How are you different from the others

Unique selling point: This is how you stand out from your competitors

Anyone competing for a coveted position Unique can, has better cards than the competition. But do you know your unique selling proposition?

“Why should we choose you of all people?” Almost every applicant has heard this question in one form or another in an interview. And the answer to this is not always easy. Because as a candidate, you need to know what sets you apart from the other applicants. In short: you need to know and be able to formulate your unique selling proposition. HR managers often speak of the so-called “Unique Selling Proposition”, USP for short. And in order to find out, you should deal thoroughly with yourself in advance of an interview. After all, so-called "hard skills" as well as "soft skills" play an important role in identifying the unique selling point:
  • The applicant's personality (soft skills): Are you particularly reliable and responsible? Do you complete tasks carefully and promptly? Do you work on your own initiative? Are you a team player?
  • Technical skills (hard skills): Do you have any special knowledge? Have you attended further training courses where you were able to acquire important skills? What qualifications do you have?
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Finding out your unique selling proposition takes time

So that you yourself know how you differ from others, you should first take a look at your previous professional life. So take a day to review your career path to date. It is helpful, for example, if you make a list in which you address the following points:
  • What is special about the way you work and how do you differ from other applicants because of this?
  • How can your potential employer benefit from your strengths and competencies?
  • What can you do better than others? What are your particular strengths?
It is helpful if you also ask friends and family members what they particularly appreciate about you. In this way, you can also incorporate the perspectives of third parties when defining your USP. One more tip: Put yourself in the employer's shoes. What would be important to you if you had to hire someone? What would you pay particular attention to?

Describe yourself briefly, concisely, and easily

If you have dealt intensively with your special abilities, qualifications and what defines you, the point is to summarize these various aspects. Because you should be able to express your unique selling proposition in just one sentence. In addition, it is important that you formulate your USP so succinctly that your interlocutors will remember you even after the interview. However, avoid using empty phrases that can be applied to any applicant. After all, you want to stand out and stand out from the crowd. Make sure that you adapt your USP to the company you prefer. To do this, you need to know what exactly the potential new employer needs, what his goals and visions are. Therefore, always keep your target group, i.e. the companies that are of interest to you, in view when working out your unique selling point. And it is not only in the application phase that it is interesting for you to know in which ways you differ from other people. Knowing about your own USP will also benefit you in the further course of your career. Anyone who knows what they can do and what makes them special also has the edge when it comes to salary negotiations and issues relating to promotions. At the same time, your USP helps you to find out which employer really suits you and where you and your work are particularly in demand. Text: Daniela Lukaßen
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