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Medium: What you need to know about the publishing platform [+ video]

What is the point of brilliant content if nobody reads it? Building a lively reading community is easier said than done for businesses and bloggers alike. Some people quickly have the feeling that the whole thing is just a pipe dream. Even if you have an active and large following on social media (which is a feat in itself), it can be your content has been clicked far too few become.

A solution for more growth on your blog could be "medium" be. Medium is an online publishing platform with over 60 million daily active users. It is a open space for readers and authors and precisely because it is so unique because good content can quickly attract attention.

How does medium work?


The login via a connection to Google or Facebook is free. In addition, readers have the option of becoming a member for $ 5 a month, which gives them unrestricted access to customized content receive.

Medium is something like Twitter, only with “long-form” content.

Since it was founded in 2012, Medium has grown into a Contact point for creatives and lifelong learners designed so that inspiration can be absorbed and shared.

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Why publish on Medium?

Are you looking for a bigger audience or a platform where your voice can really be heard? Then you should choose from the following 6 reasons definitely consider working with Medium.

1. Easily import content

You don't have to publish your content directly on Medium or give up your current website to be present there. Medium offers you the opportunity to do your work from anywhere on the web from and effectively republish them. With a single click, your content can be copied from your personal website to Medium.

And no: you will be from Google no penalty for get duplicate content when you use this feature because:

The distribution of content cannot be compared to the reproduction of content.

You can also change your content after importing it into Medium by adjusting the title, editing the document and moving images. Medium does the whole process as simple as possible and gives you detailed instructionshow to import posts from WordPress and other platforms.

2. Connect with social networks and grow

If you've worked hard to build a large following on social media, you will probably want to keep in touch with them in every way. A medium profile connected to Twitter and / or Facebook will get you automatically network with your followersthat are also on medium. They will then immediately see all of your content that appears on the website.

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If you have your Medium account link to social media pages, other people can find you too. Social media buttons at the end of each article can also generate more reach and new fans. In addition, Medium ensures that you more easily discovered when you share something on Twitter or Facebook.

A Pro tip: Use certain Hashtagsto promote yourself and position yourself in a niche topic.

Want to double Twitter #engagement for your business? Use hashtags to get more exposure and followers!

- ContentApp Test (@contentapptest) May 2, 2019

3. Valuable statistics

Medium has a pretty good understanding of what makes you popular article matters. At the same time, you can check how your own content works. The following Analysis tools provides medium:

  • Views vs. Reads: Views are the number of visitors who have just clicked on the page, while reads give an insight into how many visitors have read the entire post.
  • Fans: Fans represent the number of unique users.
  • Referrer: Under each individual post title you can click on "Referrer" to open another screen with detailed information about the traffic for this post.

If you're active on Twitter, you probably know that engagement rates can often be disappointing. You may have won a lot of impressions, but in the end just a handful of likes or clicks collected.

There are around 6,000 new tweets per second, and the lifespan of each tweet is typically less than half an hour. This is not the case with Medium, because there the “best” content is rewarded with the fact that it at the top stands.

4. Build a new audience

One of the biggest advantages of Medium: It already has a large audience! There are Millions of monthly readers on the platform that every author can reach.


The key to this is getting people to focus on that "Heart symbol click for your post and then recommend it to other people. The more hearts you get the better your ranking will be and the more visible your content.

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If you've got 200 likes or more in less than 24 hours, chances are your post will win the Story of the day becomes. The top stories are presented on the front and back of the Medium homepage and can also be viewed in the daily newsletter land.

"One of the most critical signals we rely on in maintaining a high standard of quality is you, our community of readers, authors, and thinkers." - Medium Blog

5. No restriction by the programming interface

You don't have to worry about the programming interface (API) at Medium, because it is accessible to all publishers. This is precisely why individual authors can publish their content anytime, anywhere.

Despite the lack of an API, you don't have to worry about fake followers or throwaway platforms on Medium. It is clean and authentic. That way, you can get an accurate picture of how your content is performing.

6. Get discovered by publishers

Yes, large publishers are present on medium. They no longer want to have to grapple with tons of underrated literature in their mailboxes. Why should they, if there is one Variety of talented writers on platforms like Medium there? Therefore, it could even be of great benefit to you if you Upload your résumé to Medium. Not only because it looks more professional, but also because it could be a key element in your discovery.

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While this shouldn't be the only drive for you to write on the platform, posting content with that in mind could be a powerful motivator to keep your content clear and in Compliance with the quality standards to keep.

Search recruiters primarily popular contentbecause it has been proven that these stories are most likely to be accessed by audiences. You read the Article of the day and check how people react to them. It's pretty easy to deduce from this whether you can transfer the same energy to your publications and still be loyal to your readers.

This article was written in English by Kevin Nelson and posted on We have translated it for you so that we can exchange ideas with our readers on relevant topics.

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