Can Asimov's psychohistory become a reality?

Isaac Asimov and the fascination of the future

Many people will have saved Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) as a science fiction writer - which is also true. But Asimov was much more than just a writer of fantastic stories: Born into a Russian-Jewish family who managed to emigrate to the USA in 1923, little Isaac grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He studied chemistry and received a PhD in biochemistry. In addition to science fiction stories, he also wrote time and again as a science journalist and specialist author. He also became president of the American Humanist Association in old age and left two children behind.

The young Asimov achieved his breakthrough and at the same time a work to which the fans would “demand” continuation of his life with the later so-called “Foundation Trilogy” about the foreseeable fall of a galactic empire. Here he also developed his time and future model, the “Psychohistory”, which is still fascinating today. Religion always played a role - different depending on the time phase.

But especially Asimov's fascination with time and the future was by no means limited to fantasy. He spoke and discussed the future of demographics and energy, space travel and computerization and, time and again, world views. I would like to (!) Take up some of his observations and theses on the blog in the future.

Asimov believed that space travel would encourage people on earth to cooperate and peace. Will he be right? Photo 2016 in front of the UN headquarters in New York, Michael Blume

Fun fact: In 1984, exactly 35 years ago, Asimov also wrote a forecast for the current year 2019!

Before I give everything myself, I would be interested in whether and how you “met” Isaac Asimov in your life and which aspects would interest you? After all, even a lively science blog is ideally a little bit of psychological history, isn't it ..? 😉

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