What does PPS

PS: Use the postscript correctly

Once upon a time ... that PS - a useful part of correspondence. in thePostscript - that is the meaning of the abbreviation - everything that had been forgotten in the letter text found its place. But then word processing came along and made the postscript superfluous. Because now it was possible to print out the cover letter and check it. And if something was missing, the letter writer just added a few lines.

But then a small miracle happened: advertisers found out that readers look at the PS first when writing a letter. And so the postscript celebrates a terrific comeback - as an eye-catcher par excellence. Put the most important message of your letter in this prominent place, because it can really shine as a postscript.

How to write the PS

What is the meaning of the PS? The abbreviation stands for postscript. “Post” means “after” and “scriptum” comes from the Latin “scribere” - to write. Postscript means nothing else than "According to what is written". The correct abbreviation is "PS" (without periods) followed by a colon. Other abbreviated forms of postscript can be found in many letters, e.g. B. P.S. or p.s. - but according to Duden they are wrong. So don't let that fool you and pay attention to the spelling.

For the full form of the abbreviation, the Duden only allows the spelling “postscript” or the shorter variant “postscript”. According to the rules of spelling in German, however, variants such as “post script”, “postscript”, “post scriptum” or the “postscript” or “post script” based on the English word are incorrect. The plural of postscript is "postscript".

Incidentally, the PS is only used as an abbreviation in correspondence. Introducing the postscript at the end of a letter with the written word “postscript” seems rather old-fashioned and cumbersome.

Extra tip: You may want to use more than one postscript in your letter. If there are several postscripts, simply add another “P” to the abbreviation in the postscript. Then the correct abbreviation for the second postscript is “PPS”, for the third “PPPS”, etc. However, with such an accumulation of postscripts, you should completely reconsider the structure of your cover letter.

What you can use the postscript for

When you receive a letter, you first look at those elements that stand out in one way or another: e. B. on the subject, on passages that are greased, and even on the PS. That is why the postscript offers a wonderful stage for everything that is particularly important and should be remembered by the recipient of your letter. You can use your postscript for this:

  • In the postscript, repeat the most important point from your letter:
    "PS: Remember: the deadline for submission is March 31st."
  • Point out important innovations in your house:
    “PS: From now on we are even easier to reach for our customers. We have extended our opening times and look forward to your visit every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. "
  • Introduce additional products and services to your customers in the postscript:
    "PS: You will also find fine bed linen to match your new bed."
  • Ask the recipient of the letter with the postscript to take action:
    “PS: Great prizes are waiting for you in our competition! Fill out the enclosed reply card and the new laptop can soon be yours! "

Where does the postscript find its place?

DIN 5008 requires at least one line of space between the end of the letter text and the postscript. Only then do the business details of your company follow. Incidentally, the end-text is usually not signed.