If Stannis would eventually overthrow his brother Robert

“Good evening, I'm Stannis from the Baratheon family. This is my life and this ... this is my story:

I was born the second son of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Lady Cassana Estermont. I had an older brother Robert and a younger Renly. Why had Hmm, I'll say something about that later. When I was seven my parents died at sea. From that day on I refused my gods. I didn't understand why they could leave something like that. I was only seven and Renly was younger. We cried and mourned for weeks and finished. Maester Cressen raised us and was a surrogate father to us. Only later did I understand that the gods are cruel and ruthless, but then ... I didn't know it yet and I cried.

Well the years passed. Robert lived out his destiny. As a good fighter and now the new lord of the House of Baratheon of Storm's Cape, he quickly found other things to do with stretching. I wasn't particularly interested in those things. So we hardly spent any time together. But I hardly spent any time with Renly either. Den Renly was young, too young. But I loved him, he was my little brother after all.
So it happened that I was alone a lot and spent a lot of time in the woods around Storm's Cape. One day while hiking, I found an injured little hawk. A little creature broken inside and out. I was broken inside too. I've always been good. Sword fighting and riding but I was never the best. Robert always ran over me and exposed me. He hurt me inside and out and from then on I vowed that I would never get hurt again. I became the determined and serious man that I was meant to be and am today.

I picked up the falcon and tended it. Maester Cressen helped me and we looked after him together. The days I spent in my room tending to him were long. It was raining outside, but I was in my apartment. It was sunny outside, but I was in my rooms. Renly wanted to play with me but I didn't hear him. Robert wanted to train with me but I didn't listen to him. I was like in another world. As in Trancé, I was nursing this little creature day and night. I slept by his side, ate by his side, and woke up by his side the next morning. It was like an addiction, like a toy ... He the hawk was my only friend. But everything came to an end and the day of the day came.
It has been five years since my parents died and I was now twelve and my little friend was healthy again. His broken wing was healed and I was proud of him. I named him Proudwing (Eng. Proud wing).

Proudwing was my pride and the result of my patience and hard work. I wanted to present it to the world. So one day I went to see Robert with him. Robert, now tall, slim and strong, didn’t care about me. The first whiskers sprouted on his face. Ohh I envied him then. I wanted to be like him. He was my role model. Not Durran the Storm King, not Orys Baratheon. No my brother Robert Baratheon was my childhood idol. But I never showed it, and never told him, after all, he never paid any attention to me. But everything should change with Proudwing.
People only ever saw me as 'number two'. I was slimmer and shorter than Robert, but I wanted to prove that I could be as strong and fearless as he was. I wanted to show that 'number two' can be equal to 'number one'. As a middle child, you always had to fight. You weren't the greatest and the strongest. But you weren't the youngest and cutest either. What was one Who was you
These questions were buzzing in my head.
I wanted to show who I was. I wanted to show that I am Stannis Baratheon and the owner of Proudwing, and that I am more than just the second born of the Baratheons. I was able to persuade Robert to come and see Proudwing one afternoon. He came into the yard with his friends. I introduced them to Proudwing, but they just laughed at me. Robert scoffs and said that he couldn't even get a dead rabbit. But I stayed true to Proudwing and promised Robert that Proudwing was the strongest and most powerful falcon that had seen sunlight. Robert denied this vehemently, but I remained stubborn. Then his friends suggested a duel, and so it came out. Robert challenged me. I assumed. This time I didn't hide, I played with open cards. What I had to fear I was proud of Proudwing and believed in him, and he would never let me down.
We trained obsessively for a month. I showed Proudwing how to hunt and other tricks. But the bird didn't hear. He always flew only at tree height and no further. He couldn't kill hares, he was too stupid. What I didn't know at the time was that Proudwing was afraid of flying too high. He was afraid of being prey to larger birds in the air. But he couldn't speak the common tongue and I couldn't speak Falkisch. So it happened that I rushed him and yelled at him without consequences. Proudwing did not listen, and not a single day did he fly higher than the treetops.
The day of the meeting came and Robert strutted into the garden of the castle. He was well dressed, after all, he was the lord of Storm's Cape. Finest leather boots and finest fabrics in yellow and black. I only wore inconspicuous leather clothes. The difference between us couldn't have been bigger. On Robert's arm rested his falcon Thunderclap (Eng. Donenrschlag). Thunderclap was twice the size and three times the weight of Proudwing. When I saw Robert at the time, I felt small and vulnerable. I've never felt so ashamed. They were all there Master Cressen, Robert's highborn friends and also Renly who looked up at me because I was his older brother. I hated Robert for Thunderclap. And I hated him even more for what followed.
The inevitable happened. I ordered Proudwing to fly as high as he could. On that day, however, Proudwing only flew at tree height and rested on a branch. Then there it was. The laughter of the whole castle, especially Robert's laughter, was loud and powerful. His laugh was so loud that I feared they would hear it on the wall too. Robert then let go of Thunderclap which flew up into the clouds and flew back and landed directly on his arm. He pointed to Thunderclap and announced that Thunderclap was a real hawk, then he showed Proudwing who was just sitting on the tree and watching the spectacle and said that it was a flying rat. Before everyone else, he renamed Proudwing Weakwing (weak wing). And the crowd laughed. They laughed at Proudwing, they laughed at me.
Proudwing had hurt me and disappointed me. I was betrayed by my friend whom I cared for for so long. Of course, a lot is clearer to me today. But it was hard for me to recover from that defeat to Robert. Ser Harbert our castellan then advised me to leave Proudwing and so I did. I left him at liberty and went back to the castle. I didn't turn around to say goodbye to him one last time. I just left and never saw him again.

