One scan uses ink

Replacing ink tanks

  • Make sure the device is turned on.

  • Open the Scanning Unit / Cover.

    The printhead holder moves to the replacement position.


    • Do not try to stop or forcefully move the print head holder; do not touch the print head holder until it has come to a complete stop.


    • Avoid touching any metal or other components inside the printer.
    • If the Scanning Unit / Cover is open for more than 10 minutes, the Print Head Holder will move to the right; in this case, close and then open or close the Scanning Unit / Cover.
  • Remove the ink tank with the light flashing rapidly.

    Press the tab (A) and remove the ink tank.


    • Do not touch any parts other than the ink cartridges.
    • Handle the ink tank carefully to avoid contaminating clothing and the surrounding area.
    • Dispose of empty ink tanks according to your local disposal regulations for consumables.


    • Do not remove multiple ink cartridges at the same time. To replace multiple ink cartridges, replace the ink cartridges one at a time.
    • For details about the blinking speed of the ink tank lights, see Checking the Ink Level Using the Ink Tank Lights.
  • Take a new ink tank out of its packaging, peel off the orange tape (B) completely, then remove the protective film (C) completely.


    • Handle the ink tanks carefully; do not drop them or press too hard on them.
    • If the Y-shaped air vent (D) is still covered with orange tape, ink may leak or the printer may not work properly.
  • Pick up the ink tank with the orange protective cap (E) facing up. Make sure that the Y-shaped ventilation opening (D) is not covered.

  • Lift the tab on the orange protective cap (E) to CAREFULLY remove it.


    • Do not press on the sides of the ink tank; pressing the sides of the ink tank while blocking the Y-shaped air vent (D) may cause ink to leak.
    • Do not touch the inside of the orange protective cap (E) or the open ink passage (F), otherwise ink residue could get on your hand.
    • Do not reattach the protective cap (E) after it has been removed; dispose of the protective film according to your local disposal regulations for consumables.
  • Insert the ink tank into the printhead, face first at an angle.

    Make sure that the position of the ink tank matches the information on the label.

  • Press down on the top of the ink tank until you hear a click on the ink tank.

    Make sure the ink tank light is on.


    • Printing will not be possible if the ink tank is installed in the wrong position. Install the ink tank in the position indicated on the print head holder label.
    • You cannot print without all of the ink cartridges installed. Install all of the ink cartridges.
  • Close the Scanning Unit / Cover firmly.

    When a message appears on the LCD, select OK.


    • Be careful not to pinch your fingers when closing the Scanning Unit / Cover.


    • If the error message persists after closing the Scanning Unit / Cover, take the appropriate action.

    • When you start printing after replacing the ink tank, the printer automatically performs head cleaning; do not perform any other operation on the printer until the print head is finished.
    • If the printhead is out of alignment, as indicated by straight line misalignment or similar symptoms, adjust the position of the printhead.
    • The printer may make a noise during these operations, but this does not indicate a problem.