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Turbulent times at Ströer


1 4.50 Fr. 9.00 Online Advertising I E-Commerce I Technology Advertisement ISSUE 19 / SEPTEMBER 2013 EVERY 14 DAYS TOP CURRENTLY Photo: Renault DMEXCO 2013 New color concept To the visitors of the online marketing fair Dmexco in Cologne (September) To facilitate orientation in the halls, the organizers have introduced a new color concept. A distinction is made between Expo (turquoise), Conference (pink), Catering (green) and Agency Lounge (orange). If you are looking for an exhibitor, you will find him in this issue from page 14. fk Record crowd expected: Dmexco will fill three exhibition halls for the first time in 2013 FOMA TRENDMONITOR Niche media are growing Digital outdoor advertising (Digital Out of Home, DOOH) and digital audio (e.g. web Radio) have the greatest development potential in the media mix over the next five years. This is what the Foma Trend Monitor 2013 says, an expert survey by the specialist group on-line media agencies (Foma) in the BVDW. For 84 percent, DOOH is the most important trend in advertising, 69 percent find audio digital extremely important. vg INTERNET WORLD BUSINESS GUIDE Online advertising planning From ad networks to video advertising on over 100 pages, the current INTERNET WORLD Business Guide Online Advertising Planning offers an overview of trends, players and service providers in digital advertising. An extensive supplier directory divided into 14 categories, numerous company portraits and basic articles round off the content of the booklet. Your personal copy is enclosed with this edition. red More than a fig leaf? Logistics offers with ecological promise p.42 Why Berlin is so sexy German metropolises in a start-up comparison p.7 Turbulent times at Ströer Ströer Digital is upgrading with a new moving image marketer and additional manpower s was barely ten months, Edass had two by then independently operating Ströers, Hamburg-based Interactive and Cologne-based Out of Home Media, have merged to form a large media marketer. The Ströer Digital Group, which ad hoc advanced to third place in the Agof ranking, has since made a name for itself through numerous acquisitions, mandates and company start-ups. Last coup: the newly created subsidiary New Bosses at Ströer: Martin Hubert (l.) And Andreas Heintze Yoc: Going and Coming Surprising (re) entry at Yoc: The AG's supervisory board has appointed Dirk Kraus to the company's other management board . Kraus had built up the mobile specialist over twelve years and was CEO of the company himself until a year ago. In his new old position, he will support the previous sole director Dirk Freytag in the reorganization of the company after the sale of Sevenval. Yoc took over the mobile technology specialist in 2007. Back at Yoc: Ex-CEO Dirk Kraus take prime time, during which the Digital Group bundles all of its moving image activities under the direction of ex-Valueclick manager Andreas Heintze. With a total of 500 million video views and after months of searching for a buyer, it was sold back to founder and managing director Jan Webering in July 2013. After separating from Sevenval, Yoc wanted to focus entirely on advertising marketing. This realignment apparently caused some internal disputes, in the course of which Dirk Kraus resigned from his position on the board. In December 2012, the current CEO Freytag then took office. He was largely responsible for the sale of Sevenval. sg Well present in the area Nils Winkler, head of Yapital Financial AG p.8 Weltbild: Tolino in danger he ongoing rumors about the imminent bankruptcy of the Weltbild publishing group also call into question the existence of the Tolino project. With the e-book reader, the German book trade wants to defy Amazon and needs flexibility with a limit New series: Cloud Computing p. 40 On the prowl: With Digital Out of Home, Ströer hunts moving image customers via online inventory and digital outdoor Primetime blows surfaces into an attack against video marketers such as IP, Sevenone Media and Smartclip. The big bang formula developed by Ströer for this must, however, still be questioned. (see interview on p. 21). Ströer has also repositioned its top. In addition to CEO Christian Schmalzl, the marketer has brought Martin Hubert and Matthias Pantke into the management team of the Ströer Digital Group. Both are well known in the industry: Hubert, 51, comes from the performance marketing agency Eprofessional and was previously CEO of the BBDO agency Interone. Matthias Pantke has been managing director of Adscale, an advertising marketplace that was taken over by Ströer at the end of 2012, since 2008. The 40-year-old will remain CEO of Adscale. vg sales areas of Weltbild and sister Hugendubel. Weltbild boss Carel Halff has denied an impending bankruptcy, but announced a long dry spell: the group will not be in the black before 2015. fk Neue Mediengesellschaft Ulm mbh, PF, Munich Postvertriebsstück, DPAG, fee paid Photo: Fotolia / Bonninturina

2 NEWS 2 Internet World BUSINESS 16. September / 13 On our own behalf Director Global Social Media from Dell USA holds keynote The 6th Social Media Conference, the conference on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Co., will take place on September 2013 in Hamburg. On the last day of the conference (September 25th) everything revolves around the topic of social media B2B. The motto of this year's conference is: From Marketing Hype to Digital Transformation. Richard Margetic, Director Global Social Media at Dell USA, will hold the opening keynote on this topic. His conclusion: Social media is growing up & content is king! On all three conference days, top speakers from the field will report on their experiences: Dell USA, Facebook, Techniker Krankenkasse, SMA Solar Technology, Google, Bayer, Lufthansa Cargo, Telefónica Germany, Immobilien Scout, Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft and many more. INTERNET WORLD Business readers receive special conditions and can take part in the conference from EUR 340 plus VAT (instead of EUR 490 plus VAT). Simply enter the code SMC13Siwb online when registering and save. Current information and registration at: The new Merkelphone Telekom brings a new generation of bug-proof smartphones onto the market Federal Minister of Economics Philipp Rösler (FDP) poses a security risk: Everyone knows that we use our private telephones, although it is forbidden, the iphone fan recently confessed . Government members and senior civil servants, according to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), are generally only allowed to use cell phones that have been certified as bug-proof by the BSI. But the mobile phones of the SiMKo series, nicknamed Merkelphone, are unpopular among the powerful of the republic, they are considered clunky, bulky to use and too limited in functionality. Classified cell phone The new SiMKo3 from Deutsche Telekom, which has now received BSI certification for the VS-NfD secret level (classified information only for business use), is expected to meet with greater acceptance. The smartphone, which costs around euros each, is based on the popular Samsung S3 and looks the same from the outside. The differences are inside. The SiMKo3 also runs on Android, an operating system to which the US secret service NSA has full access, according to information from Spiegel, but when you switch