Why did Yahoo fail compared to Google

Yahoo launches web search using Microsoft's Bing search engine

The collaboration between Yahoo and Microsoft in Internet search has taken shape more than a year after the two companies signed an agreement. From now on, search queries on Yahoo in the USA and Canada will run via Microsoft Bing. Other countries are to follow, as the search engine boss of Yahoo, Shasi Seth, announced in a company blog [link removed]. The Internet search is considered to be the decisive key to the billions of advertising on the Internet. Yahoo and Microsoft agreed in July of last year to merge their Internet search in order to jointly take market share from the market leader Google. Previously, takeover negotiations had failed. Microsoft had offered up to $ 47.5 billion for Yahoo in February 2008. After lengthy negotiations, however, the planned deal failed due to resistance from Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.

His successor at the top of the board, Carol Bartz, then made the agreement possible for the partnership in Internet search. Microsoft contributes its search engine Bing; In return, Yahoo takes over the marketing of search engine advertising.

Joint advertising platform in autumn

"We are glad that the transition went smoothly," wrote the responsible Microsoft manager Satya Nadella on the Bing blog. He hopes that the joint advertising platform will also be up and running by autumn.

According to data from market researcher Nielsen, Microsoft and Yahoo together have a market share of around 26 percent in the USA, while Google is way ahead with 66 percent. In Europe, the ratio is even less favorable for the attackers.

According to surveys by comScore, the number of visitors to the Yahoo portal stagnated at 622 million worldwide in one month and is thus behind Google and Microsoft. However, by the end of the year, Yahoo could be overtaken by the social network Facebook, which, with a steadily growing trend, recently had 572 million visitors.

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