Kills peanut butter mice

Lure with peanut butter: this is how mice can be caught alive in the house

House mice like to move into buildings in autumn to escape the frost. There they leave feces and bite marks - not just on food. The Aktion Tier advises not to fight the rodents with toxins and food traps.

The animals would die a gruesome death. And in the case of toxins, the mice hide in niches to die - the cadavers consequently emit an odor of putrefaction. The Aktion Tier recommends live traps instead, which are available in hardware stores for just a few euros. For larger animals one should choose models for rats.

For example, the traps are filled with nut kernels, chocolate or oat flakes dipped in peanut butter. They come directly to walls, as mice tend to run along here instead of crossing a room.

The live traps should be checked daily so that the mice do not starve in them. Traps with captured animals are covered with a cloth - this lowers the stress level for the mice. Then the rodents are brought outside - if possible several hundred meters away from the house, so that the animals do not return straight away. In the wild, house mice can also survive winter: They build a nest and store supplies of grass seeds, grain and fruits.

As a precaution, you should secure your house. However, according to the experts, it is difficult to prevent penetration. Mice can squeeze through crevices and even climb the wall up to the fifth floor. But it helps to seal all windows and doors and to close the basement windows in autumn. (dpa)