on the smartphone, the so-called L4 micro-core starts first, a system that the TU Dresden, the Dresdener, starts up Start-up core concept developed by Telekom Innovation Laboratories and the Berlin start-up Trust2Core. This security core, as Telekom spokesman Rainer Knirsch describes it, prevents anything that could pose a security risk. Not only the software, but also the encryption of the data and the memory module were developed in Germany, continues Knirsch. In addition, the program code for the L4 micro-kernel is so clear with just a few lines that manipulations can easily be detected, which is hardly possible with commercial smartphone operating systems. In order to make the new Merkelphone appealing to those in power, it has two completely separate working environments, one for the NSA office does not read: The Merkelphone makes life difficult for spies and one for private life. But the latter is also encrypted and protected against unauthorized access. Imagine being able to read out a minister's private contact directory, says Knirsch. There is also an app store specifically for the SiMKo3, but only with applications that have been checked by the BSI and, for example, cannot reveal the location of the cell phone. The new Merkelphone is not only reserved for elected officials, private individuals can also buy it. However, Telekom man Knirsch points out that every smartphone is only as well protected against external attacks as the IT infrastructure of the company it is accessing. fk INTERNET WORLD Business 19/2013 Opinions in this issue TRENDS & STRATEGIES Microsoft as a mobile phone manufacturer The IT group buys the mobile phone division from Nokia and imitates Apple's business model 4 Customer proximity and service start-ups form the German Service Alliance 5 Bringbee brings people with little Time buyers and bringers 6 Poor, but sexy for founders Berlin has developed into the most important start-up center in Germany 7 Pretty dealers in store Otto's Yapital payment system has been launched. The unique selling point: the cross-channel capability 8 MARKETING & ADVERTISING data. Mobile. Multiscreen The challenge for the digital industry from the point of view of decision-makers 10 Planning security RMS presents the first coverage study on web radios broken down according to offers 11 Popular product listing ads dealers are increasingly relying on product ads on Google. A study now proves the advantages 12 SPECIAL: DMEXCO Who is where and what is shown at the online advertising fair? A series on opportunities and risks 40 Measure, reduce, offset More traffic is the downside of e-commerce. Logisticians are now focusing on sustainability 42 The dependency trap Service providers are important but be careful: Too much loyalty is dangerous for business 44 SZENE Summer festivals in Munich and Berlin IP, Brainagency, Long Night of Startups 49 OPINION RTA half full!

3 NEWS 3 Dmexco 2013: More than just visions RTA, Big Data, Mobile and new billing standards are taking shape hen almost all hotels in Cologne are fully booked and cheap flight tickets for the Rhine metropolis are in short supply, one thing is clear: It's Dmexco time and online again -Marketing fair with the motto Turning Visions into Reality. The experts for the digital economy of INTERNET WORLD Business reveal which visions and trends visitors can look forward to this year. The line-up of keynote speakers, who come from international industry giants, illustrates the reputation that Dmexco now enjoys. The variety of topics is correspondingly large. At the top of the agenda are some fundamental questions about digital forms of advertising: Are there any uniform Carsten Schwecke, managing partner at Affiliprint? For the innovations and good ideas that we will undoubtedly see at Dmexco this year too, it would be desirable if segments such as Affiliate Marketing, for example, face reality and do not cling to outdated models such as last cookie wins at any cost. Our goal is to win customers and cooperation partners who share our vision of intelligent voucher marketing and who would like to win long-term new customers with us. Measurement tools and billing standards for online and mobile make sense? What are the challenges in social media marketing? And: What are the effects of the current political discussion about data protection? For Kolja Brosche, for example, the latter is an unavoidable point of discussion, especially in connection with big data: Due to the current NSA incidents, the discussions about big data will be more differentiated and solution-oriented, assumes the managing partner of Cadreon Germany. The focus will be on the legally compliant use of big data strategies, especially under the increasingly important aspect of data protection at the European level. Sven Weisbrich, CEO of Universal McCann, on the other hand, hopes that other trend topics will continue to develop: multichannel marketing, customer journey, social, local, mobile, real-time bidding and digital branding were on everyone's lips last year, new thinking models for marketing should be presented, that react to transforming factors such as demographic, social and technological change, that is his wish. DANA HUBER higher. More quickly. Further. The perfect complete e-commerce solution. Meet plentymarkets at dmexco! Cologne plentymarkets is an online-based inventory management system that maps your entire e-commerce workflow across all sales channels in a fully automated manner. Jay Stevens, General Manager International and Senior Vice President at Rubicon Project We are represented at the Dmexco for the fifth time. The fair is getting better and better, it is the leading event of its kind in Europe and it is fair to say that it is the most impressive online marketing conference in the world. We expect that RTA will celebrate ever greater successes in the future, as within the next five years the majority of online advertising will be traded automatically and TV and radio will soon follow in this regard. Roland Fiege, Managing Partner MAP (Mediabrands Audience Platform) Everything is going mobile: Online advertising must take place on mobile devices and advertisers must consistently adapt their digital marketing to this situation. Responsive design will also play an important role and the agencies will also have to take on these challenges. The aim is to create new, interesting forms of mobile advertising that enable publishers to market their mobile content better than an opportunity that has to be seized up to now. Jochen Urban, Managing Director Vibrant Media Deutschland GmbH The motto Turning Visions into Reality covers some construction sites in the online industry, because many visions have yet to be implemented. In particular, when it comes to reliable advertising effectiveness measurement, new forms of billing such as engagement, relevance, mobile advertising or viewability, the industry is too dependent on old standards. One can hope that Dmexco 2013 will provide more answers than raise new questions. The fair has been the most important industry event for Vibrant for six years. Volker Wiewer, Vice President International at Teradata ecircle: Big data will continue to be a big topic. We need solutions and cases that show how the immense wealth of data in online marketing and e-commerce can be used to increase sales and improve targeting. Regardless of time, place and technology, customers expect personalized and relevant communication. Data-based marketing is becoming a key element here and is increasingly finding its way into the reality of companies. Visit us and find out more: plentymarkets at dmexco: Hall 7, Stand E025. Our co-exhibitors: The plentymarkets principle: E-Commerce as a Service Test the demo version now without obligation:

