What's your underrated favorite Disney movie

Post # 18, written on 08/27/2019 | 1:30 a.m.

With Dumbo, The Treasure Planet, Atlantis - The Secret of the Lost City, Oliver and Co., Dinosaurs and one of my all time favorites Basil - the great mouse detective Some underrated Disney films have already been mentioned, but I'm still missing some of my favorites and I would like to add them now. I kind of have a thing for the lesser-known Disney works.

Bear brothers
A beautiful and, in my opinion, wrongly underestimated and far too little known film with a very grown-up and great message that I can watch again and again and that Phil Collins' songs give that certain something.

A kingdom for a llama
I loved the film as a child and nothing has changed about it to this day and I can say it word for word from start to finish. Okay, it may not be a masterpiece like the Lion King or Ariel, but still more than entertaining and with the self-loving king, Kuzco, you don't get the usual heroic character as the main character.

Cap and capper
Like Bambi, it is quite well known, but is still far too often underestimated, although the story is similarly dark and sad. Also a film that I watched so often as a child, that in the end the video cassette gave up the ghost and that still moves me to tears every time today and stands protectively in front of his friend, Cap, in the scene as a Capper I still get goose bumps and wet eyes.

A Bug's Life
Probably the most underrated, if not to say forgotten, Pixar film and it is still a mystery to me why this is so. I love The Big Crawl and not only because it was my very first movie, but also because the story is quite complex compared to other Disney films. Flik is also not the usual hero, but first has to earn the respect of his fellow dogs and prove that he and his inventions are not as useless as everyone claims. The idea of ​​depicting the tiny world of insects in such detail fascinates me then as well as now and I always find it a shame how few people actually know or appreciate this film.

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