-service advertisements, you create the advertisement yourself. Payment is made per click - cost per click - or per thousand contact price - cost per mile. The length of the advertising text is limited to 130 characters and you can even integrate image material without any problems. An exact definition of the target group for the delivery of the advertisement is also possible:

  • In this way, you can define exactly which region the recipients come from and what gender or age they should be in the display. Advertising on Facebook thus offers a tailor-made approach to the advertised product or service.

With Engagement Ads, the entrepreneur decides on a form of advertising that is booked through the Facebook sales department. This type is very expensive compared to the other form, but also offers various advantages. For example, you can use this form of advertising on Facebook to include a Like button directly in the advertisement. In addition, with this variant you can use the video ad to distribute films via the advertisement and generate market and / or opinion polls. You can also use the Event Engagement Ad to draw users' attention to an event in advertising form and invite them to attend.

All types of advertising on Facebook can be "liked", shared and commented on and appear in the so-called activity stream of the user. This way, founders not only get the attention they need for the product or service, but also continuously increase their fan base!

Advanced tools for advertising on Facebook

In general, you can also add other advertising functions on Facebook. As a company, you can also make use of the Facebook application (app) and develop an app that is distributed on Facebook.

It is also possible to integrate your own company website via Facebook OpenGraph. In addition, hotels, restaurants etc. can use Facebook Places to draw attention to themselves with a “check-in” campaign. This means that the friends of the guests can also find out about the company on social media.

Ultimately, when advertising on Facebook, the marketing campaign should be coordinated with the Facebook profile and possible Facebook groups. You can get professional advice for planning and running the very efficient advertising on Facebook.

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