4 TRENDS & STRATEGIES 4 Internet World BUSINESS September 16/13 PUBLISHERS Augmented Reality is coming Daily newspapers and magazine publishers are discovering Augmented Reality (AR): The Weser-Kurier is already experimenting with it and extending news from the newspaper to the Internet. If you scan the specially marked articles with your smartphone, you will receive additional information such as films, maps and statistics. AR also wants to use Springer's Welt now to enrich the print edition. vs IKEA Web instead of branches Ikea also wants to grow in the future. But no longer just through new branches. Peter Agnefjäll, the new boss in the Swedish furniture store, wants to open only five instead of the previous 20 to 25 branches per year. To this end, the 43-year-old manager wants to expand e-commerce and trim the existing 303 stores and 40 franchise businesses for more efficiency. By 2020, sales are expected to grow from € 27 billion today to € 50 billion a year. vs XING New magazine The professional network Xing will get its own magazine in November. Playroom should be dedicated to the new, digitized world of work, but also provide guidance for a fulfilled life. Burda subsidiary Xing has the magazine, which is also to appear as an e-paper, developed by sister Burda Creativ, the specialist for customer magazines. vs SWISSCOM / SUNRISE SMS postage stamps The Swiss no longer have to go to the post office when they need postage stamps. They are now available via SMS for a year during a test attempt. To this end, Swiss Post has teamed up with the telecommunications companies Swisscom and Sunrise. If you send the password stamp to number 414, you will receive a code that is written on the envelope. The SMS postage stamp is 0.20 Swiss francs more expensive than the one stuck on the envelope, although it is less expensive. vs AXEL SPRINGER Scout Group too expensive Axel Springer is dropping out of the bidding race for the Scout Group. Reuters quotes well-informed circles that the price for the Telekom subsidiary, which operates portals such as Immobilienscout24, Finanzscout24 and Jobscout, is too expensive. Scout24 is to cost around 1.5 billion euros, the investment companies Apax and KKR want to secure 30 percent of the company. vs Advertisement Microsoft makes cell phones Software manufacturer buys the cell phone division from Nokia and imitates Apple's business model s has been rumored about it for a long time - in the end the move caused disgust, but a surprise: Microsoft is taking over the cell phone division from Nokia for 5.4 billion euros.The weaknesses of both groups (Nokia underestimated touchscreens and the opportunities that Internet access via mobile phone brings, Microsoft came up with ideas for mobilizing web use far too late) drove the purchase. This acquisition isn't about devices and products, says Adrian Drozd of Frost & Sullivan. It's about the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft now gets the smartphone sales Nokia Lumia 7.8 million ZTE 7.8 million Other 93.4 million Samsung 72.4 million Apple 31.2 million LG 31.2 million Lenovo 31.2 million Nokia was able to sell only 7.8 million smartphones in the second quarter, while Samsung sold more than 72 million. INTERNET WORLD Business 19/13 Source: IDC Rakuten on a shopping spree Japanese retailer invests in logistics and digital media The Japanese online retailer Raku is currently buying heavily a. After Dten grabbed the logistics service provider Webgistix and the platform for new products Thegrommet.com in the summer, he now took over Viki.com and invested in Slice.com with other investors. Apparently, Rakuten is inspired by Amazon: like its US competitor, the company is investing more in digital media and logistics. With Webgistix, Rakuten can deliver faster in the US. The service provider offers storage space and fulfillment services for this purpose. Rakuten could offer one-day delivery after the integration. Slice, in turn, analyzes data from logistics processes and uses it to develop Tracking Chance, similar to Apple, to develop a system made up of its own hardware and internet services. But the group has to hurry: With market shares of three sealed: Nokia supervisory board Risto Siilasmaa sells the mobile phone division to still-Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer The Chinese are coming smartphones, smartphones, everyone wants smartphones: Nokia is interested in touchscreens and mobile devices The internet just slept through. The former market size has therefore become a follower in recent years: The first smartphone Lumia only achieved a market share of three percent in the second quarter. During the same period, Samsung led the market with 72.4 million devices sold worldwide or a share of around 40 percent . But that is far from being in firm hands: The sales figures of Samsung and Apple have recently fallen, while the Chinese brands ZTW, LG and Lenovo are on the rise. So Microsoft still has a small chance of catching up. Services for everything to do with the shipping and delivery of parcels. Viki, meanwhile, strengthens the media division of Rakuten: The platform distributes films and TV series and gets help from the 22 million users: They take care of the subtitles of the strips and translate dialogues and actions. vs Slice turns delivery data into services for dealers and customers Viki distributes cinema films and TV programs internationally. Users provide subtitles percent, the Lumia needs good sales arguments. Windows Phone has a market share of just under four percent. In order to compete with iOS and Android, Microsoft has to convince more smartphone manufacturers, but this is now difficult. Nokia has been cooperating with Microsoft since 2011. This alliance was initiated by Stephen Elop, who had moved from Microsoft to Espoo to head Nokia a year earlier. The 49-year-old manager is now returning to the USA and to Microsoft. He brings employees and is now traded as the successor to the outgoing Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer. vs After the high rate of price lull, delivering parcels while strolling consumers is currently turning the logistics group DHL into parcel delivery service in Sweden. There, the Post subsidiary is cooperating with the Stockholm start-up Myways. This offers an app with which freight forwarders and consumers can assign delivery orders to private individuals. The clients themselves determine what they pay for their delivery service. Initial tests with packages from the Swedish outdoor retailer Nokia boss Elop are considered Ballmer legacy investors consider the purchase to be a bad idea. After the takeover news, sales followed immediately. Source: Comdirekt Mayways app mediates private delivery agent Addnature it was taken over by Internet stores from Esslingen in the summer, DHL is confident that the concept can prevail. It is still uncertain when Myways will come to Germany. Retail giant Walmart offers a similar service in the USA; in Switzerland, Bringbee.ch offers a bring-along service (see page 6). vs.

