What is social media optimization for companies

Successful social media optimization (SMO)

Strategies for effective social media marketing go hand in hand with measures for social media optimization (SMO). Vexeo explains to what extent both are linked and why SMO is so important to successful online marketing.

Importance and goals of SMO

SMO means that websites are processed in such a way that the various social media services that a company uses interlock. The aim is to take advantage of social networks such as the rapid distribution of content and to include the website in this process. By integrating the channels, discussions and mutual Exchange of views among users be promoted. In the best case scenario, this will make even more Internet users aware of the website or associated social networks.

Optimizing traffic and rankings

If companies actually succeed in generating more attention, it also increases Traffic on the website. The traffic in turn has positive effects on the ranking in search engines. From a company perspective, social media optimization is therefore relevant in order to improve your own findability in search engines in addition to website traffic.

The worse a page is ranked in the search results, the less likely it will be viewed. An appealing and informative website is not of much value on its own as long as it is difficult to find - or very far back in the search results. The number of pages available on the net is enormous and thousands of new ones are added every day. SMO is therefore not only extremely important, but must be operated continuouslyso as not to lose touch with the competition.

Five golden rules of the SMO

Rohit Bhargava, founder of the Influential Marketing Group, has set up the following five rules for preparing websites in the sense of SMO in his blog:

  1. Create interesting and current content with added value for users
  2. Users should be able to share content easily (for example via buttons)
  3. Users must be rewarded (incentives, tips, assistance)
  4. Actively distribute content (for example through social media, RSS feeds, ping services
  5. Promote mashups (encourage others to incorporate your content)

These "golden five rules" are one helpful guideon which one can look for good SMO can orient.