Have bike trackers

Bicycle tracker - this is how you can find missing bikes

Four bike trackers in the test

We have trackers fromPowUnity andIt's my bike checked, in the version for e-bikes. They are each installed in the engine. The other two trackers are also suitable for non-e-bikes. The trackerVelocate is disguised as a rear light.I lock it is a networked frame lock. All of them cost 199 euros each in our sample.

That's how we tested

We have the systems checked by eight experienced cyclists. What they all have in common is that at least one bike has already been stolen from them. A workshop installs the tracking devices for us. This is particularly necessary with e-bikes, because this way you can keep the guarantee and warranty.

The trackers fromPowUnity andIt's my bike are each built into the motor of the electric bike. The frame lock fromI lock itis installed and ready within five minutes.

With all devices, except for theVelocate, From the second year onwards, follow-up costs of up to four euros per month are incurred in order to provide the location. That's what the VelocateModel most of the problems in setting up. We were only able to put the tracker into operation after several phone calls with the manufacturer.

We divide our cyclists into two groups. The "hunters" and the "thieves". The thieves steal the bikes and run away. The hunters are supposed to track their bikes with the help of the tracker. The meeting point is the same for everyone.

Test result

In the end, all trackers lead to the goal. The disadvantage that all systems have in common is that the GPS signal can be disrupted if the bike is in a van, for example, or if the network coverage in the region is not optimal. The location services must also be activated in the smartphones with which the bike trackers are connected.

Advantage with the bike lock trackerI lock it is: When the wheel is locked and someone moves it just a little, the lock emits a warning signal with a volume of more than 110 decibels. The two systems that are installed in the e-bikes are complex to assemble, but they work without any problems. disadvantage Velocate: The taillight has a complicated instruction manual.

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