Can Greek yogurt make you fat

Greek yogurt: It's so easy to make Greek yogurt yourself

We tried it and it actually works: delicious, creamy Greek yoghurt is child's play to make yourself - even in a low-fat, light version. We know it: There is hardly an underrated, good-tasting slimming product like natural yoghurt. The Greek variety is particularly rich in protein and calcium, keeps you full for a long time, and is even said to help you lose weight. But we love it because of its creamy taste - pure, with fruit or classic with nuts and honey or as the only real basis for tzatziki.

In the Thermomix, Greek yogurt is easier

If you want really fat Greek yogurt, take one liter of milk, 200 grams of cream and 200 grams of natural yogurt as ingredients. The slim version is enough for us, which is just as creamy: Mix one liter of low-fat milk with 150 grams of organic natural yoghurt and heat it to 50 to 85 degrees - as long as you can hold your finger in the milk for five seconds, the temperature is right. It's easier in the Thermomix: heat level three to 50 degrees for six minutes.

Pour the warm mass into an airtight plastic bowl with a lid. Put in the oven at 50 degrees for 30 minutes and then let it ferment there for ten hours. The longer and warmer the yoghurt ferments, the more sour the note. Place the yogurt on a cotton cloth stretched over a bowl and let it drain in the refrigerator for two hours. The whey tastes delicious as a drink. Finished!

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