How do I dress modestly and refined?

Dresses for wedding guests - 4 ideas to help you choose

A wedding is not just an easy day forgotten in a week or two. No! This day is very special and should remain unforgettable. A lot of preparations are made by the bride and groom to make the wedding an unforgettable day, which should be an occasion to take a wedding invitation very seriously. As Wedding guest you should radiate a certain conspicuousness through your clothes. You should be present enough for the crowd, but not so present that you steal the show from the bridal couple! So every wedding is a tightrope act.


Because of this, we'd like to give you some ideas on the topic here Dresses for wedding guests so that you are guaranteed to choose the right outfit for the next wedding.

General information on the right wedding guest dress

The first thing to do is to check the wedding invitation so that you can get a rough idea of ​​the whole celebration in the first place. Date (time of year), venue and is there a motto? The better you study the invitation, and the more you think about it, the more certainty you have that you won't get one Outfit mishap happens.

3 suggestions - find the right dress for wedding guests

Idea 1: the little white dress

There are tons of wedding dresses available for guests, but apparently the little white dress is the most popular choice with most women. Well, you will almost never go wrong with this conventionally pure and simple dress, but in fact you have to make sure that the bride is not overshadowed by this white dress. This is really the biggest danger with a white dress for wedding guests. It's best to opt for something very simple that still has a touch of sophistication. Never forget that you are part of a sacred covenant, not a party.

Idea 2: the cute black dress

Who says black dresses are not suitable for wedding parties? It is best to choose an elegant black dress that perfectly complements the conservative wedding event. It's best to skip the unattractive cutouts and flashy details like sequins and glitter. Black cocktail dresses are definitely one of the most adorable choices when it comes to wedding guest dresses. However, the entire outfit should not be too provocative and should only be complemented with subtle jewelry. The cute little black dress makes the woman look modest but refined and fresh overall. Perfect for any wedding! Or? But be careful! In summer, the black dress can heat up very quickly. Black is not recommended at temperatures above 30 degrees.

Idea 3: the elegant shift dress

Since weddings generally involve a lot of romance and serenity Shift dresses the ultimate choice for wedding guests. Shift dresses are ideal for a romantic summer wedding. The flowing hem of this fashion piece gives the dress a very homogeneous look, which is perfect for the wedding ceremony, but also for the festivities afterwards. You should definitely look for a beautiful couple, especially for the festivities after the wedding dancing shoes decide that go perfectly with a shift dress. A couple of charming accessories complete the elegant look. However, sneakers and flip-flops should definitely be avoided with a maxi dress.

Idea 4: The practical wrap dress

A wrap dress is simply sophisticated in all respects. If you also have a nice matching one Cardigan over the shoulders wearing and an ensemble with a chic bag and elegant mid-block heels, you have an outfit that can be classified between simple and extravagant. This combination is really the perfect combination for a wedding. The whole look moves between simple and classy, ​​which is a great way to respect the formalities of the wedding, but also a certain amount elegance to transport.

With these 4 ideas you now have the opportunity to optimally fulfill your role as a wedding guest at the next wedding. It is certainly not always easy for the wedding guest. Every guest at a wedding is the focus and is seen. It is part of the wedding and shapes the overall picture. He has to cater to the needs of the newlyweds and he has to have been the formality. Who, however, has already been properly informed in advance Dresses for wedding guests informed, who will ultimately find the right outfit for the wedding.