5 19 / September 2013 TRENDS & STRATEGIES Internet World BUSINESS 5 Vevo attacks Tape.tv on Vevo.com: Music videos, concert and TV recordings online and on mobile devices niversal and Sony bring Vevo to Germany. Vevo distributes music videos, concert recordings and TV programs. Previously, the company had agreed on levies with the rights management company Gema, so that all music videos can be accessed and viewed free of charge. At the German branch of Youtube, a Gema agreement is pending, users cannot access all of the content. Vevo competes with Youtube and Myvideo, but above all with Tape.tv. The Berlin start-up has been making music television on the Internet since 2008 and now wants to go mobile. The team is therefore working flat out on apps and premium functions so that they are no longer dependent on advertising income as they were before. Tape.tv also recently bought the start-up Amen, in which Ashton Kutcher was involved and which develops rankings from user opinions. That should now advance Tape.tv. vs flea market mobile or about ten years ago grass- the Ebay fever: Buying vsied goods from the online flea market was chic. Now mobile flea markets are definitely possible for the second-hand wave to build up again. The founders of Shpock and the Schibsted media group from Norway are speculating on this. She has just invested a single-digit million amount in the Viennese start-up that has developed a flea market app. Buying and selling on marketplaces like ebay became more and more complicated, says co-founder Katharina Klausberger. Powersellers, spammers or people who are up to no good have all contributed to online flea markets losing their charm. It is now to be revived with Shpock: The app offers users everything from bikes to entry tickets, from T-shirts to smartphones. With night and customer proximity and service Deutsche Service Allianz wants to optimize the interaction with consumers Userlike.com: Live chat in websites, for example in shops with the service team OMQ.de: Database for knowledge management. Arranges customer questions with the right answers Dozeo: Online meetings with customers Einfach-machen- Klassen.de: Service for second-hand PCs and mobile commerce: Shpock wins investor Shpock's competitor Eggdrop.com started in the USA in 2011: despite downloads and USD 8 million in retail sales discontinued because there was a lack of money Stuffle.it is the Hamburg competitor. It was created in the Digital Pioneers incubator Getosom.com is the youngest mobile flea market: It started in 2013 and was launched in Stockholm. DSA team: Alexander Keck, Matthias Meisdrock, Pascal van Opzeeland, Mark Egert (from left) four start-ups to form to a V-German Service Alliance (DSA): We are bringing the topic of customer service back on the agenda, says Pascal van Opzeeland, founder of Userlike. This would not only benefit customers, but also companies, i.e. dealers and service providers. The DSA relies on information, but also on the joint marketing of services. Every start-up (see box) offers tools with which retailers and service providers can better and more efficiently contact customers online or offer them on-site services in the field of electronics. Depending on the client, they should be put together individually into packages. On the website Deutsche-service-allianz.de, interested parties can find articles and suggestions for their use in everyday life as well as studies on customer friendliness and the handling of complaints. The Service Alliance still consists of four companies, but hopefully we will find more providers of practical tools, says van Opzeeland. All participants only cooperate on a project-by-project basis and retain their economic independence. There is no need for a merger, says van Opzeeland. vs Shpock: Discover used items and pick them up straight away. The Viennese are currently making themselves known in other markets in cities. The proximity strategy seems to be working: According to the company, the Shpock app, which stands for Shop in your Pocket, has been downloaded a million times. Since the start in December 2012, 1.5 million offers have been posted there and some have also been sold. With these figures, Shpock would be in second place behind eBay's mobile marketplace and would have left its competition (see box) behind, at least in German-speaking countries. The capital should flow into growth and internationalization and into the development of mobile payment systems. Ebay has already shown that sales commissions can be earned well, but sustainable profits from services related to selling and, above all, from transaction fees when paying are gushing out. vs Sell and donate raisr, the marketplace for charity equipment and sales campaigns, now offers dealers who work with the Magento shop system a connection to their own systems. This is how we bring social commitment and selling to smaller dealers and into the long tail, says Lukas Fischer, co-founder of Fraisr. So far, such actions have mostly been reserved for the big players like Krombacher, Edeka or Pampers. In order to cultivate the company's image, Krombacher donates part of the sales proceeds from his beer to the reforestation of the rainforest. Fraisr enables similar business with its online marketplace. Regardless of whether they are private or professional, the dealers donate at least five percent to an aid organization, and Fraisr keeps another six percent. vs Fraisr: Sell for a good cause and advertise with a good social conscience Here you will find news from young companies and investors SMARCHIVE / GINI.NET New name, big partner Smarchive became Gini.net: The Munich start-up is now a cooperation partner of German Post. Gini is an app that users can use to save documents in the data cloud and remind them of deadlines such as due invoices, expiring contracts and other deadlines. Gini will therefore become the mailbox for E-Post: From autumn, Swiss Post will have letters and other items scanned on request and will send them digitally directly to the Gini mailbox, for example. vs LIEFERHELD.DE / PIZZA.DE Big price increase Without online brokerage, nothing works at all for delivery services for pizza, daal or sushi in Germany. This is why the online ordering platforms Lieferheld and Pizza.de have increased their prices. Pizza.de now demands 13 percent commission from the order price instead of ten, and Lieferheld has increased the share from nine to 134 percent. Only Lieferando is content with the usual ten percent. vs TEAM EUROPE Major restructuring The business developer Team Europe is restructuring: The team has been reduced from 40 to 20 employees, the incubator operates as a group of entrepreneurs who support the founders. Two or three start-ups are to be set up every year. While most of the investments were previously carried out by Lukasz Gadowski, the partners Kolja Hebenstreit and Markus Fuhrmann are now also investing. At the same time, Team Europe adjusted the portfolio and parted ways with Projecter, Mister Spex and i-potentials. vs TICKETHELDEN Capital for the start The Munich ticket heroes, who offer remaining tickets for all kinds of events via app, have raised fresh money for the market launch. Sedo founder Tim Schumacher and the Munich Investors Circle are providing the start-up with a six-figure amount. Tickethelden is already selling tickets for Munich and is working on the offer for other cities. vs WASCHPAKETE Prominent investor soccer player Gerald Asamoah, who has just been brought back to the Schalke 04 Champions League team from retirement, has invested in Waschpakete.de. The Stuttgart start-up sells online vouchers for car washes throughout Germany. In addition to football, washing cars is the most popular national sport in Germany, commented Asamoah on the chances. vs.