From that day on, I had to learn a new skill. I learned to follow, buried my pride, and became Robert's most loyal men. I took my rightful place as 'Number Two'. I was destined to be 'number two' from the start. But I tried to prevent this, but Robert ... Robert had taught me better and made me his 'number two'.

Years passed and I followed. Since resigning myself, my life has been easier. But one day Robert's passion for women led us to war. With who ? With the Iron Throne in person.
A woman, Lyanna Stark, whom Robert would later claim loved, was the cause of this war. She was the reason Robert was willing to sacrifice innocent people. It was stupid and hasty, but nobody had asked me and I was silent. Robert was on Hohenehr and I was temporarily Lord von Strumkap. Letters arrived. Letters from King's Landing. They informed me that Robert had broken the alliance with the Iron Throne and that the targaryens want his head. Then came ravens from King's Landing. The Targaryens called me a loyal man, a loyal and just man. They said I shouldn't help Robert. That I owed loyalty to the crown, to my honor and duty. But I was also indebted to Robert because of the blood. What should I do ? If your brother fights the king, the king you are loyal to have, which side was right? Which one was the wrong one? My brother or the king? Undoubtedly, this was a dangerous question.
A decision had to be made and I chose my blood, my brother the rebel leader Robert Baratheon.
I sent ravens to the proud Lords of the Stormlands. And almost everyone came, almost everyone but this Jon Connington and a few others. Lord Jon supported Aerys Targaryen, a decision he should regret.
The lords set out and only then did I realize how vulnerable the storm lands were. We were surrounded by the kingdoms, the vastness and thorns. All regions that joined Aerys. But I was still young and confident. I chose Robert and Robert would choose us. At least that's what I thought back then. After all, we were his brothers. And blood is thicker than water, isn't it?
But the disillusionment hit me like a fist in my face. Robert didn't come. Robert never came. He fought in the Riverside with his friends the loyal Lord Eddard Stark, the proud Lord Jon Arryn, and the old Lord Hoster Tully. He fought his war and forgot about me, his brother. His brother who chose him.
Our situation got worse. Robert then decided to come to the Stormlands. Why ? Because of me ? Renly's ways? No consumed his lords and their swords. He needed her to keep fighting. I stayed behind. I got moldy on Storm's Cape while Robert fought with these lords. He read me out and trusted them more than me. But I didn't open my mouth because I was 'number two'. And 'number two' obeyed and followed like a trained hawk.
Robert then suffered a defeat at Ashford. For the first time I heard that Robert was lost in something. It unsettled me. I thought the world was going to end, Robert, my brother Robert had lost.
But it was worse than that. Robert's defeat drove him back to the Riverlands and kept him from coming to the Stormlands. Still, the war hadn't reached Storm's Cape. We were spared until ... Well, until Aerys Targaryen's anger was directed towards Storm Cape.
Lords Mace Tyrell and Paxter Redwyne were assigned to conquer Storm's Cape. Aerys wanted to take Robert home and expose him. That me and little Renly were in the castle didn't matter. Why should a man who burns innocent care about 'Number Two' and 'Number Three' of House Baratheon. Once again, it was all about 'number one'. To Robert.
A few weeks later the first Redwynes ships landed in our port. Lord Paxter was experienced and our remaining ships were no obstacle for him. Then Lord Mace showed himself too. A small and clumsy man who could only defeat Robert at Ashford thanks to Lord Randyll Tarly. But Lord Mace had brought a huge army with him to compensate for this shortcoming. The whole power of Rosengarten, the power of the vastness, the knights of the south. Renly asked me who these people were. I only replied that he should have another good breakfast because we would soon be besieged. He was confident and only said that Robert would come, and I replied that he would be here soon but I was sure that he would not come.
I would never assume that Robert wouldn't want to come, if only because he couldn't afford to lose his castle. But what I knew then was that I was hungry and close to death. And that my brother whom I had chosen, whom I had followed, would not come.
Every day I watched the Tyrells and Redwynes from the castle walls. And almost every day, almost like a ritual, Renly came to me on the wall. After he got up he came to me early in the morning and tugged at my cloak. I leaned down to him. He always asked if Robert had come. I shook my head and he walked away disappointed. He came again the next day, and again, and again the next day. Soon it was natural. It was as natural as the sun that would rise every day. But there was something innocent about it. And that was a welcome change. Death had come and we were besieged

