How do you deal with a rude person

10 smart ways to deal with rude people

Each of us has encountered rudeness in the workplace. This creates a bad working atmosphere, which causes negative emotions that affect work and make life really difficult. Studies have shown that conflicts in the workplace are demotivating, have a negative impact on employee productivity, weaken the immune system and also put a strain on private life. This is how the dream job quickly turns into a horror job. It doesn't have to be! We'll show you how to best deal with such situations and how to react intelligently to rudeness.

1. Standard reaction rarely works

Rudeness can show itself in different ways: insults, ignorance, deliberately disturbing or interrupting the conversation. The list is long. Many automatically try to resist rudeness by also reacting rude and rude. According to the motto: "Tit for tat!" However, the stubborn confrontation can make the situation even worse.

To do:

Always stay calm and polite! Control your emotions and give the attacker a large portion of serenity and calm. Try not to prolong the chain of rudeness, but to break it.

2. Origin of rudeness

There is always a reason for rude behavior. To find the optimal response to such communication, you must first identify the cause of the rudeness. Motives can vary, but they almost always speak of a lack of self-esteem, a desire to assert yourself or to prove your strength to others.

To do:

An honest conversation can work wonders. Ask the colleague directly why he is so rude, whether he has professional or private problems and you can help him. Such a turnaround is usually not expected and initially leaves the interlocutor speechless.

3. Don't avoid the conflict

Another common tactic is to avoid contact with the rude person. Sometimes it works, but often it doesn't. It is not easy to protect yourself from communicating with a person when you have to interact with them at work. In addition, rudeness and conflicts should always be addressed. Because sooner or later they'll catch up with you. Neuroscientists have shown that memories associated with strong negative emotions often return and are emotionally charged.

To do:

If your colleague becomes unpolite, just forgive him, because everyone has a bad day. If rudeness often occurs, seek a conversation and describe in a calm tone what you do not like.

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4. Strong immune system - strong nerves

Rudeness has long been a hallmark of our society - a chronic disease that cannot be cured. Imagine rudeness is like viruses. And how do you best protect yourself against viruses? Exactly by strengthening your immune system.

To do:

  • Sleep is extremely important. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. If you get little sleep in the long run, you are unable to concentrate and have less control over your behavior.

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  • Eating healthy makes you fit. Food for the nerves such as nuts, oatmeal and avocado help deal with stress more easily and strengthen your immune system.

  • Sport drives away aggression and stress. Sports activities improve cognitive abilities and mood, distract from bad thoughts, relax tense muscles and increase the body's resistance to external stimuli. People who exercise regularly are less depressed and recover better from unpleasant communication.

5. Friendships provide support

Friendships in and out of the office provide the positive, emotional boost needed to mitigate the effects of rudeness.

To do:

Try to find a whole group of great colleagues for each unpleasant colleague. You can fill up on positive energy during the lunch break together.

6. Set limits

Some people test with rudeness how far they can go with their colleagues. If you allow such behavior, it will happen more and more often.

To do:

Setting boundaries is the be-all and end-all. Show clearly but politely that this is not the way to go. A joke and a smile relax communication in a charming way: "My three-year-old daughter is also testing my limits right now. "

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7. Actively search for contact

When faced with rudeness, most are initially confused. Only later does the thought come "Why didn't I say anything against it !?" Understanding how to behave comes much later. Do not worry! Many people feel the same way. A funny remark only arrives when the attacker has already disappeared around the corner. This is often a painful blow to self-esteem.

To do:

Maintaining one's self-esteem and self-esteem is effective prevention for someone else's rudeness. Be confident at all times. Don't try to avoid contact with the rude colleague. This shows that you are afraid and the conflict intensifies.

8. Keep a cool head

If something clearly unpleasant has been said to you, but you have difficulty finding the right words quickly, a counter question can help. With a question, you take control of the person you are talking to.

To do:

Keep calm and answer (depending on the content): “Is that a question?”, “Is that a statement?” "Is that a clue?". If the attacker continues, you should ask a personal question: "Why did you say that?"

9. No abstract comments

If you want to make a comment to someone who has behaved disrespectfully towards you, do not accuse the opponent of actions or characteristics that cannot be perceived by sight or hearing.

To do:

Don't make abstract remarks like "Be polite!", because politeness can be interpreted differently and is individually perceptible. Stay factual and determined: "I ask you not to speak to me in that tone".

10. Do not switch managers on straight away

When employees experience rudeness in the workplace, many people's first thought is "Boss!" Unfortunately, a conversation with the supervisor rarely works. Bosses often have no desire to intervene in conflicts between employees and usually behave neutrally. You also show your weakness when you run to the boss at the first opportunity.

To do:

Try to resolve the conflict yourself first. You are an adult. Train your invulnerability and don't take the rudeness to heart. Self-respect, empathy, humor, politeness and your sympathy will help you!

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