6 TRENDS & STRATEGIES 6 Internet World BUSINESS 16 September / 13 ata on everything to do with buying behavior, a D-channel through which consumers can be reached, as well as specialized algorithms: These are the ingredients from which the Berlin start-up SO1.net promotes campaigns with individualized Discounts. Every second person is attracted to discounts, to try new things or to change a brand, says co-founder Raimund Bau. Our system determines the willingness to pay and the preferences of individual customers and develops individualized price offers for this purpose. Brands introduce new things with discounts, seduce E Lure with prices SO1 enables individualized discounts and the measurability of special campaigns SO1 was founded in March 2012 and is now spreading its range SO1 organizes promotional campaigns; the rental of the system depends on the duration, range and success Employees: 8 Financing: Target Partners, Analyx Buy and bring along Bringbee brings consumers together with people who buy them goods in bags of tea lights, serviettes, towels and tea towels: little things for customers definitely go to Ikea extra. From now on they can have them brought with them, at least in Switzerland: Bringbee is the name of the Zurich start-up where consumers click together on a shopping list and find people who will shop for them and bring goods. We started with Ikea because it was easier. Now we are expanding the range to include more retail chains, explaining transport to change or putting together packages to sell another product with one product. Promotional prices are often spread widely across advertisements. We want to replace the pork belly ads in the long run and have more efficient and measurable solutions ready for this, Bau describes his goals. With SO1, shelf prices remain stable because we offer promotional discounts individually. Up until now, Bau and his partner Sebastian Gabel have advised brands and retailers on the planning and budgeting of advertising campaigns Discounts and prices engineer Stella Schieffer, who founded Bringbee with Philipp Oberender, a fellow student. It's easy to organize online. It saves time, and when there are not so many cars on the road, that is a permanent benefit. Since the start in 2013, 700 people have registered with Bringbee. Schieffer describes the prospective customers who shop for others, students who want to recover travel expenses, housewives who are going out anyway, retirees who often want to be on the go and be useful. The clients tend to live in cities, are very busy with their time and pay for comfort. Bringbee charges four Swiss Francs (CHF) for itself, plus five for the buyer. He also receives ten to 15 percent of the purchase price as wages. The buyer has to pre-finance all goods, but Bringbee organizes the balance and payment immediately after delivery and closes a pagnen. Now they offer a service for targeted advertising. Consumers address Berliners via email, for which SO1 cooperates with loyalty programs or payment providers. The data on purchasing behavior also come from such channels or from retail partners. We have no contact with the customers, the SO1 engine works with data and calculates prices, explains Bau. Customers are brands and retail chains. You pay for the use of the technology depending on the budget, duration of the campaign, reach and success. Target Partners estimates the potential of SO1 at twelve billion euros in sales. The company has just invested a single-digit million sum: Sales promotions are often inefficient, their effect cannot be measured, summarizes partner Berthold von Freyberg, SO1 can radically improve that. vs Bau, Gabel: Analyze customer behavior for targeted advertising Bringbee was founded in January 2012 and started arranging buyers and bringers for a fee at the beginning of 2013. Bringbee also takes commissions from trading partners. Employees: 4 Financing: Founders starting transport insurance for the goods. The share economy is gaining ground, it is a matter of time before we split up work, even when it comes to transport, believes Schieffer. Retailers, on the other hand, pay commissions when consumers order via Bringbee, and place a sub-range here: the shopping lists are finished quickly and misunderstandings are ruled out. Bringbee brings new customers to the retail sector and enables deliveries in the shortest possible time. Interest in this is also high in Germany. Bringbee plans to expand. But to do this, the founders still need capital. vs A good idea for a (mobile) service, practical technology or the web-based helper in everyday Internet life: INTERNET WORLD Business regularly presents young companies and their offers for e-commerce and online marketing. All articles in this series can be found online in the magazine archive at under the web code Where networking is worth it Styling tip from the fashion designer, computer or device dancer, test from experienced users: If they want to make new things known, companies are increasingly relying on social media and Communities. Recommend Sociopo started in August 2013, the start-up is based in Cologne. Sociopo mediates networkers with a high reach to corporate customers for advertising purposes for a fee. Employees: So far only founders Financing: Aschersdorfer Medien Users offers other consumers, that is better than advertisements. As in a marketplace, on Sociopo we bring advertisers together with people who offer reach via communities such as Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, says Coskun Tuna, explaining his latest business.With partner Cevahir Ejder, he started the blog marketer Rankseller at the beginning of 2012. At Sociopo, companies find networkers with a large following; Conversely, if you tweet and post news, you can benefit from the interest of your fans. As with Rankseller, Sociopo companies advertise campaign topics, the team briefs the networkers, organizes bookings, feedback and payment. The greater the range, the more interesting it becomes, for example from Facebook fans, says Tuna. Sociopo keeps 30 percent of the fees for arranging advertising campaigns: corporate customers often didn't just want to book a blog at Rankseller, but also asked about reach on Facebook and Co., says Tuna. Sociopo starts at Dmexco and will be presented at the fair for the first time. vs.

7 19 / September 2013 TRENDS & STRATEGIES Internet World BUSINESS 7 LOCATION MARKETING Poor but sexy for founders Berlin has developed into a start-up center. In Hamburg and Munich you see that with mixed feelings. Business registrations are great. Nowhere else in Germany are start-ups happening so often. An Internet start-up arises roughly every 20 hours, with a total of 470. More and more venture capital flows into the Spree in the first half of 2013, more than 69 million euros, around half of all investments in this sector: Berlin is considered a start-up center. This development has gained momentum thanks to web start-ups, observes Ulrike Hinrichs, managing director of the Federal Association of German Investment Companies (BVK). Hamburg and Munich have had strong competition. One sees this development with mixed feelings on the Alster and Isar. Berlin has long left Hamburg and Munich behind as a start-up city, says Marc Ziegler, Head of Digital Business at the Munich consultancy Götz Partners. Berlin is hip. The CSU is already inviting you to the Bayern 2.0 offensive and wants to know how Munich should defend its place as an IT location. As a result, the number of start-up networking parties is now increasing. In Hamburg, however, the call for money and funding is getting louder. Every city tries to find new branches of the economy, says Esther Conrad, head of IT and media at the Work initiative. But Berlin is currently more visible when it comes to start-up issues. The attention does not result solely from the programs for start-ups that have been set up in the city and the country, or from the capital injections from the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). Because Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart also attract young entrepreneurs with it. Thanks to the internationality of the city, the favorable standard of living and the fact that everyone here is somehow new, Berlin offers ideal conditions for founders, says the entrepreneur and founder trainer Photos: City administration Berlin, Hamburg, Munich Hamburg and Munich have faced competition from Berlin's start-up scene A comparison of start-up cities ULRIKE HINRICHS Managing Director BVK Berlin Hackesche Höfe: Germany's start-up scene, Julia Derndinger, meets in the center of Berlin. You can meet founders here every day, the short distances lead to perfect offline networking and mutual inspiration. In addition, the federal capital is far from being saturated. After the war, Berlin lost its industry and, in the first years of the fall of the Wall, even more than jobs. Around one in five residents today depends on municipal or state support. Only now is the recovery from these clear cuts beginning. Hamburg and Munich, however, are well equipped with industry and are among the expensive pavements. At least 1.50 to three euros more per square meter are due here for offices. Skilled workers, even interns, are more expensive. As a founder, you therefore think three times about starting in Munich, explains Jarg Temme, co-founder of Deal United and Kryd. But this also makes companies more crisis-proof. At least in Bavaria, full employment also means that the desire to start up has recently decreased considerably. Although prices are gradually beginning to rise in Berlin, too, Berlin Hamburg Munich residents 3.52 million 1.8 million 1.38 million business registrations VC payments in the first half of the year, 4 million 4.3 million. 