The first ravens arrived two days after the siege began. They were from Robert. Although so many ravens came and only one in four made their way into the castle. They always contained the same message from Robert: "Hold the castle, Stannis. Just hold it!". He never asked how we were and what we were doing, no he ordered me to keep his castle. But I'm not a man who grieves for something like that. Robert was my brother, my liege lord and my elder and I did what he told me to do. I did my duty. I obeyed him and tried to keep the storm cape. We were outnumbered by 1 in 100 men, but I was ready to fulfill my destiny. I would hold this castle even if it was the last thing I did.
But I was young and the disillusionment hit me hard. This wasn't a war where you gained fame and recognition. It was torture and torture in hell. You didn't fight man against man, no you crouched behind its walls while the lords of the expanse enjoyed their fruits, meat and wine before your eyes. But I stayed in the castle. Argilac the Arrogant, the last Storm King, was so conceited that he didn't want to stand idly by when he was besieged. He once left the protective walls of Storm Cape against Orys Baratheon and was defeated in the field. Orys killed him, married his daughter, took over his coat of arms and words, and founded House Baratheon of Storm's Cape. Just because Argilac did not want to lose his reputation as a fearless warrior, he moved out of the castle, and in the end his entire family died and his daughter married his murderer. What was history for if one shouldn't teach from it? Ro
I knew this story. Just as the stories up north learned about Brandon the Builder, so we learned about Argilac. I didn't go out. I stayed where I needed to be and held the castle.
But I wrote, I wrote to Robert. I asked him to come and lift the siege, but he always replied: "Hold the castle!". I wrote that we needed him and that our supplies would soon run out, but he replied, "Hold the castle!". I wrote that I and Renly would soon die, but again he just replied: "Hold the castle!".
Then I gave up writing. It didn’t work. It didn't help that we'd been forgotten. Robert and Ned Stark they were the glorious heroes who fought battle after battle and freed cities from the yoke of the 'Mad King' Aerys Targaryen. I was ... I was just the 'number two' of House Baratheon who held Storm's Cape.
I chose Robert, but he didn't choose me. I was forgotten.
To my advantage, Storm's Cape was a huge fortress. Built on a cliff, it was never conquered. But since we were on a cliff we couldn't get out either. Lord Tyrell blocked the way through the land and Lord Redwyne blocked the way through the sea. Fortunately, Lord Mace is an inexperienced commander and he insisted not to storm Storm Cape.
But then I only noticed what he was up to. He wanted to starve us. He wanted us to die on our own. But I was determined not to make it so easy for him. 'I will not die !' I said to myself every night.
I had the hope that Robert would come in a few months. We had supplies for six months and Renly played and didn't notice much of the impending disaster. I spared him the truth.
The days passed. And after a few months I realized that Robert wouldn't come. We were abandoned. Renly only noticed that something was wrong when it became one instead of two fillets on his plate, and then instead of meat, a piece of fish. He asked if everything was okay and I replied that we were left. There was no need to lie to him anymore, he was old enough now. Soon we hardly got anything to eat. We almost ran out of supplies. At that time I stopped eating and ate very little. I didn't get a piece of fish, but Renly got two. Outside the high lords dined loudly and partying. They mocked us. They literally spat in my face.
Unfortunately, the day came when we had used up our supplies. But Renly shouldn't notice. First we slaughtered the horses. we no longer needed them and the Dothraki only fed on them so why not? Then we ate the dogs. I liked the dogs on Storm Cape - they were loyal and loyal. but they tasted terrible. In the end we caught the cats and ate them. Renly didn't eat anymore, he didn't like it. I ordered him to eat and he obeyed. He followed me and listened to me. He was the loyal 'number three'.
But it was hopeless. Lords Tyrell and Redwyne were successful. We were beaten.Storm Cape was besieged for a year and we have been eating our own animals for 6 months. We killed them all: horses, dogs, cats, rats and sometimes with a little luck I could kill a seagull. When a city is besieged, the deserters are not far away. On the day we had nothing more, the first deserted. They wanted to open the gate and beg Mace Tyrell for mercy. But I'd rather break than kiss this man's boots. I had them arrested and put a few down. Their heads have been impaled to deter potential deserters. My fate was sealed, but I was worried about Renly's. I sat in the high seat of the Baratheons in the throne room and figured out what it would be like to die. I no longer opened Robert's letters. I knew what was in it. I killed the ravens and we ate them.
Then Renly fell ill.
He went pale and weak. we had nothing more to eat. Nothing at all anymore. We haven't been able to find anything for several days and the soldiers are just rotting away. Half dead, half alive.
Maester Cressen showed me how to make soup out of books and I did it. But it didn't help. Renly got too weak and was just in bed. He starved to death and his body gave way. I was about to cry for the second time in my life but I promised not to give up. I was 'Number Two' and 'Number One' told me to hold on. So I hold on
Then I was woken up by Maester Cressen that night. I was afraid he would tell me that Renly had passed away, but he didn't. I got dressed and then saw the man who had saved my life. He was only poorly dressed, his face covered with a wild and unkempt beard. I asked him who he was and he just replied that his name was Davos and he shook my hand. then he showed me the boxes full of jerky meat, vegetables and onions, so many onions. He told me his story and the next morning Renly had breakfast with an onion soup. I will always remember that moment. I can still taste this soup that saved my life. Davos asked to be accepted into my service. He was a smuggler, but also a hero. The hero of Storm's Cape, the man with the onions, in short the onion knight. But a good deed doesn't take away a bad one, and a bad one doesn't make a good one. I offered Davos that only if he would pay for his crimes could come into my service. Davos agreed and I cut off the fingertips of his right hand. He still wears it around his neck today. As a lucky charm, he says.
Davos the smuggler or Davos the onion knight brought us enough supplies and we got back on our feet. After I hadn't been on the walls for the last few months, I was there again the following day. I was strengthened and with new strength. Lord Mace and my eyes met and I nodded approvingly. Nice try, I thought. Lord Mace had received the news from Davos and was furious. His small round head had turned red. 'The Big Rose', as Mace was called, bloomed a red.
