Which colors complement gold

Painting the past gold chalk paint


Gold is a light, golden shade. It finds its counterparts in Painting the Past Silver and the copper tone of Painting the Past Ginger. Because all of these colors contain metallic pigments. As a result, gold is not as opaque as other chalk colors. So you may have to apply this color one more time. The golden chalk paint from Painting the Past can be used to achieve particularly interesting effects. Paint this color on an entire wall. Especially when the furnishings are otherwise completely minimalist and pure, gold unfolds a fantastic effect. Combine this special shade with black and white and consciously set contrasts by adding Painting the Past Gold to concrete and rough masonry.

Gold chalk paint as a paint

The golden lacquer of gold is most used in barrel painting. And that is the technique of refining wooden furniture and wooden sculptures with color. This actually applies to all furniture that is painted so that you cannot see the actual wood. This also includes the technique of craqueling, as well as gilding. So if you enjoy refurbishing old furniture or decorating a tray, pretty boxes or other wooden utensils, then Painting the Past's gold tone is the right choice.

The environmental impact of gold

Like all colors from Painting the Past, the wall emulsion and varnish from Painting the Past Gold are water-based. This means that brushes and tools can easily be cleaned with warm water. In addition, the colors emit very few volatile compounds into the environment when they dry. You will notice during processing that the paint is practically odorless.

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Additional information

Chalk paint

The paint is water and chalk based


Dilute 10% for highly absorbent substrates.


With a roller or a wide brush.

dry season

Dust dry after one hour, can be painted over after 6 hours.


Store at 5 - 25 degrees for about 2 to 3 years, frost-free


Keep the leftovers in a glass jar.


Outdoor area

The color can also be used outdoors. Dark colors can fade faster.

Color variations

Lacquer Eggshell 750ml

The Painting the Past Eggshell lacquer is particularly suitable for wood, tiles, MDF and radiators. This variant has the eggshell look (slight sheen). Dry to the touch after 4-5 hours. Drying time 7 days for tiles. (Fully hardened) The Eggshell lacquer is always a little lighter than the color cards show. Please note: Please do not use disinfectants or chlorine when cleaning.

Lacquer matt 750ml

This painting the past color is particularly suitable for wood. It is available in two different qualities: This is the matt look (no gloss). Please note that Pure White contains virtually no pigments and therefore does not cover as well as other chalk colors. So if you want it to be quick, choose a different shade of white.!

Test pot 60ml (wall paint)

The test pot covers about 0.5 m2. Just right for testing the colors or painting small parts. Please note: wall paint (no paint).

Wall paint 2.5 L

2.5 liters of wall paint with 2 layers are sufficient for about 20 m2.