36.2 million * hourly rate IT freelancer 08 / square meter price commercial ** 11.10 12.61 14.46 unemployment rate 08 /% 10% 4% debt per capita *** * State of Bavaria, Munich start-ups are likely to make up the majority collect the sum for yourself; ** Average from all quarters; *** State of Bavaria 2012, city of Munich: 960 per capita. INTERNET WORLD Business 19/13 Source: Arbeitsagentur, BVK, GULP, IHK, Immoscout24 Altona: Hamburg hopes to be close to Berlin, the city has become a place of longing for young hipsters all over the world, says Mark Miller, partner of the financing consultancy Catcap. They come as tourists, stay, set up a business or look for work that is available in start-ups. Investors cannot escape this enthusiasm. The young scene meets over a chai latte or a beer in Sankt Oberholz, in Luxa or in Bar Mama. Here founders stand next to travelers, programmers stand next to designers, interns and employees stand next to financiers and freelancers. Exchanges and partnerships are created along the way. Cluster structures are an advantage, explains consultant Ziegler. A high density of similar companies in the same branch in one location stimulates everyone. The number of companies is increasing, venture capital for web technology start-ups With more than 69 million euros, around half of the venture capital in the information and communication technology sector flowed to Berlin Baden-Württemberg 5.4 million. INTERNET WORLD Business 19 in the first half of the year / 13 Bavaria 36.2 million Berlin 69.4 million Ludwig-Maximilians-Uni: There are now more start-up meetings in Munich, the positive network effects grow and quality grows with competition: With concentration, comparability and competition develop, says Julia Derndinger . All focus upwards or forward. Other regions also benefit from this: the high level of attractiveness of Berlin means that more investments are flowing into the country from abroad, and everyone benefits from this, reports BVK boss Hinrichs. Start-ups in Munich, Hamburg and elsewhere are also attracting the attention of investors from Europe and the USA. However, it is not yet certain whether Berlin’s expectations of the start-up scene will work: start-ups can fail, media woman Conrad points out and advisor Miller adds: Apart from a few exciting exceptions, Berlin has raised hopes, but not yet delivered. You can already hear from founders who are leaving Berlin because the hype is getting too much. Everyone here is constantly looking for ideas or wants to set up a business, says founder and Neukölln-born Coskun Tuna. Not a meeting that isn't all about money. If you want to build something in the long term, you have to get out. vs Brandenburg 5.3 million Hamburg 4.3 million North Rhine-Westphalia 2.3 million Lower Saxony 2.2 million other / unknown 12.5 million investments in Germany first half year Source: BVK statistics / PEREP Analytics

8 TRENDS & STRATEGIES 8 Internet World BUSINESS September 16/13 INTERVIEW Pretty dealers in petto Yapital, the Otto Group's new payment method, has started. The unique selling point: the cross-channel capability In March of last year, it was revealed that the Otto Group is working on its own payment system. At the end of August, all 200 Görtz and Görtz 17 branches of the shoe retailer as well as the 35 hotels of the Novum Group hotel chain went live with Yapital. Customers at the Otto subsidiary Sport Scheck can also pay online with cross-channel payment. INTERNET WORLD Business spoke to Nils Winkler, the head of Yapital Financial AG, about his plans and visions. Little by little, the first partners are starting up with Yapital. Have you opted for a stealthy market entry instead of a big bang? Nils Winkler: We said we would go live in the summer and we did that. We are not yet represented in the highly frequented trade, but with 200 Görtz branches we are already very well represented in the area. The Novum Hotel Group is also firmly established in the industry. That's why I wouldn't speak of a creeping market entry. But we actually held back a little in communication. Yapital is a new system, and we first wanted to tweak the finer points and make sure that everything was going well. It does now and now we are successively adding more dealers. Baur, for example, will now follow very quickly, and a few others that we have in the pipeline. Which other stationary retailers are in the starting blocks? Winkler: Sport Scheck will also go online in a few weeks. There are only a few technical subtleties to clarify. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to name others because I am obliged to remain silent due to banking secrecy. But we have a couple of nice dealers up our sleeve, I can definitely say that. When should more dealers go live? Winkler: I expect that we will have around 40 partners firmly under contract by the end of the year. Whether in individual cases by the end of the year all company profile Founding: Yapital Financial AG was founded in Luxembourg in 2011 Owner: 100 percent subsidiary of the Otto Group in Hamburg Headquarters: Luxembourg, German location is Hamburg Number of employees: 50 (April 2012) Market launch: August 2013 URL: are up, you have to see. But I assume that we will be able to present a few more surprises by the end of the year. Tell me the most important reasons for a stationary retailer to use Yapital. Winkler: One is, of course, Yapital's cross-channel capability. Most of the retailers, especially the larger ones, are not only represented in the brick-and-mortar stores, but also online. The other is that Yapital is extremely convenient for the consumer. Thirdly, Yapital is highly innovative and, fourthly, we are quite competitive in terms of conditions. Nils Winkler Chairman of the Board of Yapital since mid-2011. Previously, Winkler was CEO of the payment service provider Hi-Media Germany and sales manager at Adtech. In addition, for strategic reasons, many retailers would rather work with a German company than with an American player, for example. Keyword cross-channel solution: Every third stationary retailer also operates a web shop, so should be open to a cross-channel solution like Yapital. How do you intend to win over such dealers? Winkler: One point is that retailers only need one account with us and only have to integrate them in order to be able to process transactions across the various channels. Yapital also makes this convenient for retailers. It is much more attractive for him to incorporate a solution that works across all channels and thus also fits well into the backend processes than now to incorporate a separate solution for each channel, which may work particularly well there. Another strong argument is that data sovereignty clearly remains with the retailers or with the consumers. We are not a data octopus. And why should a pure online retailer involve Yapital? Winkler: Because of convenience and security. In most cases, we provide a payment guarantee and that is an exciting topic for online retailers. Ultimately, we are the modern version of what is currently known in the online area. We can of course really live out our strengths in cross-channel retail. Which online retailers already offer Yapital? Winkler: We're live at Sport Scheck. Rakuten has also chosen us and will most likely be there by the end of the year. Further dealers are being switched on one by one. We have prepared a lot of modules for various shop systems, and I assume that we will also see increased demand from the longtail area. What is Yapital? Yapital is a payment service for multichannel retail. Users can pay cashless in brick-and-mortar stores, mobile, online and by invoice. Various e-payment variants are used: contactless payment via NFC (Near Field Communication), QR code, card payments and payment using a user name and password. In addition, users can send and receive money. The user has to register once under and then receives his Who are your biggest competitors? Winkler: In fact, there is no direct international competition that does exactly the same thing as we do. Therefore, as a competitor, I consider those providers who carry out transactions in the various channels today. But here too the question is: Are we really in competition there? Because on the one hand we issue a credit card ourselves, on the other hand, card transactions may be replaced by Yapital. Perhaps direct debit payments will also be replaced by Yapital in the online shop, but at the same time direct debits and card payments are again procedures for processing a payment via the Yapital account. In this respect, we are re-fitting into this microcosm. It is not at all our motivation to attack anyone. Paypal is very well represented in e-payment. And you first have to convince every consumer who has a PayPal account to also register with Yapital. Winkler: Paypal is admittedly very big, but I don't like talking about competitors. Our strength is that we can offer real cross-channel payment with a high convenience factor and the greatest possible data security in accordance with German or European legal standards. Certain competitors cannot do that in this form. That is why consumers will definitely consider registering with us. We only compete indirectly with online payment service providers because our product is completely different. With PayPal Here, PayPal is also pushing its way into stationary retail, even if not yet in Germany. But that is only a matter of time ... Winkler: That is pure speculation. And if Paypal goes in this direction too, it only confirms that the path we chose from the start is the right one. But we don't see ourselves in direct comparison there either. With Computop you have won a Payment Service Provider (PSP) as a partner. Will other PSPs be offering Yapital? personal Yapital account. There he stores his preferred sources of payment, for example a bank account or a credit card. An app is available for mobile use. The use of Yapital is free of charge for the end customer, traders pay a fee for successfully executed transactions. Stationary as well as mobile and online: Yapital enables payments across different channels

9 19 / September 2013 TRENDS & STRATEGIES Internet World BUSINESS 9 Winkler: Diverse; but here, too, I have to hold back with names. But we are on friendly terms with a large number of payment service providers. We fit seamlessly into the payment processing ecosystem and are happy to work with everyone. If an online retailer uses one of the well-known PSPs, it is very likely that they will also be able to connect to Yapital via it in the foreseeable future. And there are an incredible number of providers who try to offer everything possible in one solution. Unfortunately, the consumer is obviously not in the foreground, because he doesn't always want everything, but primarily a system that explains itself and is quick to use. It is important to concentrate on the essentials. What are your visions for Yapital in twelve months: Where do you want to be then? Winkler: I would like Yapital to become not only a perceived, but also a relevant player in the industry, which hopefully no one can avoid. Consumers should perceive that they can pay with Yapital whenever and wherever they want. And what do you expect from Dmexco this year? Winkler: A lot of attention, tinnitus and a lot of interlocutors with whom we have not yet spoken. INTERVIEW: CHRISTIANE FRÖHLICH partners such as Rakuten, Computop or POS partners are internationally positioned. Which countries does Yapital focus primarily on? Winkler: At the moment Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Next year we will expand further by adding partners who are also active in other markets. In principle, we are designed for the SEPA region, enough others have tried to rule the world. Until when, in your opinion, will mobile payment be a market-relevant parameter? Winkler: I think that will become apparent within the next two years. There are wonderful use cases, but the consumer is not helped by trying to somehow digitize a product from the past. There are so many possible solutions that work that way. I hope that we have the right approach to bring this topic closer to the consumer as well. But time will tell. However, I am very optimistic. What big stumbling block has to be cleared out of the way for mobile payment to become established? Winkler: Meaningfulness and convenience must be given in any case. Many of the solutions that are currently on the market are really irrelevant because I can hardly pay with them anywhere and that does not promise to get any better in the future. Then I don't need to register there either. In addition, there are far too many exit-driven young companies on the market that are not even geared towards achieving a large reach, but just want to secure a lot of attention in order to be bought as expensive as possible. Of course, this leads to confusion among consumers.WE PRESENT YOUR BRAND EVERYWHERE. FOR MOBILE ADVERTISING WITHOUT LIMITS. Andreas Kemper Interactive Marketing, WDR mediagroup So that your spot really reaches all target groups, it should be present on all platforms. Today and in the future. We make moving image content available on every device, whether smartphone, tablet or smart TV. Your brand will gain even more attention through our cross-platform marketing. Benefit from efficient service from a single source, the highest quality standards and sophisticated technology. With the WDR mediagroup the possibilities of the media world of tomorrow are open to you. wdr-mediagroup.com

10 SPECIAL: DMEXCO 10 Internet World BUSINESS September 16/13 WIDESPACE Talking mobile ads Widespace (Hall 7 / F49) makes mobile advertising talk. Together with the US technology provider Nuance Communications, the Swedish-based international marketer is now offering advertisers the option of placing mobile ads that users can interact with by voice. Expressen (Swedish daily newspaper) and the Scandinavian TV guide TV 24 are the first customers to use the technology in their apps. How it works: The user starts a dialogue with Voice Ad via voice input. The Voice Ad recognizes the language and answers questions or downloads further content. To ensure that a sound is not played in unsuitable situations, voice ads are marked and are only activated after prior interaction. häb INTERACTIVE MEDIA football and multiscreen At Interactive Media (Hall 8 / C021 D028) everything at Dmexco revolves around the ball, more precisely about the football World Cup that will take place in Brazil in 2014: in addition to table football, the sports combination with the greatest reach in Germany and one of the most established Brands in the soccer field, the top marketer is opening up its customers with Brazilmania from T-Online.de, an overarching World Cup theme world for brand staging, across all media channels and forms of advertising for online, mobile, moving images and IPTV. Innovative RTA multiscreen formats will also be shown to the public for the first time. In the future, we will offer customers all services from environment marketing to audience marketing on all screens: from individual branding concepts to automated real-time offers that are controlled via our own Premium Publisher Platform (PPP), says Managing Director Marianne Stroehmann. häb OMS Off to the West With immediate effect, the OMS (Hall 8 / E038) will also be marketing the mobile quality pages from DerWesten, thus further expanding its mobile offering. In total, the portfolio now comprises more than 60 mobile branded websites and comes to 160 million ad impressions per month. There is also a new special advertising format, the Mobile Reveal Ad, which is available to advertising customers in the nationwide mobile range of OMS. The Mobile Reveal Ad expands automatically when the page is viewed and pushes the content downwards. After five seconds, the advertising space automatically contracts again. would have display data. Mobile. Multiscreen. What top managers see as the major challenges in the digital industry Dmexco is known to have many topics. One of them is data, and it seems to be of particular concern to women. When asked beforehand about the most important tasks for the digital economy, Nicole Prüsse, Chairman of the Vivaki media network, says: Data is the central challenge of our time. How much, big, can, should and may be in front of it, is discussed not only at the Dmexco against the backdrop of Prism. She sees herself and her agency well equipped for this upcoming discussion: in our role as communications consultants, we are data understanders par excellence based on our DNA. This makes us competent partners when it comes to using big and small data to improve communication. Julia Jäkel, CEO of Gruner + Jahr, is not only heavily involved in the restructuring of the major Hamburg publishing house in the