A few weeks later a raven reached us and told us about Robert's latest victory. At the Trident his rebels, Rhaegar Targaryen's royal army, defeated. Robert had finally won. The last great army of the Targar dynasty had been destroyed that day and they were all dead. Ser Lewyn Martell was killed, Ser Barristan captured and Robert himself killed Crown Prince Rhaegar Taragaryen. I just wonder if it was worth it to him. The moment he thundered his hammer in Rhaegar, was it worth all of the lives? Was it worth this brief peak moment? I didn't know but one thing was clear. The rebellion had triumphed and it was only a matter of time before King's Landing fell.
So I kept on holding Storm Cape and where I was. Ned Stark or Robert would then also take King's Landing and in the end find their way to us. For the next few days, Lord Mace didn't know what to do. The cause he had fought for was lost and he led a hopeless siege. It was only a matter of time before someone would come and the tide would turn. Robert had injured himself on the Trident and in his name Eddard Stak rode to King's Landing. In fact, Roberts' banner should have been carried by his brother in his absence. Well actually ... That's when I realized that Lord Eddard Stark was Robert's favorite brother. Not me or Renly, but Lord Eddard.
But then came the greatest tragedy of the war. Lord Tywin Lannister reached King's Landing before Eddard Stark. He let his henchmen plunder the city. Many people were murdered. Men killed, women raped and then murdered. The Dornish princess Elia Martell was not even spared. On that day, Tywin Lannister violated all laws of gods and men. And what was Robert doing? He made Lord Tywin's daughter, Cersei Lannister, queen. As if he wanted to reward Lord Tywin for massacring the people. But I kept my opinion to myself. Because, as I said, I was 'Number Two', and 'Number Two' did not criticize 'Number One', but followed it without exception. And I was a good number two. Loyal, loyal and willing to do anything.
Then the day came when it seemed to someone that the Storm Cape was still under siege. The war horn woke us from sleep and we heard the march of feet in front of our gates. Was it robert? Has he come to set us free after all this time? I would have forgiven him. He had his reasons and I didn't want to be hostile to him. So Renly and I hurried to the castle walls. But instead of the stag of the Baratheons, I saw the direwolf in an ice-white field.
And again Robert had disappointed me. Lord Stark came and Lord Mace surrendered as well as the coward he has always been.
And then it was time. After more than a year we finally opened the gates again. We had gathered at court and greeted our 'rescuers'. Lord Stark rode a large, sturdy white horse. I never forgot the look of disgust on his eyes when he saw us. We were in our own shit, had nothing to eat and death was in the air. As if we could do something for it. As if we wanted to stay in this castle for a year. Lord Stark did not even stay a night and left immediately. Lord Mace and the Redwynes bowed their knees to Robert.
I was 19 years old when Roberts Rebellion ended. I rewarded Ser Davos for his deeds with an accolade and Robert gave him a small fortress and a few lands and made him lord.
We were called to see Robert in King's Landing. Renly, now 15 years old, was very excited. He's always been livelier than me. He had packed his suitcase days before leaving. We rode off, leaving the castle in the hands of Ser Cortnay Penrose, the new castellan.
After a few days we arrived in the capital, Roberts City. The streets still showed traces of the war, but there wasn't much to see. We went to the Red Keep and there we saw Robert on the Iron Throne for the first time. He sat on the throne and drank wine. He looked unhappy and not particularly regal. I realized that after a victory came the disenchantment that his killing had not brought Lyanna Stark back to life. Robert greeted us his brothers as kindly as he could. He didn't even introduce us to his new wife, Cersei Lannister. I didn't meet Lady Cersei until later that evening. She tried to be polite but the bruise under her eye literally screamed out what kind of husband Robert was. In the next few days the two fell out and Cersei's effusions increased. But I was silent because I was 'number two', I followed and didn't ask.
Then Robert had me call to him one day during my stay. I walked into the room and he just roughly waved me in. Without warning, he said he would give Renly's Storm Cape. I protested and asked why, and the storm cape was mine by law. He was king and couldn't be lord at the same time. Drunk he yelled at me: “I don't give a fuck what your right. I am your king as if I do what I tell you, ”he threw his things off the table in anger.
I didn't want it to be true. I was the second oldest, I defended Storm Cape for a year, I suffered for the house. But Robert only told me that I shouldn't overestimate my position and that it is better to know where my place is. I didn't understand why Robert hated me so much. And the little brotherly love I had for him also died that day. He took away my rights and made fun of me in his own way by giving the historic seat of the Baratheons to a fifteen year old boy who had never been on a battlefield. Basically he just did what he always did to me. He ignored me, mocked me and tormented me. Robert never loved me and I didn't love him anymore. But I was silent and did not get up. Because I was 'Number Two' and 'Number Two' did what he was told.
Robert then gave me the ancient seat of the Targaryens, the Isle of Drachenstein. He made me Lord of Dragonstone and Master of the Ships of his Little Council. He said that I should be happy to have such a generous brother. Renly got Storm Cape and its rich lands and banner men. I got Drachenstein with the small and barren islands of the Black Water Bay.
I've had enough of Robert and enough of his abuse of power. So I retired to my new island. I've been here before. After the Storm Cape was free again, Robert sent me a raven. He ordered me to conquer Dragonstone. He knew that I could handle ships. So I took our last working ship and set sail.
'Wrath' the great ship of the Baratheons landed on Drachenstein, the seat of the Targaryens. They built the castle and this is where the young princes and princesses grew up. My orders were to capture Queen Rhaella and Prince Viserys. Since King Aerys was killed by Jaime Lannister, the man who swore to protect him, and killed Robert Rhaegar, Viserys was the heir to the throne. But when I entered the chamber it was deserted and on the sea I only saw a brown sail which disappeared in the horizon. Now I came back to Drachenstein. The island consisted of black, hard but unstable rock. The Targaryens called it dragon glass, I called it useless!
I came to terms with my fate and learned what it means to be lord. My vassals used to be all loyalists including Targaryen, I'll put it that way, they didn't trust me. But I learned to rule and I was good at it.

