How is the Khan Academy funded

Khan Academy

"Our mission is to offer first-class and free education to everyone worldwide," says the Khan Academy headline on its website. This sentence is impressive and makes the reader thoughtful. Yes, education costs money, a lot of money in fact. With this provider, users don't pay a cent, and it still works.

The Khan Academy is funded by donations and is a non-profit organization with no commercial interests. Less than 100 employees provide over 100,000 videos and interactive exercises per month for more than 15 million users. The academy promises that the offers will forever remain free for all inquisitive people from all over the world. Not even annoying advertisements are shown.

What can you learn at Khan Academy?

First of all, it must be emphasized that the Academy's offer is even available in German. The offer ranges from mathematics to natural sciences and computer programming to art history, history and economics and many more. There is a personalized dashboard for learning that allows you to work at your own pace.

Learning is based on practical exercises and with the help of video instructions. Complicated learning material in the subject of mathematics is prepared in the form of math missions in such a way that everything from the simplest basics to differential calculus is conveyed using the latest technology. Knowledge gaps are detected and closed.

Tools are also provided for parents and teachers to get them involved in the children's learning process.

A global classroom

At the Khan Academy, anyone who wants to learn, quite simply. Access to the Internet is of course a prerequisite. In order to reach even more people, the content is translated into 36 languages. On the site, everyone willing to learn is encouraged to learn for life. It doesn't matter how old the learner is or how much prior knowledge they already have. If you run out of learning material at the Khan Academy against all expectations, you can use the acquired basic knowledge to tackle more complicated projects at university level, such as at the edX, dare.

You can everythinglearn

If you go to the Khan Academy website, you will first be given a lot of food for thought. Many of us forget that education is a very valuable asset - and that it is by no means a matter of course for everyone.

So if it is available for free, what speaks against it? Anyone can close knowledge gaps, and age doesn't matter either.

Above all, the academy's employees encourage people to be more self-confident, because the majority of people are not slowed down by their innate abilities, but by their way of thinking that their intelligence is limited. However, that is not true. The brain is like a muscle that can grow. Anyone could become a better student if they wanted to!