direction of interest-specific communities of interest, but also with data.She is primarily concerned with data protection: not just since the debate about the NSA and Edward Snowden is clear: The digital economy is facing the central challenge, or better said, the Herculean task of creating binding and comparable standards and framework conditions worldwide in the context of data and legal security. In addition, it will be more important than ever to focus consistently on user requirements. Guide in the trade fair jungle If you don't want to do without a personal route and congress planner, you should download the Dmexco app. For the fourth year in a row, the feature has been simplified through service: The Dmexco apps are now available with a new conference overview and new functions, an integrated hall plan for the route through the trade fair jungle and an interactive overview of all events that can be tailored to personal needs. The app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play and dmexco. It comes from Widget GmbH. Surrounded by women: Axel Springer man Peter Würtenberger, Nicole Prüsse from Vivaki (left) and Julia Jäkel from Gruner + Jahr, who currently has the most difficult job in the publishing landscape, Peter Würtenberger sees completely different challenges in the digital world Industry: On the one hand, the shift in the use of digital media to mobile devices is leading to increasing budget shares for advertising expenditure in these channels, says the CMO of Axel Springer in the Dmexco survey. He perceives a further development as a relief rather than a challenge: Würtenberger is convinced that the cooperation between marketers, agencies and customers will be further simplified by the increasingly technologically advanced and thus more efficient buying and selling of standard campaigns. The consolidation that is now taking place among digital marketers is also taking on more concrete forms, because more and more offers are being bundled with fewer and fewer marketers: this trend will tend to intensify. T-Online attacks The portal is repositioning itself and wants to compete with social networks. With eight million unique users, T-Online, the portal with the greatest reach in this country, is upgrading considerably, according to the Online Research Working Group (AGOF). A 24-hour service is introduced, 140 editors report around the clock and publish 500 news items a day. The Telekom subsidiary is not only strengthening the news section, it is also increasing interaction with users. Regular online surveys are also planned, as is an expansion of the comment function. This is already being used well: In July alone, users submitted comments on individual topics. In addition to the new start in terms of appearance and content, there are also four new advertising products that guarantee visibility and exclusivity. The new start, which is also all about the trade fair in Cologne, is accompanied by a B-to-B campaign in which the power of the portal and the new marketing options are literally put in the limelight: In the Punch-Kam-Zentral and the topics mobile and multiscreen are omnipresent. Philipp Justus, Managing Director Google Germany, says: It's no longer just about digital marketing, it's about marketing in a digital world. The mobile Internet is ubiquitous, and in some cases we have more search queries from mobile devices than from stationary ones. At the moment, we are mainly talking to our customers about how they can ensure that their brand message does not get lost in today's multiscreen world. Thomas Port, Managing Director Sevenone Media, sees a completely different risk approaching: While the classic media are focused on online as an opponent in the battle for market share and media usage time, the mobile competition via smartphones and tablets is more creeping than loud rumbling to a serious become a winning competitor. His solution: multiscreen. häb pagne, a wrestler with a magenta mask leaves no doubt who is keeping whom in a headlock and who is the winner. Our environments have a wide reach and have been proven to work well for our advertising customers, says Ralf Baumann, Vice President T-Online.de & Audience Products, about the self-confident appearance. So we don't have to shy away from comparison, for example with social media. Have muscle games: T-Online is getting a new look and is fighting against social media

11 SPECIAL: DMEXCO 19 / September 2013 Internet World BUSINESS 11 eb-radios have arrived in the reality of use: 17 million Germans between 14 and 64 years have already heard an advertising web radio offer, ten million people in the last four weeks. For comparison: Spiegel online has around eleven million unique users per month. This means that web radio has reached a size that is also of interest to advertisers. The crux of the matter: There is a lack of reliable and relevant planning data and performance indicators for this channel. RMS is now closing this gap. At Dmexco, the audio marketer is bringing the first comprehensive coverage study for Internet radio broadcasting with Webradio Ratings. In addition to socio-demographic information about the audience, this provides, for the first time, the coverage broken down into individual offers. First results: Almost half of the users are men between 14 and 39 years of age, 70 percent have completed a degree: RMS Managing Director Florian Ruckert: Web radio listeners are highly educated, high-income, predominantly men. Planning security The RMS brings the first comprehensive Range study for web radios Florian Ruckert presents ranges for Internet radio offers at the Dmexco to the target group. The RMS will present the detailed ranges of the individual offers on the second day of the fair. With a total of 217 examined web radio offers, 188 of which are web-only offers, 19 live streams from private radio stations, five aggregators (Radio.de, AOL Shoutcast, Surfmusik, Phonostar, Tune In) and five music-on-demand offers ( Spotify, Ampya, Soundcloud, Rdio, Deezer), the web radio ratings are the most comprehensive study of this kind: We record all professionally marketed offers that can be supported by advertising, says Ruckert. With interviews, the marketer created a representative cross-section of the population. However, the long-term study is in no way intended to compete with the planned sociodemography of web radio users JJ J. 30.6% 42.2% 27.3% 12.3% 36.7% 51.0% 12.8% 31 , 1% 56.0% Media Analysis MA Audio of the Working Group Media Analysis (Agma). According to Agma, MA Audio will probably only be available in a few years as a uniform convergence currency for FM and web radio stations, according to Ruckert. The dynamics of the market, however, require a short-term solution for the current needs in the market. After all, according to Ruckert, advertising sales in this segment in the RMS portfolio are currently growing by three digits. In order to bridge the gap, the web radio ratings: The ranges are shown in the new tool differentiated according to around 40 target groups, namely according to total web radio, marketing combinations and individual providers. 10.7% 30.1% 59.2% 5.4% 23.3% 71.3% Population J. * FM-Livestream Web-Only Server Aggregators Music On Demand The younger the more music on demand. Over 71 percent of 14 to 29 year old web radio users listened to music-on-demand offers, but only 51 percent of FM live streams on the Internet INTERNET WORLD Business 19/13 Source: Webradio Ratings, last 4 weeks; * Average population according to MA 2013 Radio II User characteristics, for example customer journey, search queries, on-site behavior and customer lifetime value, form the ideal basis for targeted real-time bidding. The intelliad bid management for display controls the dynamic advertising media in real time and with a high reach. Digital premium target groups high-reach data on socio-demographics, product interests and consumer behavior for effective, digital branding campaigns. Programmatic Premium Solutions bring nugg.ad real-time technology into the age of automated advertising marketing. Effective marketing is based on the right message at the right time. Companies that use the customer lifecycle to address their contacts with relevant information in a targeted and automated manner are successful. Online advertising that works Visit intelliad and nugg.ad: Hall 8, Stand B021-C020 Visit optivo: Hall 8, Stand E031-E033 Get together on September 18th at: Hall 8, Stand B021-C020 We are looking forward to You! Individual users, their needs and their individual approach are increasingly the focus of digital advertising planning: how they shop, how they surf, what they react to. At the same time, the need for effectiveness and efficiency of digital advertising measures is increasing. This is exactly where the online marketing technologies of the Deutsche Post subsidiaries come in.