Six years passed and a raven hit Drachenstein. Again it was from Robert, and again it was in a war. This time Lord Balon Greyjoy had proclaimed himself King Balon Greyjoy and renounced the Iron Throne. Robert reminded me that I was the master of the ships and that as the master of the ships I had to face the ironborn. And so my hated older brother rode me into a war again. But I kept silent and obeyed because I was number two, and I obeyed.
So I took the royal fleet in hand and on 'Wrath' I sailed to war once more. I sailed around the continent once. At the arbor, Robert ordered me to ally with Lord Paxter. Paxter Redwyne had sworn allegiance to Robert and was now on my side. But I didn't trust him. After all, this man had besieged me for a year. But again I obeyed and did my duty. Lord Paxter and I then faced the Iron Fleet, led by Victarion Greyjoy. The sea battle at Schöneburg was long and cruel. Many ships sank and Lord Paxter had problems when Victarion's 'Iron Victory' tried to ram him. But then it was I who saved Lord Paxter. I helped the man who wanted to starve me to death six years ago. We then hit the Greyjoy and made it possible for Robert, Ned Stark, Thoros of Myr, and all the other men who would later speak of Dignity make the transition to Pyke. It was clear to me that later it would not be sung about. Robert and Eddard were the ones who would be sung about in songs. It was not my fault that I had an older brother like Robert. But I said nothing and was silent because I was 'number two'.
I later captured Groß Wyk and brought the Goodbrothers to surrender. But Robert conquered Pyke and I was forgotten.

