What are some famous cats

Famous cats

Do you know these cats

There are also quite a few celebrities among cats. Some house cats became known for their special talent, others were even once celebrated as heroes and are revered to this day.

Of course, our four-legged friends always do very special deeds or become known for their peculiarities. As a cat owner you know what miracles purring fur noses can sometimes do.
Who knows, maybe your cat will even become famous one day.

Here I would like to introduce you to a few feline celebrities that you probably don't know yet.

The first and only cat in space to date has successfully completed its mission, starting on October 18, 1963 on behalf of the French space program.

It would be interesting to find out whether Félicette heard anything from her trip.

Guimauve du Blues Daphnée
The Birman cat by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld even appears as a model and became famous as the lead animal in Lagerfeld's own collections.

Cats as a model, that sounds good. After all, they definitely have real fur with them.

The black and white tomcat from England has held the record for the loudest purr since 2015 and was even entered in the “Guinness Book of Records” for this. During its purring, a volume of up to 67.8 decibels was measured, which is about as loud as a passing car.

That must be worse than a partner who snores in the bed next door.

This cat was one of the house cats of then US President Bill Clinton. The cat became famous for its title "First Cat". The cat was completely black and only had some white fur on its legs that looked like socks. Hence it got its appropriate name.

Little did not know that Bill Clinton had a black "tiger". And one more with socks.

The cat Muezza would be over 1,300 years old today. In the 7th century she is said to have lived with the Islamic religious founder named Prophet Mohammed.

It would be exciting to know whether the cats already had a litter box back then or whether they just went anywhere.

Cream puff
This cat has been shown to live to be 38 days and three days old. This gave her an entry in the “Guinness Book of Records”. Creme Puff died on August 6, 2005, as the oldest cat in the world.

Perhaps Puff had more than seven lives, and that's why he got so old.

Katzel must have been a very musical talent. Not only was she the house cat of the piano player and composer Moshe Cotel, she even liked to play the piano by simply walking around on the keys. So one day the famous piece with the name "Piece for Piano, Four Paws" was created, in German: Piece for the piano, four paws.

Cats can also work small miracles sometimes.