How ISRO recruits its employees

Which language does ISRO use for radio communication?

There are many other reasons beyond the availability of jargon in Hindi and contributing to the fact that nearly 90% of English is officially used in the organization, not just for radio communication.

One of the reasons is the diversity of employees that ISRO recruits. There are parts of India, mainly in the South and the Far East, where Hindi is as rare as any other language and the only common way of communication is the use of English. I don't have a source to cite it, but a majority, or at least a significant number, of the employees in all areas of ISRO's technical offices come from southern parts of India. Given their age, they belong to a time when Hindi was quite unpopular in these states. Centers in South India such as VSSC, Master Control Facility, the main office for the design, manufacture and testing of all Indian satellites ISAC and the center for the most important launches of ISRO, SDSC-SHAR, have a communication medium for English up to a percentage close to 100%

Other centers, mainly on the north side, are a little less used, but English is still officially dominant for communication in and between centers and also for all operations, including radio communication.

* Despite the fact that Hindi has been crowned the dominant language of use in parliamentary and other government work, it is not exactly used equally across the country, due to the independence given to each state to choose from among the 22 recognized languages. This confusingly states that English, which is not in the Constitution (of foreign origin), is one of the official languages ​​in India. English could just as easily be called the pseudo-official language of the country.