After the war I went back to Drachenstein. I was un old enough to get married and make a strong alliance for our home. But, and that was much more important, I could finally start my own family and finally break away from Roberts yoke.
On Drachenstein it seemed he couldn't harm me. Robert found my new bride, Selyse. The Florents were an ancient and powerful house of vastness. I never married for love. I married out of duty and loyal to my king. Not out of duty to my brother. I met Renly again at our wedding. I hadn't seen him in six years and he had grown into a handsome young lord. But he had also become arrogant and snooty. He wasn't the little boy I liked so much anymore. But Robert ... Robert was the old one. He found a way to spoil my wedding for me. When I was dancing with Selyse, Robert seduced Delena Florents, Selyse's cousin. The most painful thing wasn't that Robert, Delena screwed that evening. It wasn't the worst that he made her pregnant in my wedding bed. The worst part was that it was Robert, my older brother, the person who should have been a role model for me, who did this to me. That this person did all this suffering and humiliation to me. It hurts. But I was silent and saved my face. Because I was 'number two' and I had to keep quiet.
I didn't say anything when I heard about it. I didn't say anything either when I found out that Delena was pregnant and had a bastard named Edric Sturm. I just asked Robert to leave Drachenstein and he did.
Whether it was because Robert had entered our marriage bed or not. Me and Selyse we never found each other again. Our marriage has been haunted by tragedy. We only made love out of duty in the bed that Robert had boarded. My only daughter Shireen was born. But she was sick. Gray scales have attacked the left side of her face and disfigured it. Selyse leaned away from her. She saw her as the monster and didn't want anything to do with her. But not me. I figured with so many tragedies, one more tragedy wouldn't make any difference. I loved Shireen, she was my daughter. She was my 'number one'.

