What is the best online advertising system


Adcenter displays online advertisements ("sponsored links") on the search engine page of MSN Search, whereby the advertisements match the respective surfer or the selected topic.

At the moment, the Adcenter accounts for around a quarter of the sponsored links on MSN Search. The rest comes from Overture, a search engine marketer. The contract runs until June, then Microsoft wants to take the marketing of the search engine into its own hands (see Microsoft is developing its own paid search technology). Overture is owned by Yahoo; the Internet company operates portals and search engines that compete with MSN. In principle, Adcenter could also present advertisements on the websites of other companies.

The company wanted to demonstrate that Microsoft is prepared for the switch with a demonstration by Adcenter at its headquarters in Redmond. Hyperlinks were shown in videos and advertisements on mobile devices.

With Adcenter, Microsoft is trying to establish its own marketing platform for the advertising business on the Internet (see "Live": Microsoft wants more from the online advertising pie). Search engine advertising is the main source of income for market leader Google, which operates its own system. Microsoft would have liked to link its Adcenter to AOL's advertising platform and was interested in participating in the online service. As is well known, nothing came of this because Google had acquired shares in AOL at the end of last year (see update: AOL and Google enter into partnership). (fn)