Which sentence is correct in it?

Cover letter: the thing with the introductory sentence

HR professionals read a lot of cover letters every day. But how do you stand out from this crowd? Formulate an individual first sentence that arouses the HR manager's curiosity and picks them up with a positive feeling. Important: The sentence shouldn't have an intended effect. Stay authentic and give the cover letter a personal touch.

6 tips for a good introductory sentence in your cover letter

1. Make a note of what you like about the company and the job advertisement.
2. Use the ad to find out how creative and original you can be in your cover letter.
3. Write short, crisp sentences with starting points for the personal conversation.
4. Be responsive to yourself, but also to the company.
5. Formulate personal and individual sentences to make yourself stand out.
6. Check your text for correct spelling and grammar.

Go into the following aspects in the opening sentence

What do you like about the job advertisement?

"Dear Mrs. X,
I am extremely interested in your job posting. The challenge of building a new team in Cologne and the future prospects that this position offers are exactly what I am looking for. ... "

Why are you suitable for the job?

"Dear Mr. Y,
With my many years of experience as an account manager, I will advise your major customers with great sensitivity and assertiveness. The satisfaction of the customers is the top priority for me and a matter of course in everyday work. My application gives you a brief overview of my knowledge and skills. ... "

Why are you an asset to the employer?

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Your team seems very personable and I would like to strengthen it. For this I offer my cheerful, resilient and motivated person who likes to solve tricky tasks, tackles new projects and is also open to new colleagues. ... "

Do you have a personal motivation?

"Dear Ms. Z,
I have been following your company and your exciting projects with great interest for some time. Now I've learned that you are looking for a trained graphic designer to complete your team. With my 7 years of experience in this field, enthusiasm for your company and a large portion of motivation, I would very much like to become the new team member and contribute to the continued success of your company. ... "

Have you already had contact with the employer?

"Dear Mr. T,
Thank you very much for the open and informative phone conversation this afternoon. It confirmed that I would like to work in your company and that I would like to contribute my skills, knowledge and motivation. As discussed, I am sending you my application documents and work samples. ... "

What is your motivation?

"Dear Ms. S,
from your job advertisement dated XX.XX.XX. I was immediately enthusiastic. In the last few years I have already gained a lot of experience in the field of product management and have acquired extensive know-how. The advertised position is the next logical step for me and I would be delighted to contribute to the continued success of your company. ... "

Why are you applying on your own initiative?

"Dear Mr. V,
I am a qualified social pedagogue with many years of professional experience, have built up a wealth of knowledge and am still highly motivated. I have known your company for a long time through various projects and your good reputation. Since I am looking for new professional challenges, I will apply to you on my own initiative. ... "

Here are tips for designing an individual résumé for you.

For reasons of readability, we use the masculine form (generic masculine), e.g. B. "the employee". We always mean all genders in terms of equal treatment. The shortened language form has editorial reasons and is neutral.

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