I stayed away from Robert for the next few years. I had given him so much over the years, but he had given so little back to me. Instead of ever thanking me for holding Storm Cape for a year, he thanked Eddard Stark. I had captured Dragonstone too, but instead of thanking me for it, he blamed me and was angry with me for not being able to stop the Targaryens. In the capital and from Drachenstein I helped Jon Arryn with his tasks, but I never got the recognition from Robert for that that I would have wished for.
Robert preferred to spend his time hunting, drinking and whoring. Robert never had love for me and I have none for him either. But I still served him and never proclaimed publicly. I was expected to follow. And I did. I did my duty. I was a slave to duty. I served Robert because I was only 'Number Two' after all, and 'Number Two' obeyed.

After a few years on Drachenstein, I returned to the capital. Robert had three children and I had to do my uncle duty and visit them. But I stayed a little longer at court and went about my job as master of the ships. I spent day and night at court surrounded by Lannisters and their golden-blonde hair and emerald-colored eyes. Then I saw her for the first time, my nephew Joffrey. He was only four and had green eyes and golden-blonde curly hair. My niece Myrcella also had golden-blonde hair and then I saw the newborn Tommen, also with the green eyes and the roots of golden-blonde hair. Was it possible that the queen? No, I got the thought out of my head. First of all.
But over time I found out about the queen and found out that the three children couldn't be Roberts. Robert was too drunk to realize that and there were few men in King's Landing whom a man could trust. All were liars and deceivers. Everyone except Jon Arryn.
I opened my knowledge to Lord Jon and explained my assumption to him. Lord Jon understood, and we secretly worked together on this matter. I never went to Robert. As I said Robert had no love for me and I not for him. He would rather think that I was trying to position myself as heir to the throne.
In the next few weeks I extended my stay in King's Landing and we got to the bottom of the matter. Lord Jon and I went to see Robert's bastards. There were many of them, and so we could see something clearly. All of them had hair like coal and looked like Robert. If she transfers Robert's looks to bastards, why not to his children?
Our discovery was huge, but we had to be careful. Lord Jon told me that he would find further evidence and that he would then go to Robert. Robert loved Lord Jon.He didn't love his own brother me, but Lord Jon.
I then sailed back to Drachenstein to review the evidence in my own castle. Then the messenger came. Lord Jon had read a book by Grand Maester Pycelle in King's Landing and found that whenever a Baratheon multiplied with another house, the children had dark hair like coal. That was the last missing evidence. Robert had never had children. The children Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen were Cersei's bastards!
I didn't blame Cersei. Robert was violent, rude, and brutal. He never had love for her or her children. So she had a lover. Still, she had broken the laws of marriage and heard punished. So, as always, I did my duty and sent the messenger to tell Lord Jon to go to Robert for good. I didn't feel bad because that was my job. It was expected of me as an honorable man. And as the 'number two'.
But the next raven that came back did not contain the message as to how Robert Cersei had understood. It contained the message that Lord Jon Arryn had passed away. It was said that he died peacefully. Nonsense! It was suspicious that he died when he wanted to testify against Cersei.
But what could I do? How could I help my brother if he didn't like me? Lord Jon died and I was the only one who knew the truth. But my hands were tied. I stayed on Drachenstein and refused to return to King's Landing.
Robert needed a new hand. But I didn't get my hopes up. Eventually Robert chose his favorite brother as the new hand. Eddard Stark from Winterfell.
A year passed and Lord Stark found out about Cersei too. Apparently he was looking for evidence related to Lord Jon's death. I didn't pay attention to the fact that a young woman landed on Drachenstein. Her name was Melissandre of Asshai and she was a Red Priestess. She said that she would see the fire god in me, born again and strengthened. And that I am the Azor Ahai. I didn't think things were right. If I were a god then I wouldn't be wronged so much. But she said my time would come, and she was right. I allowed the Lady Melissandre to stay and slowly her God set foot on my island.

Then one morning I woke up expecting another bleak day on Drachenstein when a raven came. Dark wings, dark words were said. And so it was. The letter contained the news that Robert had died from wounds he had sustained in a hunt. I didn't know how to feel Robert was dead, the Robert who humiliated me all my life dead. Why did I still feel so sad. Shouldn't I have been happy?
It was weird, but I felt a little sad. But I never showed it. I did not give him this last victory and I never mourned him publicly. So in the end I won us once. But there wasn't much time to think. An ambassador from Lord Eddard soon came. He had found out what I and Lord Jon had found out too. But he knew one more important little thing. Cersei's lover was her brother Ser Jaime Lannister. The children were born out of incest. The greatest sacrilege one can commit.
And then another raven came. This time it was Lord Stark who had died. Captured by the Lannisters and beheaded with his own sword under the command of ... by ... by ... KING Joffrey!
I had to smile a bit. The glorious rebels Robert, Lord Stark and Lord Arryn were all dead within a year. I had survived them all but I found that if you were just the last one, you had a lot more enemies than you had to deal with stretching before. The one was now alone.

But I wasn't alone and my time had come. Robert is dead, his throne is occupied by a bastard and I was 'number one' for the first time in my life!
But even as 'number one' I had to fulfill my duties. I had to take the throne back for the Baratheons. I had the Stormlands and the law on my side. But I haven't had it for a long time. I wasn't the only king with Joffrey.
Renly married Margaery Tyrell and the Stormlords and Lords of the Reaches joined him and crowned him king in Rose Garden. The lords who should actually be loyal to the older one, the 'number one', joined my little brother, my 'number two'. I've followed and always done my duty, why couldn't Renly. I had always loved him, always cared for him. But he committed the highest betrayal that could be done to his older brother. He also declared himself number one and put himself on the same level as me.
For the first time I thought that after all these years of service and suffering my time had finally come. But it was not like that. Young Robb Stark declared himself king of the north, our fourth king. Lord Balon Greyjoy proclaimed himself King of the Iron Islands, again, and became the fifth king in Westeros.


There are now five kings in Westeros. Five where there should have been one, me!
I am the king of law. But nobody follows me. I have served and obeyed for so many years, what for? So that four others take my place for whom I starved, bled for, and fought for.
Renly swears by his own brother, his 'number one', and makes himself my enemy. Joffrey's a bastard and not entitled to the throne, and he made himself my enemy. Robb Stark takes the northern half of my kingdom from me and makes himself my enemy. Balon Greyjoy has learned nothing from his first rebellion and is rebelling again, and he too makes himself my enemy.
These false kings are bleeding my kingdom and I can never and will never forgive them for that. I am a man of duty and I will treat these men as duty requires. I still have people who serve me. Ser Davos or the Lady Melissandre. And as long as I can still hold a sword I will fight for what is due to me for my right. Now I'm the 'number one'. No matter if Joffrey, Renly, Balon Graufreud or Robb Stark, I will deal with these usorpators as it should be. I will do my duty and defeat them all, one at a time. And then I'll finally take my place as 'Number One'.

I am now Stannis Baratheon, the first of my name, rightful ruler over the first humans and the Rhoynar, protector of the empire and now after such a long time 'number one' of the house of Baratheons. So let's start the 'War of the Five Kings', because ours is anger and the night is dark and full of horror ... "
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